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DSR 530 Discussion

Anyone else notice this?

I recently upgraded my home theatre system including a new audio receiver. Previously, I used the Stereo output on my receiver and audio levels between channels were fine.

I am now using the DVR530's Digital Optical Audio output into my receiver and the volume levels between channels, both HD and SD, are wildly inconsistent. Depending on the channel, I have to raise or lower the volume by 25 or more decibles just so that I can hear it.

This didn't happen with the Stereo output but now happens with the Digital Optical output.
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Yep, it is normal.

the only problem is the difference between HD and sd channels.

If you want the sound normalized go to options-4-sound and change from home theater to dolby surround or something like that.
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post #3 of 508 (permalink) Old 2005-08-31, 04:16 PM Thread Starter
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Actually, there are significant differences between HD and HD and SD and SD channels (not just HD to SD).

But in any case, check out this response. Apparently, ever single bug ever will soon be fixed. Heh.

"Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

Star Choice is in the process of having another software download within the next few weeks. This should eliminate all the problems with the DSR 530 receivers.

We ask that you please bear with us and we also thank you for your unfailing patience in this regard.

Should you have any further question or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for choosing Star Choice.

Hawa J
Administration Team"
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You may wish to check out the following thread. It's not a receiver "bug", so don't expect a "repair" unless *C actively does something to the various audio levels.


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post #5 of 508 (permalink) Old 2005-08-31, 04:37 PM
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"All the problems" - thats pretty ambitious. We'll see when it happens...
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post #6 of 508 (permalink) Old 2005-09-05, 07:13 PM
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Hmm, pardon my pessimism but they said that the A4 release was going to get rid of all of the problems. The .A4 release did fix a variety of problems, but it introduced brand spanking new ones, and some of the more annoying bugs are still alive and well in the .A4 version. It is brave of them to make such a statement this time around. Maybe the extra delay in waiting for these additional fixes will mean they indeed fixed everything. My confidence in Motorola is not all that high considering their track record in the quality department.
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post #7 of 508 (permalink) Old 2005-09-07, 12:40 PM
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Was talking to *C tech support on an unrelated matter last Friday. Later, we talked about the DSR 530 & the related bugs. He told me that the next software download would begin taking place on Sept 8th. Wouldn't mind hearing if this actually happens & if it fixes all of these bugs. The fall schedule will be starting soon & I'd like to get the 530 - but not until all the fixes are in place & actually working.
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post #8 of 508 (permalink) Old 2005-09-08, 01:26 AM
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My machine is slated to download the .A8 version tonight, but there are no guarantees that this version will fix all of the bugs regardless of what StarChoice says. They told many people that the .A4 version was going to be the complete bug fix firmware upgrade, and it was not. 20 minutes after it was installed many people started finding problems with it. So much for testing! My faith will be restored in StarChoice if they do fix the annoying bugs, and if they do not introduce any additional bugs. If I find bugs again within 2 minutes of turning on the machine I'm going to really wonder what they are doing to test.
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post #9 of 508 (permalink) Old 2005-09-10, 05:57 PM
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DSR530 playback issue

Every since I bought my DSR530 I have not been able to watch any shows that I have recorded, unless I stay on the channel that it was recorded on. If I change the channel at all and then try to playback a recorded program, I either get a black screen with no sound or it sends me back to my DVR list. When my software version was A4 *choice CSR told me it could be the software and that I should wait for A8 to see if that solves the problem. I now have A8 and *choice now says it could be an installation problem.

My signal power for tunner 1 is usually around 78, but tunner 2 is around 50. I have the reciever connected to an Eagle Aspen 5 X 8 multiswitch (provided to me by *choice) whice is connected to an older dish (not sure of the model but it is 4 years old and has the 2 LNBs that point in opposite directions). Any ideas where the problem could be? My older recievers show signal strength above 80, so I don't understand why tunner 2 on the 530 is only 50.

I have LNBs A & B connected to the corrisponding 13V A & B inputs of the multiswitch and the recivers are obviously connected to the output side of the switch.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Just a thought, but I know the receiver has problems playing back when there is no tuner input - you need to turn off the buffer to solve the problem.
If you do that, are you able to playback properly?
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post #11 of 508 (permalink) Old 2005-09-10, 06:41 PM
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You mean the live record to disk? I still have the same issue weather it is on or off.
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post #12 of 508 (permalink) Old 2005-09-10, 07:09 PM
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Your Dish is an Eliptical with a dual-stacked LNB.
That's fine.

If you see the recordings in the DVR list and they have some non zero value, then they should play.

Obviously you have valid TV connections, else you wouldn't get the graphics up.

Are you using any HD outputs, DVI or Component?
What is the setting of the RED BUTTON, behind the fron panel on the right?

IF your mode was set for something that your TV couldn't display, like 720p on some older 1080i only sets, then it might be black but that doesn't explain your ability to watch it live.

Try turning the LOD buffer off and see what happens.

Also try swapping around tuner 1 & 2 cables from the LNB and see it that makes a difference.

The signals strength WILL be different as they show the values for whatever channel they are tuned to and in most cases, each tuner is on a different transponder, unless you are wathcing and recording the same program at the same time. If they values are wildly different THEN, you may have a tuner, LNB or Switch problem.
The eagle aspen is considered quite good., SO I suspect the LNB or Cabling.

Also call and have them do a factory reset with a hard disk format and have them stay on the line while you impulse record a few minutes of programming.
Once you see a minute or 2 in the list. Stop the recording. Change to a different channel and try and play the recording.

Also turn on LOD and try and PAUSE some show after a minute or so, If none of that works, insist that they replace the unit, it is defective and I'm not convinced that is a software problem, at least any I've come across since the beginning.
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post #13 of 508 (permalink) Old 2005-09-10, 07:29 PM
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Thanks for the replies. I was just playing around with it and I noticed that my signal power for tuner 1 in channels around 300 is only 56. But at channels around 500 it is 86.

I am connected to a standard def TV with the coax connected to the TV and the componant connected though my home theater reciever. I have the same problem on both of these connections.

The "red button" is set to 00000 and I have no problems with pausing or rewinding live TV. The issue only seems to be with recorded programs.

Thanks Again
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post #14 of 508 (permalink) Old 2005-09-10, 08:45 PM
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ARR has given you some good things to try; if they don't correct the problem you surely must have a defective unit because nobody else I have seen has posted they ares having your issues.

Good luck

So far A8 is working pretty well for me; no reboots since it loaded.
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I have lost video playback when setting the red button on the outside to 0000. Try changing it to 480i if you have a standard Def TV, or 1080 if you have a high def set. This fixed the problem for me.

Currently mine is set to 0000, but occasionally this screws up for some reason.
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