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mike infinity
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It looks like it was good reception that got me the 50.1 and 50.2 as the last couple of days I have no signal. Mountain lake I can get at ~20 deg E of S from my location. The back of the 4228 receives CBC and CITY nicely at this orientation so it looks like that is the keeper position for now. Hopefully I will get the FOX and CBS feeds when they come online as discussed. I will occasionally give 50.1 and 50.2 a try but it will mean rotating my antenna.

Its only been a week for me but Norwood PBS HD (18.3?) comes in strong at just about any orientation of my antenna and regardless of weather.

Should I split my cable signal so that my media center can tune analog on the separate line of my dual tuner? Or will this attenuate the signal?

Thanks for the suggestions.
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