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Until you have the dish connected and a signal on it, the after market drive will not get initialized with a VxWorks filesystem until SD or you, via the web interface give it a 'hit' to authorize it the first time. You will need to go into the diagnostics and do a reset with erase dish to create the F.S. and then the hit to authorize the box to receive and thus record anything.

There is additional diag screens that will show the drive capacity.
It's all well explained in the thread.

I would think that modern sata drives would be so efficient as to not neednor would you want the standby option.

The risk as I see it might be a missed recording if a problem occurs.

If inrush current is a concern, use the external sata externally power and only draw on the 530 for the data transfer.
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FWIW, I managed to get display out of the 530 by connecting it directly to my TV (instead of through my Pioneer AVR), not a promising sign.

I did the Factory Reset and told it to erase the contents of the drive, which proceeded to reboot the 530. Nothing else noticable.

I then went to the DIAG screens in hopes of getting to DIAG R, to see the capacity of the drive. Unfortunately, when I press the RIGHT ARROW at the DIAG F screen, the system performs a hard reset.

Guess I'll wait until the dish is installed.
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Ok, so my dish is now installed and my first authorization was done with a 1TB external SATA drive installed.

So far, however, I am still unable to get to DIAG R screen (which provides information on the disk drive recognized). When I press the right arrow at DIAG F, the system reboots. This does not happen when the original internal drive is connected.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Go back through the thread and see which brand/model and if anybody had success with a 1TB.

Sounds like the drive is responding something it doesn't like when the Diag R queries it.
It may just be that brand or the drive geometry it doesn't like. CHS

Try some other large drives?

It may also just be the particular USB<->Sata controller as well.
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Finally, success!

Western Digital 2TB drive connected externally to the 530. The system reports 1456SD/364HD hours left available with nothing recorder. Diagnostic R says it recognized 1838GB. Windows reports that the drive now has 2 partitions: an 18.63GB FAT32 partition, and a 1844.39GB RAW partition. Only the 1884GB partition shows up on DIAG R. I’m guessing the system is actually reserving 10% of the total drive capacity for “pause/rewind”. I’ll check it out later after the system has been on for a couple of hours.

Very Important Note From My Experience:

I think I may have fried one of my external USB bays. I believe I put power onto the data post, and perhaps left it there to long (or it may have been just putting it there for a second, who knows.) In any event, in the process of trying to figure out the correct pin-out for the USB connector I tried many combinations and all failed.

This was, I believe, a lack of patience on my part together with plain bumbling.

When looking at the USB connector on the 530 motherboard from the front of the 530 (e.g. where the display is), the USB cable which comes from your external bay must have the wires in the following order, from left to right, Black, Green, White, Red. I was not able to make it work with BWGR, and I think putting Red to either the White or Green position is what fried my bay.

BGWR works! I know it was said in an earlier post.

My setup is as I described earlier, the USB cable comes from the bay through the small round hole in the back of the 530 and then is spliced into an old floppy power connector. Right now I’m actually using a BIX block to make the splice, but I will clean that up. Power to the original 530 hard disk has been disconnected from the mobo, as has the original USB connector.

This means I’ve made no noticeable modifications to the original 530 parts and could put it back together as I received it (my original goal.)

My USB cable is as long as I want it to be, so there’s no problem getting the drive to the front, top, side, or heck, onto another shelf for that matter.

If you have an old dead floppy drive (or heck, one in your current PC that you never use anyway), there’s no need to buy any parts you couldn’t find in Staples/FutureShop/The Source. I used a pair of wire cutters to convince the security screws to come out…which wasn’t easy but it worked and I had them handy. The same cutters cut the floppy power connector (the small 4-pin connector). Cut the end off an appropriate USB cable (fwiw, my two bays each used different USB connectors) and a sharp knife stripped it to expose the 4 wires. Twist the two together (Black to left, then green, white, and red to right) and plug it in.

Options 6-4-9-8-8-6, Confirm, and then call for the authorization hit or use the web site:

Log in to your account on
Customer Login (top of the home page)
Restore missing channels or Pay Per View orders
Click Submit

Note: you can only do that 4 times a day, after that you’ll have to call into the support line to get additional hits…shouldn’t need them.

Now comes the hard part…you gotta wait! I was not able to tell when the hard disk was formatted, but I believe that occurred long before the authorization hit. A support rep told me I would not be able to see the drive under DIAG R until the authorization had occurred, however, I was.

