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I just got the box 5minutes ago!! DCX3400-M Dual Tuner DVR.

It looks slick as hecccck!!. Its doin its init. thing right now though- at this moment it is pushing a 720p signal. (It lights up white in small white writing on the front saying 720p.

When I hit display on my bravia 5100W -46inch it says 720p, the old junk box was pushing 1080i. Anyways, not an issue right now- I'll prob look up how to get into the diagnostics menu to see if there is a setting on the box if it stays 720p, or maybe when it finishes its download it will goto 1080i.

I'll keep you posted, this box is sick. USB connection on the front, touch screen buttons (like a microwave or Iphone), Many many things to look at on the back (reference user guide for more info)

Anyways- get yours swaped today!! Replace the old junk looking silver one!
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