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mike infinity
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I have an 8 story building to the south of my location (say ~200m away). I live in a single family home and the run from the roof is ~50ft (a guess as some of the cable is in the wall) antenna to tuner.

I suppose I can just try a splitter and see what happens. I'm not sure what effect 3.5dB will have on the signal (say an 80% signal on the HTPC)...or if it will drop it below a threshold for macroblocking, etc.

I noticed that the output of the CM preamp has two options: VHF separate...and then 'combined'. If some of the digital channels are VHF, then I have to run it combined and use a splitter as my tuner has separate digital and analog inputs. I still have rogers cable for a few weeks so I am running that into the analog for now of my HTPC.

I was also considering splitting the run to a second digital tuner. I will have to do some experimentation. I remember that some splitters have amplifiers...would that help?

Thanks for the input.
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