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Record the show on the CBS HD Western feed. That is what I do. Since I don't watch all my shows until the weekend the Western feeds are your best option for recording during the week.

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I would also fire off an email to SD right away with your complaint.

According to the schedule, BIG Bang... will be shown again next week 2 episodes back-to-back on CTV-HD at that time slot. I would second GaryE and record the show at 11:30pm from CBS-W-HD.

I find it amazing how Shaw bucked the trend by ignoring GlobalHD for so many years and priding themselves on only miniscule simsubbing in localized areas but now that they have a financial interest, they have opened the floodgates and CTV is also riding the wave. For those who PVR shows, commercials (Canadian or American) become mute anyway with FF and Jump. Perhaps they will want to eliminate that ability too with the next firmware update.
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Exclamation Hello! Watch the Canadian channels!

Or you could also record the CANADIAN CityTv broadcast on 344 (I believe) and hopefully that will work. If you wait to record the West feed, what happens if there's a power failure or some other problem?

Note: If there ever was a simsub screwup with the CityTv broadcast and it also showed the CTV shows, a simple call to CityTv (control room) should be able to get them to contact the right people at Shaw to make sure it doesn't happen again, or else CityTv and Shaw could schedule a WWE-style Cage match on PPV, with proceeds going to the Let's Eliminate All Of The US Channels From Our Systems (so that we can get US exclusives for all the broadcasts).
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As we get to this time of year my tv comes on less and less but I just tuned in to watch golf and yikes is the PQ ever horrible. I simply cannot believe how bad it is compared to before.

With SD being the last to go simsub, as far as I know, I will certainly not buy a new receiver from them at this time. I'll wait and see what BluSky's offering will be like and maybe make the full switch at that time.

Been with SD for about 5 years and have put up with annual increases (have just dealt with it by removing channels). The clear advantage they had was the better HD PQ. Not anymore.
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Today the NBC Channels 360/379 were simsubbed to Global Maritimes and the 360/379 went to black; Customer service unable to give an explanation after a refresh and reboot; passed to tech support who also could offer no explanation;My receiver is the 505. Video on ch 336/329 which are global channels; just by luck I had channel hopped to Global BC and was able to watch the Golf tournament;

Thanks Shaw Direct; this long time customer is peeved

All I got was a "we don't know"
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What would happen if you were to have no signal on the channel that is overriding the US feed? Like if you were missing either left or right polarization for some reason. Is the receiver smart enough to go back to the US feed? I assume not.
I have noticed that the Global Maritimes simsubs don't seem to start on time either. I've done some investigating, and pulling the plug does remove the simsub for a variable amount of time. Once the receiver reboots getting into the diagnostic menu (diagnostic E1 I think) and pressing info will temporarily prevent the guide for reloading, and the simsub stays away for about 5 minutes.
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ref post 78/pokerface

"Hello! Watch the Canadian channels! "

Pokerface; ref yr quote; I pay good money to obtain certain channels;I pay for the veiwing of all their network programming;if the government does not want me to watch then don't offer the product; 1936 Germany comes to mind.

I want the intermission news updates; weather trends;future programming updates; etc etc;sim-subs deny me that programming;the local advertising argument does not hold water with this viewer;

I do watch the Canadian channels when the need arises but I also pay for that as well;sim-subs means I pay twice.

My opinion only

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Exclamation I've always HATED simsubs!

I happen to share your view, Commish. I merely mention that people should watch the Canadian channels because it makes things less troublesome for recording shows. Hugh mentioned that he often records the Canadian channels (and even the other US feed at times) to avoid some of the simsub hassles.

I love being able to watch the full US broadcasts with their commercials, often better signals (though many US channels look and sound worse through Rogers), sports updates and even their often more annoying snipes. It's an experience that simsubs help to ruin.

Presentation is often as important as the content and that's why the great chefs also make their food look as good as (or often better than) it tastes.

Can we eliminate the simsubs? Sure, use OTA broadcasts and other methods to fight the insanity. To think that complaining about them to the CRTC and the Gang will ever stop them, is "bordering" on foolishness.

If you want to have even higher blood pressure or get even more aggravated, just keep complaining to the wall known as the CRTC.

You guys know what's going on and although these forums are great for commiserating (commisherating), they have failed to stop the simsubs from growing in strength.

Twittering Tony Clement is still your best chance for bringing about change, but most of you are too wise to put your faith in a politician, regardless of how often the twittering occurs.

This thread helps others see how absolute power corrupts absolutely, so the fact that this thread will occasionally slip into another We hate the CRTC for allowing this nonsense to continue is not surprising.

It would be simpler to just run a blackout screen (mentioning the Canadian channels carrying the US programs in question) over all the US channels that are showing programming that was purchased by Canadian channels and being simsubbed at that moment. Perhaps that is the future of Canadian Television. Stay tuned ... same Bat-times, same Bat-simsubbed channels.
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"Hello! Watch the Canadian channels! "
Why should someone be forced to watch the substandard definition channel like CITY, when it should be available in HD? Now, if SD was to carry CITY-HD, then there would be a "Canadian" alternative for the show the OP wants to record (Rules of Engagement).
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Unhappy HD "Rules," but SD often triumphs

Yup, you shouldn't have to watch the lame SD CityTv feed at 8:30 pm and miss out on the early US HD feed of Rules of Engagement.

It just seems that Canadians often have to record the same show 18 different times on 18 different channels to hope that at least one of the channels included the content that we wanted (even if it was in lowly Standard definition).

It's an utter mess, at least for now. Perhaps it's time to send Tony Clement another tweet (that crack never gets old for me).

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Surely the american nets know that there signals are directly available in canada, so other then sports there is no need for them to sell the broadcast rights to canadian nets at all. Ive still been lucky and have not seen and SD sim-subs here yet.
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Global HD May 16th

Last nights 'House' was an example of someone not doing their job properly. I was watching the 8pm E HD US feed and it was simsubbed for the Global HD feed. #1 I do not live anywhere near a Global HD OTA signal. #2 The signal was constantly interrupted- as if someone couldnt make their mind up about which feed we should be getting. #3 The signal kept switching from HD letterbox to SD square- especially in the commercial breaks- even mid commercial.

At least try and get it right if you are going to force us to watch a Toronto feed- when I chose to watch a US feed! I love the irony that choice was dropped from the company name!

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Smile Simsubs to end

I used the "Ask Jim" feature on Shaw Direct's website to complain about these new blanket simsubs and I was told that Shaw Direct has decided to stop as of May 27. I was also told that Shaw Direct has not decided if they will try again at a later date. They may or may not, but they are listening to customer feedback on the issue. So next Friday things will go back to the way they were.
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Question Shaw Direct waves the white flag?

Wowee! Shaw probably needs time to "perfect" its simsub technique to properly block out the US broadcasts without blocking the ones that shouldn't be simsubbed. Once that problem is solved, I assume it's back to the basics -- pounding away at Canadians until they surrender.

Round 1 goes to Shaw Direct.

Round 2 goes to its subscribers.

Round 3 should go to Shaw Direct, but let's see how long it takes before it tries again.

SD= Sly Devils
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Excellent news!

It's nice to know that a company will listen if enough people complain over and over again (which I did )
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