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I wonder what 2016 will be like with Shaw Direct? Beginning March 1, all Canadian TV providers will have to offer a basic package of channels for no more than $25 a month and give consumers the option of ordering individual channels a la carte or in small bundles.
All of Shaw's programming will have to change in 2016, and by December of the coming year, Shaw must offer both a la carte ordering and small channel bundles. Time will tell just how much the individual channels will cost.
There should be an option that allows us to purchase only HD channels if we so desire without buying the SD equivalent.
They should not be allowed to charge exorbitant prices for sports or movie channels. Some predictions I have read state that sports watchers, like myself, may actually be paying more for less channels. This would be price gouging and drive more people to the internet for their sports packages and spell the end to cable and satellite. Beware, Shaw, your prices better be competitive.
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I'm with you on this. I pay an insane price (almost $160, which includes SuperChannel), and really all I watch is the news channels. Everything else I download. But, others in my family prefer their own choices for now. By not calculating how they can stay with the times, in terms of other avenues of delivery, they are just hanging on with a slim hope that something will change. It will not. It continues to steamroll away from them.

Example of what happens when your corporation ignores the signals: in Mexico, Carlos Slim (owner of the almost-unchallenged TelMex, the country's phone system), refused to switch to VOIP with his modems, in order to continue making huge profits from long distance charges. Meantime, all around the country, Internet users were switching to Skype, MagicJack, Vonage, etc. Early this year, the federal government in Mexico forced him to provide almost all long-distance services for free. So bam!
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... Mike
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I'm patiently waiting until March 1 to see what happens too. If their basic pack does not contain the US Channels in HD, then I'm out.
My used-to-be $30 lite pack has ballooned to $54 with nothing added (well, except for an exceptionally slow PVR with horrible exception recording)
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Also waiting to see how new packages pan out in March before I make any provider changes. I am wide open to making a change if it saves me even $15/mo.

I would really like to see my bill ease up a little - I'm paying way too much and watching way too little. I can't afford more HD because my base package is so expensive.

Another issue with me is that Speed TV was removed, promised to be returned but never returned to SD. Local cable has it back so that could also be a deciding factor.
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Originally Posted by NovaMan View Post
...They should not be allowed to charge exorbitant prices for sports or movie channels. .... Thoughts?
I suspect that cable and satellite will want to maintain their over-all income of dollars. If they lose on one end, they will make it up elsewhere.
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I was logging in here to see what they were annoucing if anything for the new pricing and packages, Or perhaps learn the new gvernmnet could rid of the idea.

If they wait until 1 March ro annouce it they will be swamped at customer service so thought maybe they would tell you what you could get and then have it go into effect on 1 March. But maybe that would make too much sense.

I have seen my Shaw bill go own depsite not dropping anything as I pay in US dollars whihc have been going up in value compared to the loonie.

I suspect if you liekk sports and only sports you will be paying more as the sprts teams demand lots of money adn it is paid for by the people who watch them. Here in the US with the rising number of sub channels (140 are avalable in los Abgels for free adn if you dont count, non English, religious and barker channels there are still about 50 English language general entrtainment channels you can get for free, I live in an area that gets far fewer although with my C Band dish many of those taht i do not get are available for free so with OTA and fas interent with netflix the onlly thinsg you really need pay TV for is sports and news and news is somewhat cheaper since many peopel can produce the news and there are many news channels but only one Super Bowl. In the US sports channel ESPN costs everyone who has cable and :SD about $4 a month whether they watch it or not. In LA think it was lsat year the Dodgers formed their own channel with one of the local cbale companies that covered about 20% of the LA market. They were expecting all the oher cbale companies to carry the channel at $5 a month (all year long not just baseball season) and teh other cable companies said they would offer it but the Dodgers insted everuyone get it so the cbale compaies refused and most of LA could not see the Ddgers in a year when they were good.
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post #67 of 496 (permalink) Old 2016-02-18, 05:51 AM
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Right now I'm paying $116 bucks a month and all we watch are TVO,Knowledge Network,HGTV,Velocity,PBS,Global,CBC,Sportsnet and sometimes HBO/Movie Central.
Do you think I'll be able to get that as a pick and pay?
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Limited TV (Skinny Basic)

Well, Shaw Direct have added Limited TV to their packages, which looks to be their version of skinny basic. It is PATHETIC. Only Canadian OTA channels plus cp24, aptn, and the Weather Network. So far no mention of 4+1 and several of the channels do not show HD. I hope they are still adding to this.
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jokeDR, I was trying to post the same thing but my computer screwed up, so I'm retyping my post. BTW that's what Skinny Basic is supposed to look like according to CRTC rules.

Limited TV on Shaw Direct is different from Shaw Cable (cable includes U.S. networks.) I think you have to add the Time Shift pack for $6 to get the U.S. networks. It is listed on the Limited TV page, but I couldn't add it using the configurator. "Add Time Shift and watch local networks from across Canada and one time-shifted group of standard and high definition U.S. networks."

Link to Limited TV

Limited TV $25/MO
+ Pick 5 Channels $40/MO
+ Pick 10 Channels $45/MO
+ Pick 30 Channels $65/MO
+ Pick 45 Channels $80/MO

It looks like the hardware credit is available on any plan except the $25 Limited TV.

There are 68 channels available for Pick 5, etc., including some "2 for 1" combos like CNN + HLN or Disney + Disney JR. You can also add the regular theme packs and the old Pick and Pay channels.

I'm not sure if this is a new theme pack or not:

TSN + Sportsnet
Pick 1: $8, Pick 2: $14

Golf, OLN, TSN 1 TSN 2 TSN 3 TSN 4 TSN 5

Golf, OLN, sportsnet_360, sportsnet_east, sportsnet_one, sportsnet_ontario, sportsnet_pacific, sportsnet_west
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post #70 of 496 (permalink) Old 2016-02-18, 11:49 AM
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it looks to me like CP24, CHCH, YesTV, Omni1, Omni2, TVO and CTV2 are all standard def. What is the deal with Shaw Direct and their HD offerings?

IMO, $25 per month with no US networks and several of the Canadian networks in SD is not acceptable. It looks like I may be cancelling Shaw Direct at the end of the month and buying an Android box.
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How do you order the Time Shift though? It's not available anywhere, even under the bundles: Shaw Direct

And are we sure it includes the US networks?

Shaw Direct has changed all of their plans it seems. Most of them no longer include the 4 US networks.
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post #72 of 496 (permalink) Old 2016-02-18, 01:11 PM
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It's interesting that the only bundles that include the US nets are the "Life" packs (Ontario Life, Western Life, etc). If you pay $107/mo for the "Ultimate Choice" bundle, you don't get the US nets.
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post #73 of 496 (permalink) Old 2016-02-18, 01:28 PM
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I don't see Digital Favorites on their site anymore. Has it become "Digital Advantage" or "Ontario Life" now?
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post #74 of 496 (permalink) Old 2016-02-18, 01:55 PM
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There have been several changes since I first noticed "limited TV" on their website late last night. Hopefully they are working out some bugs on their website and the 4+1 and Canadian HD networks will be added soon, otherwise this is awful.

I think I may need to phone in and get some clarification.
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post #75 of 496 (permalink) Old 2016-02-18, 02:19 PM
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The packages are confusing. For example, they claim the Ontario Life pack has over 420 channels and is $77/mo, yet the Ultimate Choice, which is $107/mo has "over 320 channels." Why would anyone pay $30/mo more for 100 fewer channels, and what channels are you not getting (besides the US nets)?

It would be nice if they actually gave a proper comparison of channels between packages, so customers can make informed decisions on what pack is best for them.
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