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mike infinity
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Thats right...its the CM7777 preamp. I didn't realize the PS had a different part number. I tried the run without the preamp and picked up exactly the same stations as usual...I was getting lots of MB on cbc today during the rain with the preamp on but not on the other stations.

WNPI comes in at 100% with preamp and ~70% without...either way its always a perfect picture so far.

That reminds me...for some reason if I point my antenna right at camp fortune I get lots of MB on CBC (unwatchable really)...when I point it 180 degrees the other way with the signal coming in the back it seems just right. I havn't tried it without the preamp though. I am assuming the bowtie side is the "front" of the antenna and the jail bars are a back reflector(?).
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