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i noticed looking through the guide last night that rds2 picks up a bunch of college basketball from the espn feed. is it possible to get this channel with an english language package or do you have to get a french package?

and also does anyone know if they just pick up the straight espn feed with english commentary or is there some french overdub or something?

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You can order an add-on package for $3.99 a month that includes RDS Info, RDS and RDS2.

Shaw Direct DSR 630 HDPVR w/Ontario Life | Aquos 46" 120Hz LCD TV | Watch Me!
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Thanks very much for the advice and warnings re: The recent Shaw Direct flyer in Kingston (looks good but not sure ...)

Ya - cause what they do, is start to whittle down the content (bait & switch), or increase the rate, with this excuse or that excuse (ususally increases for "network improvements - for your own improved viewing")

I looked back at an analysis I did of a similar COGECO Cable "switch to digital" offer / flyer from back one year ago - just before COGECO started their Kingston digital migration (shut down of some analog channels, and convert to digital).

[ We had a "grandfathered" ANALOG only package from way back. We ended up waiting them out - took NO offer to convert to digital - and just waited - and then we finally got / they were forced to give us: two digital ADAPTORS from them, for free, no monthly rental fee - but the content available via digital ADAPTOR sucks - has been reduced to "nothing of much interest" - usually - reality and idiot TV usually most of the time ]

The Devil was certainly in the details there, with Cogeco cable - specifically for Kingston.

The COGECO cable flyer showed *ALL* the channel images on their flyer - but when I went to ask them in person, to confirm, at the cust service location / office, it turned out that for KINGSTON specifically- you could not get this channel or that channel shown on the flyer, unless you also got another channel FIRST, and that required signing up for another package, which essentially increased the price by about 15 dollars per month.

Then, some channels - you HAD to get an HD box to get them. Even if there was an SD version of the channel available - TOO BAD - must get the HD box to get those channels. And ofcourse, the HD box costs more, has a higher rental fee, and therefore increases your monthly cable rate - signifigantly - and even more so when TAXES are taken into account.

There are all sorts of small print in that historical Cogeco flyer as well.

To the effect that:

"We reserve the right to change channels any way we wish"
"We reserve the right to increase fees any way we wish"
"Not all channels are available in all places"
"Channels available/offered - may vary by location"


"Maple Leafs hockey games are not guaranteed"

[Side comment: Well crap, what's the problem COGECO? If local CBC broadcast over the air, received by antenna - usually shows the LEAFS hockey game, Saturday? don't they? So why is COGECO putting in this disclaimer? Probably just to cover their corporate BUTT . Maybe not *ALL* Leafs games are guaranteed.
I'm talking about: CKWS 11 - Kingston (and + various re-transmitters, Brighton (Brighton already Digital OTA HD), Prescott, & Smiths Falls - still analog) / CORUS / Independent CBC affiliate(s). Who have already announced, theoretically that they will soon be switching the "MAIN" Kingston CKWS 11 to digital OTA digitial ATSC broadcasting soon? And maybe in HD as well, later on, by next Hockey Season? Maybe? We hope? ]

But the SHAW flyer seems to suggest they will offer stuff (channels and content) that COGECO cable simply does not.
TCM, OMNIs, some radio station content.

It seems Kingston AREA is getting the SHAFT - from COGECO cable.

"No Omni 1 or 2 SD in Kingston"
"Must take the HD package in order to get them.

SO YES, like in the Cellular Telephone world - I guess one must be very LEERY of entering into long contracts - like 3 year contracts.

So ya, thanks, Good advice - the technology (receivers) could change quickly, even in a year, and you might be stuck with something obsolete for a long time, or dinged with a big penalty to get out of the 3 year contract.

Seems some have been having trouble with malfunctioning receivers too ... and the attempt and wait to get fixed.

Or good new content (channels) might become available - but you don't get them, except at a high price - because you signed a long term contract - and are stuck with the original "deal" "package" - unless you anty up more monthly money.

Or existing content could become so bad or watered down - you just don't want it anymore (ex. like A&E, History channel, or other similar specialty channels - simply just start showing irrelevent content, or infomercials - alot.) (bait & switch, with time).

Does SHAW Direct see something coming down the pipe? [Other service from maybe BELL?] That concerns them / scares them? To try and give incentives to gain new customers *NOW!* / quickly, into longer term contracts? Before that hits?

