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Originally Posted by Ouser View Post
TheHans, May I suggest a reset? It doesnt sound like your 630 is behaving. Perhaps it didnt take the install correctly? I have experienced none of the issues you have mentioned. Sorry.
LOL -- it sounds like ours was the lucky one. Everything...everything...takes 10 years. For example, even the keyword search "Please wait a moment" in 630 speak is 60 seconds for every letter we put in...when we switch channels, the splash screen shows up immediately, but the screen stays blank for 10 to 15 seconds. The five minute turn off didn't help. So I know, there's a factory reset in our future. But I like to set my shows a week in advance, which I did yesterday. And I was ready to pull my hair out it took so long. So in case the factory reset doesn't help, I'm going to wait until later next week when I don't have lots of upcoming recordings, just in case it doesn't help...
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The search function is slow but on mine not quite as slow as yours. Don't want to start any panic here but the last time my 630 failed it started to take longer and longer for just about anything eg. responding to a channel change before it failed; hope that isn't your problem.
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Tried install the update on a DSR 605. All went well until the end. Unit froze up and displayed 8888 for about six hours.
Unit wouldn't turn off via fron-panel-button hard-reset, so I pulled the plug.
Phew...it came back to life.
Not cool, Shaw
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Slow response following crash

I got my inevitable first crash yesterday -- only 3 days since the new "stable" firmware download -- not bad Of course the crash came while recording a show.
The good news is the program guide downloaded pretty quickly after the re-boot. The bad news is it took an age for the show to resume recording. A gap of 8-10 minutes pretty much ruins a recording. Quite disappointing.

On the other hand, I've been fooling with the new search function. While it's dreadfully slow, there are more sorting options than before and I found some shows that I likely never would have found otherwise.

You take the bitter with the sweet I guess.
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TheHans- perhaps before you do a factory reset, take advantage of the new 'backup settings' feature. I read that you can use a usb key to save your settings and upcoming recordings! I havent tried it yet, but it might be worth a try.

Also, if you have the correct casing screwdriver, you could take a can of compressed air and literally 'blow the cobwebs out' of the box. I did this a while back and it improved performance considerably.

Shaw Direct DVR830 / DVR 605/ 605, Sony Xbr65" 950E", Sony XBR4 850d, Oppo 980H, Yamaha 7.1 Surround, PS4! WDLive
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The search is very slow for me too.
Alot slower than the old guide.

Anyone knows why deleting a show take so long?
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Using the new HD Guide - first impressions.

The BAD.
The Guide text is now smaller. By rearranging the screen so that the guide is the left half, and the image in upper right and info is lower right, there are now more channels displayed concurrently, but the text is smaller. Also adding the channel Avatar along with the channel name further squeeze the line, requiring smaller text.

Switching User. If you are watching (say) channel 300 CBC HD under the main profile, then under FAV switch to a different user - if 300 is NOT in the list for that user the switch over is BLOCKED (even though you are watching that channel right now! - to switch user you have to switch to a channel in that user's selected list.

Search is now slower as it keeps starting a search as you enter characters and delays accepting the next input character

Switching FAV to a different user requires more button pushes.

The Good.
Setting a timer has a new feature to select a program title on ALL channels, as well as 'just' one channel. Finding it is a but clunky as you have to create the timer then go back and edit it to ALL channels.

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New Guide channel lists

I have set up an additional user "HIDEF" on a 605 and created a channel list. Now I want to edit that list to add channels, but can't find the option.

I cannot find it in the new user guide - can anyone help?
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post #234 of 402 (permalink) Old 2014-08-03, 07:52 PM
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Update - Editing channel lists

Went and looked again ....

The "Edit Channel List" function is found in Menu, Select a user, under Permissions.

I'm going to rebuild my Favourites lists by using Users with names I previously used for the Favourites.

I previously used Parental Controls locked channels to hide subscribed channels that are never accessed by me (like Moose Jaw or Rimouski). With the new guide, I don't need to do this, and am unlocking everything. It really helps that channel surfing is now controlled strictly by the active channel list. Now Shaw needs to eliminate ASAP the unwanted duplication the comes from entering both Classic and Advanced channel numbers in the channel list.
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MSM I could not agree more! Below is the answer I got from SD in regards to the duplicate channels in the favourite lists. I doubt the elimination of them will happen anytime soon.

I have double checked and as of right now there is no way to remove the duplicate channels from the favorites list. As I said, we will be removing these eventually, but do not have a specific time line for that.

To me this is just plain sloppy sloppy. Plugging the fav list up with duplicate channels is stupid. I'm sure that they could have written the software code in the new guide to eliminate this duplication.
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post #236 of 402 (permalink) Old 2014-08-03, 09:22 PM
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I suggest all who find this duplication sloppy or poorly-designed (nicely) call up SD Support and ask for a fix. The duplication did not occur in the previous release.
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For example, even the keyword search "Please wait a moment" in 630 speak is 60 seconds for every letter we put in...
The trick is to move the cursor between letters in under 5 seconds, any more time than that and the search will take place. I entered THE AMAZING RACE all at once before the search happened.

Last edited by Mike P.; 2014-08-04 at 10:07 AM.
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More BAD:

Since the damn thing defaults to displaying your SD channels in stretched mode (or vice versa), 90% of users are going to wonder what the hell happened. When I changed it, I lost input (via HDMI) to my TV, and got the NO SIGNAL message. I had to reboot. When I changed it back as a test, same thing: NO SIGNAL. This is ludicrous.

Worse, everything above 600 is suddenly NOT SUBSCRIBED on one of my 605 boxes... but not the other. I realize they can't test every situation, but truly, this is not rocket science. Okay, that's the physical. Now the display:

What? What? What?

Even LESS information than before in the Info boxes. I never liked the "three screen" manouevre, having to use the arrows. But now on many channels there isn't even 2 screens. AND WHY, AFTER ALL THIS TIME, can we not get EPISODE INFORMATION? This is pure laziness. It's like Sirius/XM: Yes, I know it's The Diane Rehm Show, but why don't they display who they are interviewing? The info is available.

And for sure, leaving us crippled with only 90 minutes of schedule available, when there is room for so much more. And like you said: get rid of the logos. Don't need them. Move them, if you must, to the info slot. There's a half-hour of gridspace right there. I could go on.

... Mike
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Re post #235:

I referred to the duplication of channels in the channel lists being caused by a duplication of Classic and Advanced channel addresses. That is my error. The duplication comes from the system adding the old HD address (for example in the Classic scheme) for each channel along with the newer one that has been in use for at least a year. This, by the way, also shows up all over scheduled recordings. It's time to remove this crutch.
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Backup and Restore

If you try to backup to a USB key from other than the Owner user, it will not work and there will be no error messages. It seems you must do Backup and Restore from the Primary User (default is Owner, although you can change the name). This is documented in the receiver help text, but trust me, it's easy to miss.

I produced a backup on a 605, I'm now going to copy it to a 630 to move the definitions. (10 minutes later). The definitions copied easily to the 630, and the desired channel lists are in use. Used the Options - Preference menu to change definitions for TV size and type, etc.

I manage six receivers (2 x 630 and 4 x 605), so this is a great new feature for me!

Last edited by MSM; 2014-08-04 at 02:08 PM. Reason: Clarity! Added results of Restore (move) operation.
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