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Went to SD because BTV SUCKS...They put me in the credit bureau for their stupidity and they dont honor their warranty when the hard drive fails in their recievers(rented reciever).Custumer service is 100x's better.
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I went to shaw because of pricing, had bell not much to choose from other than 3 packages. I got a digital package deal that meets my needs and allot cheaper at shaw.
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Originally Posted by RADIOCANADA499 View Post
Went to SD because BTV SUCKS...They put me in the credit bureau for their stupidity and they dont honor their warranty when the hard drive fails in their recievers(rented reciever).Custumer service is 100x's better.
Maybe you just happened to get a bad CSR. I called Bell up a few weeks ago to replace a 6400 that once every so often, wouldn't display any picture. I had to power-cycle it for a few seconds to fix the problem. It was intermittent and not happening often enough to the point where I was fed up with it, but when I called Bell for the first time about it, the CSR sent me a replacement free of charge, no shipping costs either. She didn't even both troubleshooting with me on the phone -- just placed the order right away.

I originally signed up with Star Choice back in early 2009, about a month before they changed their name to Shaw Direct. At the time, I went with them because I preferred their HD guide over Bell's guide, plus the pricing was cheaper due to Bell's pricing structure with the older theme packs, and how many I would've needed to purchase to get the channels I wanted. Also, Shaw offered me a $200 credit to offset the cost of one of the 505 receivers I wanted to get from them.

But after seeing the constant price increases even though I wasn't adding any new channels, I eventually had enough. May 2009, I was paying about $70 for Digital Favorites plus a few A La Carte channels. Then it went up to about $85 by early 2011. I compensated and showed my frustration by cutting my bill down to $50 -- removing the add-ons and getting the special grandfathered Digital Essentials + Extra Value Pack package. But it was back up to $70 by August 2013, which is when I cut the cord and switched to Bell.

The funny part is that about 7 days after I had cancelled with Shaw and Bell had already come up to set up the dish and hook up the receivers, I got a letter from them in the mail saying they could "all of a sudden" give me a $20 credit for 12 months, if I chose to stay with them. Too little, too late.

Bell convinced me to make the switch with a free 9400 and 6400 rental (which at the time, Shaw would not give me a free upgrade to the 630 and 605), a $20 credit per month for the entire 1st year of the 2-year contract, plus they had (and still do) have the better DVR. Bell also has channels I want that Shaw still doesn't offer -- GSN HD, Cartoon Network, etc.

Shaw's customer service used be much better, giving out credits left, right and center to keep their customers happy (back when they were under the Star Choice name). Now, they don't even have the "Ask Jim" section on their website anymore. Right around when I left in August 2013, hold time to speak to a CSR was roughly 20-30 minutes, no matter when I called during the day or night (Bell seems to be 5-10 minutes most of the time, at least so far).

And even though Shaw has the better HD guide now, plus they don't massive-simsub like Bell does, I wouldn't go back to them unless they added the channels I wanted, and released a Whole-Home DVR to boot, since I don't like their current generation of 600-receivers.
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Thumbs up

Because their call centre's are in Canada. Their CSR's actually use English as their first language. I don't have to pay a rental fee on each box, like you do Bell, after the second box. They often swap out old hardware for new, with little or no charge. They will negotiate price, unlike Bell.
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I had 3 receivers with Bell and never paid a rental fee for receivers I owned.

I have 3 receivers with Shaw and have to pay a mandatory fee for receivers I own.
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I was a Rogers cable/internet customer. The Shaw bought me. They improved the cable and the internet, replacing obsolete modems and routers. Then in 2008, their digital cable started really bad pixellation. I switched to Starchoice and only suffer it on certain recordings. I still use Shaw for internet.
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Bought Bell Express Vu to get Canadian channels in the People's REpublic of Illinois. They changed their sats so no more signal here so choice was Shaw or nothing. Now have a similar problme on the new HD channels.
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Both Bell and Shaw should have usable signals in the PRI. A bigger dish (or dishes) may be required. Farther south is definitely an issue.
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1. Eastlink has issues with supersports which they blame on Rogers, missing games, games on the wrong channel and games missing the audio for the first hour or so.

