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Maybe the horse is out of the barn already. If you see this before your trip, it might be interesting. Moon elevation and azimuth for Paul Lake (if it's visible - sun doesn't look too close, but it is before sunset).

Only for the 18th and 19th, because 17th and before it passes too high to be a useful reference, and too low after the 19th.

06-18 2010 16:48h PST 144degrees True azimuth, 30 degrees elevation.
06-18 2010 17:51h PST 162degrees True azimuth, 34 degrees elevation.

Earlier time is when the elevation matches the elevation of the sat - later time, azimuth matches but elevation is 3 to 4 degrees high.

6-19 2010 18:34h PST 162degrees True azimuth, 28 degrees elevation. If you see that one, you've got it for sure - azimuth correct, elevation 2 to 3 degrees low.
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