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I'm a little curious as to what pay-as-you-go plan you are on that costs a mere $100/year. If you could offer some insight on how to get by so frugally I would love the advice. I seriously hate all the 3yr commitment BS that cell-phone companies force you into.

I would love to get the nexus one but have a hard time justifying it if I have to get a 3yr contract. (P.S. I'm currently a blackberry user on no contract but with no data plan)

Also, you seem to be comparing a "full-fledged" talk/data plan on a 3yr contract vs a "bare-bones" pay-as-you-go which you use wifi to fulfill your browsing needs, which is a bit misleading. Shouldn't you compare the savings on plans that offer similar services.

(I know the thread seemed to fizzle about a month ago. Hopefully some sees this and resurrects it).
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