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Copying old drive

Check out my post on page 8 (#118). It can be done, but with one big drawback... partition size will also be copied and there is no way to change it to the expanded size of your new drive.
For the bit, I looked everywhere for one before ordering online, including specialized electronics stores. I know some people on this forum have successfully (and patiently) used vice-grips to turn the screws out.

Good luck.

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Anyone know if some sort of SATA to IDE Converter piece will work in this situation? I want to get as big an HDD as possible but the largest i can find without buying online is a 500GB Segate Barracuda. I wanted 750GB IDE or if that sata to IDE converter works i wanted to get like a 1tb drive.
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Originally Posted by Boavista View Post
Anyone know if some sort of SATA to IDE Converter piece will work in this situation? I want to get as big an HDD as possible but the largest i can find without buying online is a 500GB Segate Barracuda. I wanted 750GB IDE or if that sata to IDE converter works i wanted to get like a 1tb drive.
I have tried a sabrent USB adaptor hooked up to the internal usb posts with success (see my earlier posts). I think it costs about $20 at Tigerdirect.

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Smile 750GB seagate

ARR thanks for the great info. I picked up a 750GB Seagate and installed a few nights ago. Works like a charm! 136 hours of HD!
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I have just purchased a refurnb 530from EBay that will be showing up here (Down south) in a few days. I have all of the parts to upgrade the HD but I was wondering should I do it before I call in to create my account. If so can I still do the dish install with the new drive in the machine,
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Initially I was thinking you should have installed new drive and get a clear pic on ch299 or 200(?). But now that you can send yourself a 'hit' via online, I would get the account up and working and then do the HD upgrade.
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Just replaced the stock 160G drive with the 500G and then used the online hit option and it worked flawlessly. Now have 89 HD hours to play with. What a joy it is to have so much more space and not having to rush watching and deleting recorded shows anymore.
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Thumbs up

+1 ^^^^^^^^^^

I also cut one of the leads on the LED for the red timer on the display. There is no need to see this timer indicator on 24/7...

I'm not sure why this thread isn't a sticky but it should be.
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I've had the 500Gb Seagate drive in the 530 since about Feb 2008. This past week, my 530 has been showing signs of feeling sick. DVR list wasn't working properly, would shut off spontaneously while watching DVR programs... Timers weren't working correctly

This past weekend, it has died... It only has the rotating lights on the front panel, and doesn't output any picture to the TV. Hard Power resets couldn't revive it, nor would any front panel reboots.. At approximately 9pm EST Nov 23rd, I pronounced it dead.

A relatively quick call to SC lead to a replacement 530 to be Purolated out to me this week. (it is a much shorter call once it is bricked, then when it is kinda working.) He didn't get me to do multiple power resets or Soft Resets.

My original 530 had filled out it's organ donor card, and I went in to retrieve it's 500Gb HDD, and replace it with the puny 160Gb one that I had sitting in a drawer....

I may try to take some screenshots of the reinit process when I do it this week (time permitting).

Man, I hate commercials.... I am already in PVR withdrawal.


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Hello fww,

Which usb adaptor did you use? (Model # or TigerDirect #). From your description I'm not exactly sure of your setup. What drives have you tried with it. I looked for the larger IDE seagate drives but most were out of stock, refurbished or overpriced. I'd much prefer to use an external usb drive so I can use a larger, cheaper Sata drive. It would also put the extra heat outside the box. (My AV equipment is in a rack under my family room. Space, noise and aesthitics are not concerns.) Any details appreciated. Thanks.
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This thread seems to have gone cold. Just when it was getting interesting. I'd still like to hear from anyone whose used a motherboard usb adaptor to connect a usb drive.
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SD723/HD180 WesternDigital 1 Terrabyte SATA Drive

Didn't say it was easy, just a DIY science project.

Tried USB adapter posted above to SATA Drive DOCK worked once for me then crashed, maybe because Dock has own power source separate from *C receiver. I might try it again if can get it powered up/down in sync from Receiver itself.

Had a failed DSR530, took Hard Drive connection out of it, used soldering iron to remove power plug from it and install on opposite side, this allows plugging some connection wiring and adapters in on one side and power on other. Glad I didn't toss dud receiver out.
Removed the metal cage in rear left side of Receiver and unplugged from Motherboard. (I understand this cage and its connection to motherboard is for some future upgrade that has never arrived, receiver runs fine without it plugged in as nothing is connected to it) This gives room for extra wiring and adapters on end of hard drive to be put together. Sticks up about 1/2 inch too high to get top of receiver on, seems to work fine, have used for a week and DVR is definitely faster and smoother. Will cut a hole in my spare receivers top cover for adapter board to stick through or look at getting heat sinks to move down farther on their mounts so everything drops down a bit or a stop of some kind to hold back of cover up a bit on back side.

I would only do this if you can get spare *C drive connection board, or if your a better solder than me, you could probably put another plug on rear of board so power plugs were on both sides? (check with resellers for broken DSR530 for parts, E-recycle places, or ebay)

Used these items to build a adapter setup, [*C board to SATA]

Plug into everything, to have:

*C board+Startech Adapter+SATA Drive

Run the Tiger power cord, from *C board plug that was moved then around and use small 4 prong connection to plug into Startech adapter to power drive.

Jumpered SATA drive down to SATA1, as don't need SATA3 speed with USB

Watch that Startech adapter is installed so missing pin is in same spot as it is on OEM drive when plugged into *C drive mount board

Used small side cutters (4" tall) to remove security screws, tips of cutters go into screws groves and twist out quite nicely.

Got a couple of these fans they plug into USB ports on back of receiver, one blowing in removed doors at back of receiver and another blowing on side, things are nice and cool.


Need to check the power usage comparing OEM drive and the SATA, as I forgot to check that out ahead of time.

This is drive I used

Might try a 2 Terrabyte drive next !!!!

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Photo Album

Made some photos of this SATA setup in my public profile at left

Link in above post for drive used is wrong its this one:

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Update - no power plug moving needed

EASY upgrade now. I found that you don't need to "move" the power plug at all on the *C drive mount board. You don't even need to connect power to the *C adapter board. Connect Startech SATA adapter to it and hard drive, use tiger power wire with large male and small male connectors. Large one goes to power supply on motherboard and small one to power plug on Startech adapter and plug the USB connector to motherboard from the *C drive connector board.

What ever power the USB needs, to get data to/from hard drive is supplied apparently by the USB connection on motherboard and it makes its way through the *C adapter board just fine.
[Large plug originally connected to powersupply from *C hard drive board just wrap it out of the way]

No need to go hunting for used parts (but they are handy to have) or soldering needed.
Just need that Startech adapter and power cord with large and small male ends.

Updated photos my profile at left.

Also tried a USB to SATA adapter that plugs direct to a sata hard drive and then USB cable to motherboard connection, and power from *C receiver powersupply. It did not work, had all channels but DVR was empty.
Found some info elsewhere in this boards forums that a SATA adapter with Marval chip on it worked best for SATA/USB connections with DVR. The Startech SATA adapter has a Marval chip on it. Looking for a USB adapter with a marval chip on it now.

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