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I originally calculated in my timezone (Montreal). I subtracted 3 hours to get pacific time. If you look at the time of your last post, it was 19:33 (my time) - if that is three hours to your time, you are good to go with my original numbers. I'm just worried that the moon won't actually be visible at that time due to the brightness of the sun a little ahead of it - I couldn't see the moon here today at about the same relative times (three hours earlier).

You say no internet, but how about a computer? Check out www dot stellarium dot org. It's free. Get the software to take with you and track the moon, planets, constellations, galaxies, from anywhere on earth, in real time, future, past -- whatever. If the moon isn't visible, this little software shows some bright stars that would be hard to miss at exactly the right elevation and azimuth. I just can't describe it to you.

*edit* - just spotted the moon here (near sunset) and the bugger is a crescent - no wonder it was so hard to see.
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