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Trouble finding 111

New to Star Choice from Bell and set up the system today with 2 seperate dishes. Had no problem finding 107. I am bypassing the switch and trying to find 111 and all I get it s signal strength of 39, I can move the dish 180 degrees it the signal stays the same, its like the receiver is stuck.

I am using a 505 hd receiver.

I called Star and they confirmed that the setup was correct for my configuration but still I can't figure out why the screen stay's at 39?

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

I swapped LNB's and cable still has the same problem.
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Is the mast plumb?
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Yes it is, the receiver seems to be stuck on a signal strength of 39, I can remove the cable and its stays on 39, put my hand in front of the LNB, stays at 39, turn the dish 180 degree's and it stays there at 39, doesn't budge!!??
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Sounds like the receiver may be locked onto a false signal reading. Try a front panel reset (hold in power button for a few seconds) and let it cycle. Check the signal then.
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don`t laugh i swear this is true but i lose signal power every 3 months or so because of dirt on the dish i wipe the lnb down with a damp cloth(sounds odd but its true)i ve got 98 on 107 & 75 on 111 but when it gets dirty ,pollen ,ect they both drop to the 30`s.might there be something obstructing the dishes line of sight?
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No there is nothing blocking the line of site, I even moved the dish higher on my roof still no go. Seems like it's locked on 39, hopefully the great CSR I have had so far can fix the problem and then I will be happy again. We had somew heavcy heav rain last week 3 inches in 1 hours so I'm sure as I can be that the dish is somewhat clean.

I had no reception problems when I used the Dish for Bell 91 which I disconnected to day.
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Are you activated? It doesn't like to show F2 signal until the receiver is activated. When it is inactivated, you can really only check signal on F1.
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Yes the receiver is activated, sat signal meter show 9.5 out of 10 but signal meter on tv is stuck on 39??
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Bell Dish?

It sounds to me like you are using the old Bell dish & LNB to try to get Starchoice at 111.
If you are it will never work. The LNB's are quite different.
If this is not the case then I would suspect that the LNB or the cable is your problem.
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your receiver isn't "stuck" on a signal reading of 39. when you suddenly have no signal at all, the reading is still showing the last "good" reading it had. if there's at least a connection and some background noise from the lnb it's then going to read something.
if you can aim your f2 dish on f1 and hook up your good cable to it, you should be able to verify that the dish and lnb are good. then you can hook up your f2 cable ( still bypassing the switch ) and see if you are still getting signal through that cable. once you're sure you have good dish,lnb and cables then you can aim for f2 which should be 4 degrees west of f1. after that you can hook everything up to the switch.
i've seen lots old switches that were stuck in one position so that you could only get one of the satellites, that's a likely suspect if the switch has been outside in the weather for years.
one more thing that hasn't been mentioned yet is the skew of the lnb. the oval dishes have a skew adjustment on the back to rotate the whole dish to line up with the satellites in the sky, you usually find one satellite higher in the sky than the other unless the satellites are exactly due south of you, so the dish is skewed and that takes care of picking up 2 satellites at the same time. the skewing is also aligning the antennas inside the lnb with the vertical and horizontal polarities from the satellite. on your 2 separate dishes you have to loosen the clamp holding your lnb's in place and rotate them to the proper position. it sounds like you are using a couple of stacked lnb's and these had a line running the length of the lnb to mark the 0 degree straight up position. if you are west of the satellites you would rotate the lnb toward the east while you watch the signal quality ( ebno ) likewise if you are east of the satellites ( approximately from the alberta/saskatchewan border and east) you would rotate the lnb toward the west. most of the lnb clamps have a scale on them to set the skew if you know what the number is ahead of time. can tell you that after you enter the town address and satellite you are looking for and even give you a map with a line drawn on it that you can drag on top of your house so that you can precisely preaim your dish before you even hook up a meter.
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one more thing, this is probably what's giving you the trouble. when you unplug the cable from the receiver it may not want to respond to "all" the commands from the remote until it sees a signal again. it might look like you've changed channels, the receiver might even say what channel number you chose on screen but it didn't actually change channels. it's still sitting on the old channel trying to find the signal before it responds to your commands from the remote. at least that's my theory, i've seen it many times with late model receivers that were left on a channel with no signal for a while and then they would refuse to show signal on the meter even after changing channels to one that i was sure had signal. after pulling the power plug for a minute it would allow me to change channels and then come up with a signal.
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I verified and switched LNB'S and cables over to 107 and that signal came in so the cable and LNB seem to ber working fine.

These are Star Choice LNB's that I am using.

We had 111 locked today with a strength of 99 and then checked another channel and that was at 69. Try a littler adjustmnent of the dish and lost it all together. My sat signal meter is showing 9.25 out of 10 but no matter what channel we go to it shows a strength of 39. I disconnect the LNB and it should go to ZERO but it stays at 39...

I'm just lost why the signal meter is showing a 9 but the tv stays on 39 no picture
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Closed Thread!
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