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Just told 500 series & earlier receivers can no longer be added nor reactivated

I was just on with tech support at Shaw Direct asking a question about my recently decommissioned 530 that I replaced with a 630. I was told it can never be added again, period as it was decommissioned. But then I asked about my old 505, which I was told about two weeks ago was still on my account, but inactive. I learned that as of Tuesday (two days ago), it's not possible to add any 500 series receivers or earlier on accounts. So my 505 is no longer there anymore as it was inactive and it can no longer be added. This must be *specifically* for additions and/or re-activations. As if I still had my 530 working, it would be working now. I'm mentioning this in case someone's thinking of picking up a 500 series receiver for an extra or something.
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I was on Kijijii just a few days looking for something else Shaw related and noticed a number of 505 and 530 up there for sale.
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The tech support person I spoke to was clear that these 500 series receivers cannot be added any longer. I hope someone else will consider calling tech support to confirm this one way or the other. In my experience, tech support people can be wrong. But she was quite adamant in this case. When I exchanged the 530 for the 630 in the first place a few weeks back, the tech support person told me at that time that the 530 would be decommissioned once the 630 arrived and the 530 should go to recycling. So I'm not sure what to think when I hear that people are selling a number of 500 series receivers on Kijiji.
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Old news........


A few innocents and a bunch of crooks probably sums it up I just reported an ad. We'll see if Kijiji takes action.
As always, before buying receivers check model and serial number with the provider to ensure it can be registered and used.
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You will notice as the summer and fall progresses, your 530 will have access to less HD channels. Shaw Direct is in the processes of fully converting all signals to MPEG-4 HD by Fall of 2019 and thus will render any 500 series or lower receivers obsolete. That is the reason Shaw Direct wont activate these receivers any longer. I would contact Shaw Direct to see what kind of deal you can get to upgrade your 530 to a 630. I think the standard offer is $50 off retail price but if your a long time customer and speak to retentions, you can probably get a significant discount.

By fall of this year, a good chunk of the HD channels will be MPEG-4. By fall of 2018 pretty much every HD channel will be MPEG-4 and some locals will be temporarily converted to MPEG-4 SD. By fall of 2019, every channel will be MPEG-4 and if HD feed is available HD only.
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Hi bigoranget,

As I mentioned in my first post, I already replaced my 530 with a 630. The post was more about the fact that no 500 series receiver that isn't currently activated on an account will be activated now at all. This is new as of just this past Tuesday. For example, I had a 505 on my account that two weeks ago I was told I could activate. But as of last Tuesday, it now cannot be activated and has been removed altogether off my account. I know there were warnings about this, but it has actually happened now. And it appears that if someone isn't careful, they could purchase a 500 series receiver only to find it's good for a bookend.
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I think June 6th was the drop dead date for reactivating 500 series on your own account. I still have a 505 and a 530.
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They are about to release the 800 series so this is probably why.
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actually, the 500 receivers will stop working once shaw transitions to MPEG-4

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Nope, just the MPEG4 transition. They do not want to activate receivers and be pestered by customers not receiving channels.
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Hi Gents,

I was lead to believe the 505 / 530 were "MPEG4 upgradeable so you're ready for future compression capability". There's old references still on the Web that say that. My Brother has a 505 and is expecting it still to be true. If not he's thinking about jumping to Telus TV.

Do you have a link where Shaw Direct advises those receivers won't work on MPEG4?

Thanks for the assist.

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I don't know if they ever officially announced it. There is an expansion card slot on the 500 series that was going to accept an MPEG4 decoder card to enable it to decode MPEG4 video. That plan was canceled and the card was never released. Without that, the 500 series is physically incapable of decoding MPEG4.

I'm not sure why they canceled that plan. Perhaps they had too much trouble getting it to work? I know there were a ton of issues with the 530's stability, so maybe they decided it wasn't worth the effort.
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Here's the old DSR505 web page from 2008. Note the line at the end of the features section:

"MPEG4 upgradeable so you're ready for future compression capability"

They probably realized that the cost and hassle of retrofitting the old 5xx wasn't worth it considering the internal improvements in the 6xx and 8xx series.
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Anyone have any idea what you can do with a perfectly fine DSR 505? So they can't be activated, so therefore they can't be sold to another owner, and with the mpeg4 roll-out, is there anything they can be used for - free satellite, testing something? Feels silly just binning one, but if that's the way it is....
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Not really. They are pretty locked down and proprietary.

They may be worth some parts value. The front panel has a keen LED display and multiplex chip, usable by Arduino types.
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530 , 630

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