Maybe we need to re-evaluate COGECO cable again first.

Or see if COGECO cable just needs a little more time - to get things happening.

Or see if COGECO cable might have something to offer us themselves. As a counter offer.

But what I know about COGECO - having tried to work with them - MAN ... they are about as thick as a block wall.

Maybe just time to wait some more, and see how things develop.

And - as advised above - be VERY VERY Leary of entering into ANY L O N G term contract.

1 year contracts MAXIMUM . Maybe. Even if you gotta BUY the darn receiver yourself.
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anyone know the reason we are forced to pay a additional 4 bucks? did we get some fancy new channels or something?
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post #20 of 227 (permalink) Old 2013-02-04, 10:13 AM
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Probably b/c this company is turning more and more into a joke every year. Service and quality is getting worse and they are taking adv of people who live in Canada and have no other options.
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I left SD after 14 months and got cable again. More HD channels on Basic Cable then with the SD package we had (Digital Indulgence Lite).
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post #22 of 227 (permalink) Old 2013-02-06, 07:35 PM
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Increase on the increase

Got my latest bill with a note that effective in April my bill will go up $4.00.

It used to go up $3.00 now its $4.00 a whooping 33% increase of the increase.
Life is good at Shaw.
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I'm considering cancelling and giving my brother my receivers and he can open a new account. Couple questions with regards to this. If he does not buy new receivers will he still get the new customer offers such as PPV credits, and new Customer Programming package selections such as digital indulgence lite (not available on the self serve but is through local dealer)
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I think this $4 increase is going to be the last straw for many. I left cogeco January 2012 because of the high receiver rental fees. Shaw seemed like a good alternative. But now with the satellite launch delays, lack of HD and price increase, I think I've had enough.

I think I'll dump my shaw gear, and pick up used cogeco receivers.. At then I'll actually SAVE money by switching to cogeco, with MORE HD channels.

Good by Shaw.....
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I decided to leave Shawdirect about a month ago because of lack of channels and pricing...

I decided to switch to Bell which in my case was cheaper when bundled with home phone and internet. And they also have more channel variety. Got free HD PVR 9400, and a good deal on programming.

If it wasn't for the lack of channels I would of probably stayed with Shaw even if the price was a little higher.
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If you switch to Cogeco you can get a free receiver for one or two years, depending on the promo. We switched back to Cogeco about a month ago. We have more HD channels with Basic Cable than we did with our Shaw direct package, which was more than Basic.
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Similar feelings here. I almost switched to Rogers with a free PVR and receiver. It would have been about $20 but the 3 year contract they required spoiled the deal. Shaw Direct gives me 80% of the HD channels I want as it is. I am adopting a wait and see position until the new satellite is up and operational.
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Originally Posted by cptsquirt View Post
I think this $4 increase is going to be the last straw for many. I left cogeco January 2012 because of the high receiver rental fees. Shaw seemed like a good alternative. But now with the satellite launch delays, lack of HD and price increase, I think I've had enough.
Yup, I felt the exact same way when I saw the latest increase. I think over the course of two years my bill has increased by at least ten bucks. I looked at Cogeco, but since I refuse to get their Internet or phone my options are limited. I'll give Shaw until G1 launches, but if they don't get their act together quickly I'll make the switch out of spite.
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Agreed, it's one thing to increase prices, but when they increase prices and have made no significant changes to the services/ programming available, it's very aggravating.. I'm lucky enough to have DTV. They charge a lot for extra receivers and advanced services like whole home DVR etc but man oh man do they have an incredible channel lineup with tons of HD. You get what you pay for with them. I think if shaw would just listen up, convert to mpeg 4 and make room for a few more worthy HD until the new bird is launched, they could retain a lot of frustrated customers. The unfortunate thing is that Bell isn't much better, the extra few HD channels they have over Shaw get wiped out by their awful customer service in my opinion, if it wasn't for TSN and CBC I wouldn't need a Canadian Provider at all and would jump ship
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I too just read my notice about April 1st fee increase of $4
that's four percent....and for what? also noticed that they've changed what bundle packages apply for multiple-receiver fee (now, only platinum?). When did that change? Ugh...I have a friend in the can't imagine how many HD channels they get for under $100 month. We get hosed in Canada
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