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So you shipped a PVR that was still activated on your account ?
Why didn't you just ask the guy giving you the loaner to leave his 600 activated on his account until August 1st ? Then you could have just plugged it in and been saved all this trouble.

As far as the apartment analogy goes, you're comparing apples to oranges.

And you do understand that the buyer of the 630 (if he recovers it) WILL NOT be able to activate it if your account is not paid up to date ?
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Originally Posted by AFF View Post
I think I would have knocked $10 or $20 off the sale price of the pvr you sold and just asked the guy to lend you his box while still keeping it on his account for a couple weeks. Yeah, yeah I know it's against the TOS but really what harm is it?
Actually, I bought a used 505 in 2008, and when I went to register it, SD said no can do, it is registered to another account in good standing. But they did a receiver refresh so it worked on that account. Fortunately it was a full service account with movies and HD sports.

About 12 months later, the service stopped so I called up SD and by then was able to register it on my account.
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No, while I had them listed for sale on here, I never got a single reply here. I also had them listed locally on PEI, and that's where I ended up selling all of them. No shipping, the two buyersv(one guy bought both 505's I had) buyers all came to my home and met me face to face.

I didn't really want to ask the guy to leave it on his account while it was out of his control, that's asking him to trust me (a complete stranger) not to run up any weird charges (PPV etc) he'd be responsible for. Not to mention I don't think that's within the service agreement.

I really didn't anticipate SD rejecting my request either. Had I asked for something AFTER Aug.1st, sure, tell me to pound sand. But I wouldn't even do that, as I woudl be a closed account then. I was only asking for services THAT I PAY FOR, IN A MONTH I AM STILL A CUSTOMER. And I did it legally, without violating the service agreement. Again, I was not asking for special treatment, just the usual stuff they provide in a contracted month to a customer. My only mistake was trying to do things the proper way.

That's why I don't believe the landlord analogy is apples & oranges. Nor do I think a court of law would, it's Basic tort law. A service between 2 parties is agreed upon on a month-to-month period (no matter what that service is). Both parties meet their obligations, otherwise it's breach of contract. Their is no provision for a "final month" that is treated differently. You pay the same rate for every month, and therefore you have identical sevice each month. If they had a provision including a reduced their rate in your final month and indicated you recive only basic programming, ok, I'd understand. But that is not the case.

Lets say I hire a contractor on an open-ended monthly contract to do work on my house. They can't refuse to do some of the regular work they've been doing simply because I've told them it's the final month I've needed them. Especially when it's a simple task, that one of the guys has already almost finished doing! Doesn't make much sense when looked at in that light does it. It's the same thing here.

As for the buyer maybe hving a problem activating it , I have considered that, and unlike SD, I will not allow him to get hung out. If he recovers it, and has a problem connecting, I will pay the balance. It won't be a huge balance, half a month at the most, so I'll explain it to him. Maybe we'll split it. But if he doesn't recover it, it's a moot point. And how often does stolen property get recovered? In all honesty, I don't know if he'll want to remain with SD. He's the guy that suggest I take legal action, he was pretty annoyed by this story. When his insurance policy gives him a new PVR, don't be surpised if you see a 'brand new in the box 630' for sale. Like I've said, it sooo not worth the bad press to them over this silly spiteful refusal. The fallout...
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I kind of feel like I've said my piece, and we're starting to go in circles. I don't mind continuing the thread, but I suspect it will soon turn into an argument. I'm not trying to get a flame war going. As long as nobody is getting to that point, lets keep chatting, but if the match is about to be struck...
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SD is in their right.

I've read the whole story or rant.

I too am a long long time Star Choice / Shaw Customer.

I feel your pain, however to think that this story will deter any new clients is fairly childish. And to speak bad of Shaw could be considered criminal. Most new clients are NOT looking at this forum.

Yes you deserve your remaining days, Yes Shaw did live up to their side of your agreement. You terminated, and in my business, when a client tells me he's leaving (especially for the compitition) I no longer go to bat for them. It's a waste of time and energy, and there PLENTY of other fish in the sea.

Pay your bill in full, and suck it up buttercup.
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Totally agree with SD stance on this, you have cancelled service, they owe you no new services because of that including adding new receivers.
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Back from vacation...


I never told SD I was goign to the competion, they assumed that. For all they know, I could have lost my job to the crappy economy, been moving to lower Mongolia... etc etc. I'm sharing my story (rant? - I think I've been pretty tame, you must not spend much time on the web LOL), I fail to see how that makes me childish. You however, have admitted in your job when someone tell you they're 'switching' you treat them with spite - so lets re-examine who's being childish. Then you go on the offensive and tell me to "suck it up buttercup". LOL, OK. How about you suck... oh never mind, don't want to be childish. And don't take offense to that, I'm just making a tongue-in-cheek rebuttal. As I said before, I have no problems with the other service I ended (I-net eastlink), and they are still giving me the same service as every other month.

Despite what you think, new customers DO come here. Before I went to Bell I certainly did, to see what people thought of the FibreOp offerings, although what I found here differs from what's avbl in my area. And I don't think I am the only one out there who looks to make an informed decision. And I brought them at least three confirmed new customers based on MY suggestions (maybe more, I never followed up with them to see who they chose). So yes, my ONE voice makes a statement no matter how small you might think it is. How many views has this thread had so far?

Also, while I was gone on vacation, SD called me and left a (garbled) voice messge. So yes, this has had some impact. The automated message was not understandable, a computerized voice could be heard saying "satellite" and that's about it. I haven't tried to return the call.

I AM STILL A PAYING CUTOMER IN GOOD STANDING UNTIL AUG. 1. I find it hard to believe you, as (I presume) a busioness owner could have not landed in court if you treat peopel different in their final month. You said "go to bat". Now that I can understand, that implies doing EXTRA, not what I am looking for, and I would agree with you 100% on that point. But if you refuse your basic services to a paying customer while they are STILL A CUSTOMER, I don't expect your business to be too well spoken of, or long lasting. And I somhow bet you won't do that to your customers either. What line of business are you in?

But I seems I was right again, in saying if this continues, I suspect it's going to turn into a flame war.

Kudos to you for disagreeing, but at least keeping it civil. Yes, I have cancelled service AS OF AUG 1. Nothing to do with JULY. July, I am PAYING THEM FOR. Or was... SHow me where their terms of service stipulate that, as you state, they are 'in the right' to do this , or ANY other business for that matter. If you can, I'll be the first to agree with you. I think you guys should read up on contract law before suggesting they are "in the right", or at least qualify that with an "in my opinion". Jude Judy would have a field day with you guys LOL. My caps are for emphasis, not screaming.
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Welcome back.

Nice retort..

To answer your question. I own a computer customer service business.

Anyways, one a 1 in 100 to actually look at forums, and truly wish more end users would. But, like I said. MOST new customers. That's just it MOST. Unfortunately for the customers.

Anyways, no flames, just opinions.

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LOL, glad you saw the intended humour

My new service has been installed as of yesterday. No complaints, very fast i-net. Pic quality of the TV is I would say equal. That's going from memory, not a direct back to back comparison. I did have to call tech support to have my pwd reset, that was the biggest difference. I got a helpful young lady on the phone after less that one minute on hold! Hope the good mojo continues.

The page has been tuned on this story. On to a new chapter.
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