Basically, don’t do anything until the time on the 530 shows accurately. That, for me, is the only way to be sure the system has been authorized.

Options 6-4-9-7-7-1, then right arrow until DIAG R comes up (note that some of the screens are slower than others to come up, so be patient.) You should see the new drive capacity there.

Thanks very much to ARR and all the others who have posted to this thread. Most of what I wrote here is a repeat, but it kind of summarizes the way externally powered and mounted USB removable (even hot swappable) drives can be connected to the 530.

Finally, the Bell 9241 I used to have (until today) was able to accept external USB drives…BUT! it would only allow me access to 1.25TB’s of my 2TB drive. So, IMO, Shaw’s 530 has Bell’s PVR’s beat in terms of potential recording capacity.

I’m one happy camper.
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Good work.

I replaced the ludicrous 160GB with an internal 750 of the same kind, i.e., non SATA. What I noticed is that the more programs recorded, the longer I have to wait for the list to show up. But browsing through the list is pretty fast. Furthermore, getting the list to pop up again seems faster the second time (hard to believe that the 530 engineers would have coded for a listings cache but it sure looks like it!).

But the longer wait time is far worth it...

Anyways, I would be interested to find out if you notice a slow down as your list of recordings grows...

P.S. You don't by any chance took pictures you could share of your work did you?
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I will let you know about the load times.

As far as pictures go, no, I didn’t take any. To be honest, I only came across one part of the installation that would have benefited from pictures, and that’s the order of the pin-out for the external USB cable. In my case, the 4 wires leading to my floppy connector are all black, so a picture might actually be more confusing.

If there’s anything unclear about the process, feel free to ask away.

I have ordered some bits and pieces to make my install even cleaner. I’m going to mount a USB A female connector on the “hole” in the back of the 530 where my wire currently passes, with a complete 4 pin cable to the header (as opposed to the spliced cable I have now, I’m concerned that when moving equipment the splice may come apart inside the 530.) This will also allow any type of external bay to be plugged in.

I’ll take pictures of that when I do it.

Meanwhile, I’m busy learning the differences between the 530 and my old Bell PVR…interesting, but fodder for a different thread.

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Here's a minor update. Ever since I got the 2TB drive to work I have noticed some rather strange things. For example, if I switched to another channel the information at the bottom of the screen would be for something I watched previously.

Also, if I paused something I had previously recorded, often the system would lock up. Actually, the drive seemed to power off or not respond.

Today I added a jumper to the OPT1 feature on the Western Digitial drive. This feature sets the transfer rate at 150GB/sec, rather than the faster speeds which might be possible. Things seem to be more responsive (the info at the bottom of the screen is now right) and I can pause a recording and resume now.
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I don't think the thread author would have ever imagined the progress that has taken place by skillful users on here, truly amazing.

Maybe the box should be designed, built and coded by an open source user community.
Chances are there is more talent here than resides in Cowtown.
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Hey NTBugtraq. I just want to let you know that your posts have been very informative. Lots of good sleuthing, trial and error.
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I upgrade my DSR530 with WD20EADS with succes. (tanks for good instruction!)
Some people test 4Kilobyte sector drive? (WD20EARS in WD)

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If they do test, try it with and without the 7-8 jumper.
No way to tell what a VXWorks file system looks closer to, XP or WIN7.

Probably neither.
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I'm a bit confused. Why does the hard drive have to be a Seagate ? Why won't any IDE drive work ?

Does anyone have a way to read the data from a VxWorks formatted hard drive ?

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1. It doesn't have to be a Seagate, but based on experience in this forum, certain drives seem to work best with certain provider PVRs. If you wish to experiment with another drive, please feel free, but also accept any consequences.

2. No, the data is encrypted, as discussed in my response to your other thread. Please do not double/cross post questions - it causes extra work for you, for our members and for the mods.

57's Home Theatre (Latest equipment & photos)
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The ORIGINAL reason for Seagates was the IDE <> USB adapter board was only physically designed to accommodate the IDE and power connector spacing of Seagate drives.

I have a couple of pre-production board spec'd to fit Maxtor drives, but they were crap.

I think the biggest IDE Seagate was 750GB, maybe 500GB.

No with using large SATA with adapters and external USB drives, the brand is less of a factor, but as 57 notes, some drives just work better in PVR service.

What was generally noted was that almost any drive above the OEM unit performed better.

It's believed the combination of 7200 RPM over 5400 RPM and large disk caches contribute significantly.
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