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Thinking more about it, a better example would be Brandon when CTVgm shut down CKX-TV (a CBC affiliate) making CBC basically unavailable in Brandon OTA (without great heroics). It was still an affiliate though and thus CTVgm took the blame. I don't think they mind though as they wanted a poster child for their Save Local TV campaign.

Purely speculation on my part, but Kingston, Peterborough and Oshawa may also lose their CBC stations if Corus (owned by J.R. Shaw) decides to make them Global affiliates if the CRTC approves the purchase of GlobalTV by Shaw Communications.

I still say it will become a much bigger story when the CBC starts to shut down their own transmitters, even if they serve smaller populations, since they are a crown corporation. There is more public sympathy for private broadcasters as they need to make money.
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