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therealred...did you read my post a few posts above? Note no Seagate drive, 2TB WD drive, no use of the existing IDE<->USB board, etc...still working great after all these months (1378SD/344HD hours left currently.)

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IDE Connection

The physical spacing between IDE Pin connection and Power connection on a Seagate Drive is about 1/16 of a inch different than say a Western Digital Drive

And because the drive plugs into a FIXED spacing of IDE and power connection inside receiver only the seagate drive will work

(in most computers your IDE connection is a separate wire and power a separate wire that can me moved around to connect up, so any spacing difference on hard drive doesn't matter)

To overcome this you need do as NTbugtraq has done, or what I have used (click on my user name in Blue to the Left of this post to see a Album of photos of another setup version which I have been running for approaching 2 years now. That has been completely stable and trouble free)
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how much did your little rig cost? (minus the harddrive)
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Is this thread still alive? Hopefully...

Hi all, I'm new to this forum and think it's great what people have accomplished here. So I'm having issues upgrading the hd in my 530. I was really excited when I found out I could upgrade my hard drive and gain more HD recording hours. So I went online and purchased a Seagate ST3750640A 750 GB drive...paid $115 US plus shipping and duty. The drive came in a sealed electrostatic bag and looked brand new. Well, 8 months went by until I finally decided to part ways with my recorded stuff and swap drives before the new season's started. Followed the instructions on here to perform the swap...and all went well, except the new 750 gb drive would not spin up. It just buzzed and made a "beeping" noise every few seconds. I am really dissapointed. So instead of spending big $$$ on another IDE HD, I've decided to do a SATA mod...but I don't know how to do it. I know some stuff about computers and electronics (built my own desktop, etc) but I'm no pro thats for sure. What things do I need? If I purchase the three items listed in 7ninty's post above, is that all I need (plus a SATA drive)? I need help, please!
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Won't the 530 be obsolete in a year or so? What's the point of upgrading it?

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But at least it works as expected unlike the 630 and will continue to receive all existing HD channels.

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I ordered the three items listed above by 7ninty, so hopefully I can make this work now with a sata drive. I have a new 630 in the box waiting to be activated, but I have to deactivate my old 400 series reciever first, and then activate the new 630 in it's place. Is this easy? I have to be careful and keep within the 6 reciever per bill limit, as per SD. I haven't had the 530 that long (1.5 yrs) and it's been great but the storage capacity is too small. I also have the 530 connected to an HDMI splitter which connects a samsung 58" plasma through 75 feet of hdmi cable...and works flawlessly.
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Sector Size???

Does anybody know if I must get a 512 sector SATA drive, or will the newer 4k drives work? Does it have to be a Seagate or WD? I was thinking of getting a Hitachi as I've had great luck with that brand of HDD over the years.
Any suggestions? Maybe a 3 TB!!
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post #220 of 232 (permalink) Old 2011-10-03, 01:31 PM
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In my experience any drive brand works, 2T and down (tried 3T but receiver only saw a portion of drive) don't know about the sectors, but have used older drives and the lastest 2T drives and they all worked no problem.

The 630 receivers only seem to work with 1T drive or smaller, again make does not seem to matter
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post #221 of 232 (permalink) Old 2011-10-04, 07:31 PM
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Got the parts from StarTech this morning, and now I have 364 HD hours and 1456 SD hours of recording! I purchased a Hitachi Deskstar 7K3000 2TB 7200 RPM SATA drive and so far it's working great. This drive does use the older 512 sector size vs the new 4K sector size, so I'm not sure if the new type of drives will work or not. Guess the only way to know is to try it.

I did encounter a couple of problems along the way though:

-the StarTech IDE-SATA adapter has the selector pin for choosing the drive type (cable, slave, master) on the same side as the IDE pins. When you go to plug the StarTech adapter into the DSR530's IDE board, this selector pin hits the 4 pin power plug on the DSR530's IDE board, meaning you can't plug the adapter into the DSR's board. I was crushed about this and wasn't sure what to do. So instead of trying to find another solution, I took a BIG chance/risk and unsoldered the 4 pin plug and moved it to the other side of the board (on the DSR530's IDE board). I was super careful and tried not to get the board too hot, but it worked.

-this takes time!! After hooking everything up and plugging in the reciever, perform a master reset, then get a hit from SD. Some channels won't come in and the guide won't fill in for approx 1.5 hours. So be patient!

-the blue light on the Drive dock is too bright, will have to cover with tape

-just a warning to anyone who places the reciever out in the open, make sure no one touches it our bumps it. It's best to have it behind the glass on your entertainment unit, or away from kids/pets.

If I could find a SATA extension cable, there should be enough room to fit everything inside the receiver (sans the drive dock). The extension cable would allow the new drive to fit where the old one does, with the adapter boards behind it. I think this would be a better setup because the drive would get the heatsinks to help keep it cool (my 2TB Hitachi is a little warm, but not hot) and the reciever would appear stock. If I can find a cable that would work, I may try this.

Nonetheless, I am super happy about having such huge recording reserves. My receiver is also snappier and quicker in every way. A big thanks to 7ninty (and Digitalhome) for posting the information/parts needed to do this!
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StarTech IDE-SATA adapter

I can see comparing my original board from a few years ago and the picture on Startechs website that the location of those Master-Slave-CableSelect Pins have changed sides. Mine are on same side as SATA connection and now it appears they are on IDE side.

Moving power plug to opposite side (or removing it completely as not needed any more) or maybe changing the Drive type selection pins to opposite side on startech board, would be the options. OR finding a different converter board setup as older version, maybe startech has both versions.


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Recording Problems

So I thought everything was working good (except for heat issues with the 7200 RPM drive and the StarTech Swap box; I ended up transfering the old heat sinks to the new drive and prob solved), but I've been having some recording issues. When I record a program, sometimes it will only play a portion of that recording and then stop, refusing to play the rest of the program. Other times it won't even play it, even though it shows up in the DVR list. I've don't ever recall this happening with the original 160GB drive. To try and fix the problem I've unplugged the receiver and also tried a couple of reboot's with the power button.
An example of my problem would be I recorded Ice Road Truckers and it was playing fine, until about 15 minutes left...then it automatically stopped and I couldn't play the remaining program, even though it showed 15 minutes remaining in the info bar. So I recorded the program again, only this time it only plays for a few minutes and stops...again showing the full program time remaining in the info bar. What gives?

Should I try a different drive? Only thing is I'm worried about the new 4k sector size...

On another note, I sucessfully deactivated my two old 401's for new 630's. It was quick and easy and I had no probs with SD. However, I'm not liking the new 630 that much...the guide is less responsive than my old 530 (can't scroll as fast). Oh well, sometimes new things take time to get used to.
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Recording Issues

I also noticed that when a recording starts, the picture freezes on the channel I'm watching. If you change the channel it comes in again. I've tried switching coax lines around even though my signals are in the 80's. Also tried plugging in the 4-pin molex on the Motorola IDE board.

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Recording Not Playing

Also had that occur this week on a program, cannot remember which one on my 630 receiver. So that would make me believe issue is related to the transmission of signal or something beyond hardware.

Program showed as completely recorded but wouldn't play, so I just deleted it.

Will watch over next few days to see if occurs again.
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