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I wasn't going to post this idea until I read the one about putting the dish on the boat......

I'll check all of this out in more detail on my next trip there.
When is this "next trip" going to be?

You may be aware that there are 2 times each year when the sun tracks the approximate path of the arc in which the satellites are parked. (This is called "sun transit" and sometimes causes brief outages of your satellite signal, but that's a story for another time...) Unfortunately those times are not in June, but in early March and early October. If your "next trip" were to be in early October, you could calculate the time that the sun passes "behind" the Anik Satellites, and then by viewing the position sun at that exact hour, you would effectively be looking at the satellites needed for Shaw Direct. If you can see the sun at that hour, you can lock onto the satellites with a dish. If the sun were to be in the trees, it would be marginal. If the sun were behind the mountain, you're outta luck.
You may even be able to make an estimation right now....calculate the hour of the sun transit and ask yourself if the cabin is in the shade at that hour at that time of the year.......

You can calculate the days/hours of the sun transit on Shaw Broadcast site (www-dot-cancombroadcast-dot-com) then click on "Canadian Customers English" and follow the links for "sun transit calculator" . You would need to know an approximate lat/long for your cabin. You have about a 10 day window in each of the 2 times of the year when the sun could be used in this way.

Hey...laugh if you want to, but I used this method in a very similar situation to determine I could not see the satellites from my cabin in Quebec......

Good luck, anyway....
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