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Apparently the current generation pvr supports it, and Shaw makes the switch.. just hard to get it.. could be still in testing or only for commercial or something

6 Channel CSS Multiswitch
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If they supply the switch, you'd figure they'd make it easy for people to get. After-all, if you can install the PVR with only one line, that would help them keep up with Bell who can do this.
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I have a neighbor that has a similar problem. There is a market for this technology!

Maybe Shaw Direct is beta testing and/or a difficulty in manufacturing in quantity at a decent price.
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Shaw just may not want to support the new technology due to cost or availability. (Knowing how Shaw operates, it's probably all about cost.) Bell did the same for several years. Individuals could by the corresponding Dishnet technology as surplus on eBay but Bell still had a large supplu of the old parts so that's what they installed. Shaw may be in the same position. They probably won't supply the new stuff until they are forced to. In the meantime, it might be possible for individuals to source the new equipment on eBay or from a company that supplies it. Some Shaw installers might even have it available if asked. Just don't expect Shaw to pay for installation or service.

PS: The actual technology for stacking the signals on one cable is built into the LNB for Dishnet equipment. The switch simply supports it and is not required for only one receiver. Don't know how the Motorola stuff works but it makes more sense to put it into a switch. Otherwise, a redesigned LNB that is very specific to Shaw Direct would be required.
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Starchoice Stacked

I think I recall that Starchoice had a stacked frequencies system like the one you describe, but abandoned it. Maybe because the stacked higher frequencies roll-off over long cable runs causing consumer complaints.
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They abandoned stacked, or at least put the nail in its coffin, because it was not compatible with the conversion scheme they elected to go with for the XKu LNBFs to get G1.

The stacked system they were using never had much benefit for them or most users, and needed two coaxes for the DVR anyways.

How CSS works, I reckon might be similar to DirecTV SWiM, where the receiver transmits a back channel to the switch, and the switch sends down a block of RF containing a few transponders at a time on a "channel block" assigned to that tuner.
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I have just started trying to set up my shaw direct 630 pvr into my RV and have the same problem of only having one pre installed coaxial cable. I had one shaw techie tell me I could use the 4x8 Multiswitch to split it and then another one tell me that wouldn't work. Can someone please confirm this either way? Thanks
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will not work. the 630 needs two lines in
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Will th 630 work on single coax?

If I hook up a 630 to single coax will it work? Reason being is that I cannot get a second line to the location.

The second line just enables the receiver to record a second program that is not being watched so I would think it would work and only be able to record the program being watched. However if main 630 is set to record two programs the second 630 on a single coax could record a third program?

Is this correct?

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I've moved your post to this existing thread. Based on previous posts in this thread, the answer is no, the 630 will not work connected to 1 coax.

Here's another previous thread with the same answer.

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I have tried it with one connection and it does record and it does allow you to watch another channel as long as that channel is on the SAME satellite. As soon as you tune into a channel from a different satellite then you get the "no connection" warning screen.
You do need 2 connections if you're channel surfing. The 630 alternates between Tuner 1 and Tuner 2 as you are channel surfing. Every other channel will bring up an "Attention: Not connect to satellite" warning screen if only one connection is made.

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My Experience with one cable

I suspect;
that with OEM equipment and one cable and a simple splitter at dish running cables " only to " Vertical (or alternatively Horizontal)
Polarity outputs on LNB for F1 and F2 satelites and then splitter behind receiver with cables to both imputs one would be able to watch or
record, the channels on that polarity on all satelites.
(If you cannot run extra cables, instead of "zero" tv you would at least have a pretty good selection)

Just for info purposes, on this theory.

I run a version of one cable setup, but not with a OEM setup dish and LNB.
Mine is a 10ft old style movable mesh dish (37 yrs old I believe) with both single port, C & Ku LNB's.

While I do have two cables, one Cband and one KuBand the Cband one connects to a Cband receiver that allows
changing of Polarity manually.

The KuBand cable connects to LNB at dish and then cable behind receiver connects to multi port splitter
( 1 in and 6 out w/power pass on one port) with 4 cables out connected to both a 530 and 630 receiver
(I have ran a 2nd 630 as well for total of 3 receivers)

With this setup one can watch for example all Vertical Polarity channels on F2 satelite and record 3 other shows
as well all at once. You just cannot watch or record Vertical and Horizontal Polarity at the same time,
you just get a lost signal notice on screen.
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New firmware- HDPVR 630s are now able to function as a single tuner PVR with one satellite line connected.
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SHAW Direct over 1 coax - YES ITS POSSIBLE!

Yes, it is now possible and I'm proof. Since July 2015, I have been using the SHAW 6 Channel CSS Multiswitch in conjunction with a DSR630 using 1 coax line and YES, I have dual tuners. People are saying it's not possible and they are wrong. The CSS Multiswitch (SHAW # 1310100000087GI) combines all frequencies together so it can be sent over a single coax. Now, between the coax wall port in your living room (or wherever), you need to install a specific 3-way power passing splitter that handle the wide band of frequencies. The one that my SHAW tech. set me up with is a Perfect Vision # PV23-303 (3-output) but Perfect Vision also offer a 2-out model (PV23-302). It's a $4 splitter.

So, to put the story to bed, YES IT WORKS! Now more running a 2nd wire any wire in the house for the 2nd tuner. SHAW has finally caught up with what BELL and ROGERS have been doing forever.
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How easy is it to get hold of one of the CSS Multi-Switches? By all accounts, they're finicky about giving them out. Alternatively, an LNB with a CSS built-in would be awesome, but I think that's a long time off.
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