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Originally Posted by ashtonp View Post
Connect the 4228 to the UHF port on the UVSJ, and the 75 ohm termination to the VHF port, and connect the joiner output to the CM-7777 input.
If you do this, I higly reccomend connecting the UVSJ the other way around with the antenna connected to the combined port and the UHF port to the CM7777 to ensure no signal leaks from the VHF port to the amp. I would still terminate the VHF port though.

run a separate cable for it down to where you have your splitter/tuners. Connect this to the VHF input of another UVSJ, the tv-side feed from the CM-7777's power supply to the UHF input, and this joiner output to your splitter/tuner input.
To avoid the need for a second downlead, you can get a band combiner (such as the EU385-CF) that has power pass on the UHF port, allowing you to put it between your pre-amp and power injector.
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