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Funny, I was just thinking today about features I am missing on the 830. One feature I'd potentially make use of is the ability to configure a PVR recording based on keywords in program descriptions. This is something I was able to do on my first Bell ExpressVu PVR. I was going to suggest it for recording sports events based on team, but I just checked and apparently that's a recording feature that's already in there. (Cool.)

Another feature I REALLY miss from my old ExpressVu PVR is dual-tuner live recording and picture-in-picture. I don't know if it's architecturally possible with the tuner design in these units, but being able to do PiP and keep an eye on the second tuner, switch to it, and even rewind it... that was great. I've never stopped missing that. Even just live-recording on both tuners would be really cool. Sometimes when flipping between channels I flip back later than I wanted to, and being able to rewind would be great.
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One feature that would be great is the ability to watch a recorded show on the 800 that was recorded on a 830 in the same household through the home network.
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Originally Posted by OlStatic View Post
That is a shame. Myself I have no reason whatsoever to switch to the 8XX model.
The loss of the front display and the Esata port are enough to keep the 6xx for as long as I can.
Unfortunately the 6XX models don't have nearly the same memory or processing power as the 8XX models. We've had to do a lot of internal fixes over the past ~year to free up memory to even support the mass amounts of channel launches, which expanded the Guide size. We don't foresee the platform handling major updates as gracefully as we would like at this point. Having said that though, I believe that the 6XX models are in a good place today with their feature-set.

A lot of the features we're planning depend on the internet connectivity. 6XX is much more difficult to connect, and the current percentage of connected 6XXs is extremely low, making the extra development effort for the platform not worth it, as they are two different streams (despite looking the same).
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Thanks @greyhame !

Can you elaborate on the use case for keyword recordings, if you don't mind? My initial thought is that any kind of keyword would inundate your recordings, but I could definitely be missing what you're saying.

PiP and dual LOD (buffer recording) are both interesting notions. I'll take note of those for sure and see what's possible.
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I am not a current subscriber but the one thing that might win me back is a whole home solution. Being able to watch PVR recordings on another PVR or a receiver would be a minimum. Being able to watch recordings on a media device such as a Roku or a phone app with Chromecast support would put it over the top.

Don't know if it's currently possible but being able to schedule and manage recordings from a browser on a PC or a phone app would be great.
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I think the use-case for keyword recording is specialized areas of interest. Obviously recording something by a generalized term wouldn't be very useful, but narrow enough search terms could create a recording list that anticipates a person's interest in certain programs and record them proactively. I do think that sports teams is probably the highest profile example, and that is already in there, but I still think there's lots of areas of interest besides sports where triggering recording on elements in the description could be useful.
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Thanks for clarifying! Yes, Team Record went in back in December with our last 8XX update, lots of folks were excited for that one.

We do have "Interests Search", which I think is very similar to what you're getting at, it's just not at the recording level. But, you can see hundreds of "keywords" like travel, action sports, technology, health, fashion, even agricultural news (there may be too many filters... haha). We could likely use the base code for this as a jumping off point to schedule recordings/reminders based on the same.
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post #248 of 253 (permalink) Old 2019-03-29, 01:24 PM
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@smp01 @ExDilbert

Thank you for the "whole home" type suggestions! At this time, I don't have any official news to share on that front.
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800 Manual Timers

Does the 800 share the same evil manual recording functions as the 630 and 600?

I have a 630 PVR and a 600. We use the 600 as a "radio" to listen to the audio of several overnight programs on different channels and different day into the wee hours.

It is a pain to use the manual timers on the 600.

I wish the 600 manual timers had the option to use guide information to select programs from the guide. Changing the timers every time there is switch between DST and STD time is a real pain.

Another one, it would be nice to be able to start a guide based program early, not just run long at the end. It takes a while to spool up the HD or whatever so some shows are not recorded the first few seconds.
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post #250 of 253 (permalink) Old 2019-03-30, 12:59 PM
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PVR Start Early when possible issue

There is an option under PVR preferences to start scheduled recordings early that doesn't seem to always work. When both tuners are scheduled to record this option is ignored or processed incorrectly for at least one of the events. I am able to make it work correctly by editing the existing scheduled event to start early, but it would be nice if I didn't need to do that. Not really a new feature, but it's been an issue as far back as the 600 series.
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post #251 of 253 (permalink) Old 2019-03-30, 02:23 PM
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PDNow, you are right, there is a START EARLY option.
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post #252 of 253 (permalink) Old 2019-06-09, 11:03 PM
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From what I am reading everyone is pretty happy with the 830 receiver? If I switch from Bell, to Shaw Direct ill need to buy 4 of them for my house so I want to make sure overall they have been a positive experience for everyone.
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I was going to switch from Bell Satellite to Shaw Direct last year and what held me back were the common complaints about audio dropouts...those are deal breakers for me.
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