2.Where I live only simsubbing is the superbowl and thats only the east feed bell still simsubs everything I told, theres no tv station where I'm at to ask for a simsub a benefit of being in rural Newfoundland.

3.Rain fade is almost non existent, I've had 79% signal in very heavy rain the rest of the time its 93 to 99.

4. had bell in the early 2000's lost signal in the snow only on the sports channels but the sports channels is all I watch not going to watch CBS waiting for a storm to move back so I can see TSN again.

I like Shaw.
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I am with shaw instead of bell because of pricing, Bell only has three packages, I am saving allot per month with basically the same programming. Bell hardware better so it is a trade off.
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Back in 2000, they were the only provider with HD. It was a never-ending PBS loop about Lucy, the oldest fossil human ever found.

Since then they have maintained that tradition (to a point), but customer service has always been excellent. Around 2002, they called me to offer a free swap of my 400 series $700 HD box for newer technology at no charge.

I have moved several times since then and have never had a problem with their service. They provided me with a 630 box a while back after a few of the older 500 series PVR's died within a few months, basically for the cost of shipping.

For those who complain about pixellation, poor reception etc. I can only say that I used to RV several years back. If you couldn't pull in a proper signal, it was more than likely due to something in the look angle or the thoroughness of the installer. I would have neighbors with other equipment that was useless while I was good to go, and vice versa, the difference just being in how the local trees were laid out.
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I've been with Shaw formerly Star Choice since 2004. While there has been many changes over the years, and yes price increases, which is unfortunately a part of life, the reasons I keep Shaw:

I'm a die-hard blue jays fan and it's the only way I can see all the games in the "southern provinces", and I prefer not to subscribe to mlbtv.

I have the flexibility of changing my programming pretty much to what I want and when I want to do it, whereas the other guys give you a hassle, or in most cases when I called them it was always a problem.

It would be more of a hassle to switch to Bell for example since I live in the "southern provinces" especially due to the footprint issues.

For the most part when I have dealt with SD's customer service, I have had almost no issues with getting whatever the issue is resolved.
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buchrob, I subbed in 2001 and had the exact opposite experience. Purchaesd the 401 receiver with the 200 HD converter. Had all sorts of problems with HD. They replaced the good 401 receiver with a defective refurb. The 200 was still defective as well. They replaced that with a 201. At that point, they decided they would not replace the defective 401 (the one they gave me to replace the good, brand new 401.) It too six months to finally get someone to do anything. To do that, I had to take the 401 to a dealer and have it tested. Sure enough, they said it was defective. Hold times became ridiculous. They started out at 15 min but soon rose to 45 min. For a while, in Aug-Sep 2002, they were over an hour, sometimes 2 hours. For the call when I finally got the 401 replaced, I was on hold for 6 (count 'em SIX) hours. Star Choice, the worst customer service I have ever encountered.

BTW, I subbed to them because they were the cheapest, reputedly had the best receivers and had HD. It turned out they raised prices above the competition during the first year, their satellite equipment turned out to be the worst I ever owned and the HD was riddled with technical problems. It's probably no coincidence that Star Choice was acquired by Shaw just before all that happened.

I've subbed to Shaw Direct (or Star Choice) twice now because they had the best deal and a package that perfectly met my needs. Twice now, they have stabbed me in the back within the first year by inordinately raising prices and rearranging packages in a manner that further raised costs. Both times, with one significant exception, customer service has been terrible. Can't really give a reason why I would want to stay with them.
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I originally subbed with Shaw Direct b/c of pricing in 2009. Now, almost 6 years later, I've already put in my cancellation request as I'm moving and can't take paying their high fees anymore and can't handle the problems that come with satellite TV anymore either. My last day is Sept. 20th...

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We switched to Shaw in 2011 because it was cheaper. We found it superior to cable. We did have cable and B*** for a while, but came back to Shaw Direct in March. It is far superior in Sound and Picture Quality to cable or IPTV.
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