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Shaw Direct in my RV

Hi Everyone,

I have been a shaw direct(starchoice) customer for 13 years and for the last 10 I have taken a dish and receiver in my RV with me. It has worked well.

I read through the Home away from Home thread and I still have some questions about my shaw direct setup and if it will still work in my RV since the recent changes.

I have a HDDSR600 receiver and an eleptical dish with a dual LNB. The dish on my house and the one in my RV are the same with the same LNB's. The receiver is one that I use in my house when not camping.

When I am away camping the remaining receivers in my house are not used.

Will I be able to use this setup this year or will it not work? Can SD tell where I am located? I will be in western canada, we do not travel south of the border. Can SD tell the difference between 2 of the same model LNB's ie. can they tell the difference between my RV LNB and my house LNB if they are the same model?

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Why didn't you pose your question in the related thread that you said you read?

Set-up will work.

The word on the street is that they would able to tell where you are if you are hooked-up to the internet and/or a phone line. There is debate about whether they have the ability otherwise. It is unlikely that they do.

The fact that you have two identical LNBs is good; otherwise, you would need to get one coded separately which may present some logistical problems.

You can install any LNB you want. They can't identify it. Having different ones may affect reception if they don't code them accordingly.
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Thanks for the answers!

Sorry about starting a new thread, I have never been enrolled in the "Home away from Home" program with SD(the topic of that thread) so I thought my questions would be better answered here.

In Hindsight I probably should have just posted there.

Thanks again!
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Just remember not to talk about it with Shaw. I've heard about a few people trying to slip under the radar and pulling a doofus move by contacting Shaw and asking about workarounds and whatnot.

Don't even go into a retailer and talk about it - as they've mostly all been told to report such behavior. Will they? Probably not. Is it worth the risk? Eh, probably not.
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TV in your RV from Shaw Direct

In 2009 I started using my receiver from home and a new dish that Shaw gave me free for RV use. Lately they have come up with charging half the home rate for RV service. I decided not to do this but kept on using it as I had. Had signal strength of 85 - 92 but only received about a quarter of the normal channels when camping. Hook the receiver back up in the house and full range of channels. However after doing this several times this year on the Sept long weekend we watched RV TV for a couple days and the receiver went dead. Ran a refresh to no avail. Got home and had to phone in and have the receiver reactivated. Have talked to Shaw rep but to no avail. Pay the RV rate or do without. We only use it for a few summer weekends and long weekends and never cancel our home service. Our phones and internet are Telus and they are always offering good deals to come to them but can't supply RV TV with Optic. I am seriously considering switching to Telus Optic in protest to being charged for a service I am already paying for. Shaw is just ripping us RV'rs off that just use it for this minimal time. Considering that the summer is mostly reruns this is unacceptable to me to pay extra. I will do without or use my PVR to record enough and take along to use during bad weather or whatever.
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If you are tuned in to the satellite while on the road I don't think Shaw can tell where you are. Signal strengths vary daily with wind blowing the leaves and clouds etc. There is more than Shaw "cutting you off" as you suspect. Receivers still work for the snowbirds going South for the winter - except for the G1 channels and they don't get turned off.
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I suspect that you might have two different versions of an lnb installed on your dishes. This might explain why the receiver, moved to the RV, initially only received 25% of the channels and ultimately stopped working. If this is the case, then obtaining a dish/lnb combination the same as at home...should alleviate the problem.

As per post #4 above, I would be cautious about declaring your intentions to Shaw or a dealer whom you do not know.

Shaw has no way to track where you are as long as you do not plug your receiver into a telephone line.
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SD can no more tell where you are that your favorite FM station can tell where you are. Your system is a receiver and as long as you are in the footprint of the satellite and aimed at the bird, you will have a signal. Just do not phone and tell them, as in, "I am in Cancun and cannot get a signal". Do not connect a phone line to the receiver because they will be able to see the area code when you order a movie or whatever.

I don't know what SD is up to. They used to ship out a new dish and help you set it up for free in your RV. Now all of a sudden they want more money if you take one of your receivers with you. It makes no sense, you are still limited to six receivers and there is no additional cost to them.
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Originally Posted by Croft View Post
they want more money ...
It makes no sense, ...
and there is no additional cost to them.
More money at no cost makes very much sense.
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I would definitely work it out to run off your home service as recommended. I use the RV rate because and only because I have cable at home and have no choice. I can suspend it for up to 6 months a year also, so really not a bad deal for some of us.
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Now all of a sudden they want more money if you take one of your receivers with you. It makes no sense, you are still limited to six receivers and there is no additional cost to them.
It makes sense from the point of view of cable companies and broadcasters. Cable companies see it as "unfair" competition. Broadcasters want the extra revenue. Both filed complaints with the CRTC and won rulings that required extra accounts be obtained for second residences like cottages and trailers. Shaw Direct was the only company offering second residence service under a single account so they didn't stand much of a chance. (Bell satellite stopped offering it years ago.)
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Has Shaw come to your house for a service call?

Have you upgraded to the additional HD channels offered on the 3rd satellite?

If you have, Shaw has changed the LNB on your home dish to a Triple xKu LNB, and your RV dish probably has the older Dual Quad LNB.

You MUST have the same LNB on both dishes.
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More info

Thanks to those that had suggestions for me to check out. First of all both dishes are a 60 elliptical with the Triple xKu LNB. I have been told by a 13 year employee of Shaw quite a bit of info. As far as tracking the receiver they can't do that but said they have other ways of knowing. The reason I was only getting a small selection of channels camping was because the 3rd satellite was giving them to me. My own thoughts are that they can tell that I have unplugged the receiver in the house and have cut service off but can't stop the 3rd satellite signals. I wondered about why this time it shut down so I had to get it reactivated. It came to me that after the previous trip I had not plugged it back into the house and after a couple of weeks when I went on the next trip it may have reached a time frame where they just shut it down. It seems like the RV (second home) account must run a minimum of 14 days each time you activate it with a minimum 1 day reconnection. Anyway I feel better aware of what I am dealing with and will decide by next summer what I want to do. Hope this info may be helpful to others and thank you for your help.
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Yes, if unplugged for a while a reset is often required.
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RV Sat service

Does Shaw have a way a person can have sat service for only 6 months a year?

Right now I'm with Telus, I had to have a tech come to my house (which has a dish all setup and connected to my 2 receivers which I own) to activate the receivers. Seems kinda stupid but that is their policy and there's no way around it, even for an employee. I was told I can put the service in 'holiday mode' but now that camping season is over I find out I need to put ALL my TELUS services into holiday mode, not just the sat service. Obviously that is not an option. So if I cancel my sat service TELUS will need to send out a tech again next spring, seems kinda dumb ...

Is there away around all this BS with Shaw?
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