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OK, thanks. That's what I thought. I think I have read all of the stuff from the last few months in that SO forum. I wasn't necessarily considering buying a phone *from* Rogers, but some I looked at were ones locked to Rogers. I think they are surplus older models that Rogers never sold. Was just trying to keep the question simple.

One question I forgot: perhaps I need to get one of the SO phones that has data capability, if I want to use that SIM and get data with any other phone? The cheapest phone doesn't have data. I did read that SO CS will enable data if you ask though, it just won't be automatic like for the other two models...but I'm not sure of this.

And one thing I noticed: some of the GSM phones I looked at (ex Rogers IIRC) do not have EDGE data capability (they had some other scheme that I forget), though otherwise seem OK. I think I need to have that for SO data, correct? Thanks.

You know, after reading around some reviews and comments, the Nokia 5130 7-11 sells sounds not too bad in function after all. People seem to get by with the keyboard, so I guess I can, considering it's for extremely casual use. It just felt really slippery and non-tactile to me, not good with tight key spacing. I wonder if microSDHC cards work in it? I have a 4GB one, and apparently 4GB ones work even though they say 2GB max., but it says microSD in the 5130 specs (or are all 4GBs SDHC ones, meaning all 4GB should work?). The idea being that I might as well use it to play tunes if not so much for a phone.
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