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The weather did not cooperate

I postponed my departure Saturday (to make it home for Father's Day) so I could try to see the moon. But after being sunny and warm in the early afternoon (about 22 degrees C => some fool was actually swimming in the lake - not 100% crazy as it looked like he had a wet suit on), it turned ugly about 3:30. Dark Clouds rolled in and we got a Thunderstorm a bit after 4 pm. It was no use in staying in the pouring rain any longer so we left at 5:15 or so.

I never talked to the neighbor about his Dish as I was really hoping to have our own system much closer to the Cabin. (Besides he was pulling his engine off his Ski Boat, and took the Boat away to get a new one. He wasn't around after that.)

So now I'll have to wait for another opportunity.

By copy to Tico, can you advise how close the moon's position will be this week as my Sister-in-law & Nephew are going up Wednesday, and I could get them to check it out.

Thanks for the assist.
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