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post #226 of 540 (permalink) Old 2011-03-03, 07:24 AM
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I've commented in the past that under certain circumstances (and I'm not sure which ones), fast-forwarding leads to the black-screen-of-death and loss of progress bar. To get around this, I have been using the 30-second jump ahead buttons.
Now, with this latest update, I have encountered a couple of occasions where I was using the button to jump ahead 30 seconds while watching a show I had PVRed.... only to have the receiver exit to the on-air program by itself. Of course I can go back into pvr... find my show again... and resume watching... but I don't recall this 'glitch' happening before the update.

I am wondering if this is as a result of whatever programming fix was put in place to prevent receivers from crashing while fast-forwarding. Now instead of crashing... they just exit to the on-air program.

Anyone else?
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Merge the thread?

Mods, is it time to merge this thread in the owners thread? We have 3 threads to follow now
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I have been using the 30-second jump ahead buttons
Using the 30 second skip several times in succession brings on another set of problems. Before the update it would often go back a segment, go back to the beginning or exit the program if the remote button is pushed too fast. Not sure how effective the 4.06 was in handling these issues.

I adjusted a couple of my viewing habits to compensate. I found that the supplied remote was not laid out to make skipping and jumping easy. I found my Harmony remote less prone to skipping errors.

I also started using absolute skip (2or3or4 + FForSkip) to jump over breaks. If you watch particular shows long enough, you can guess with an amount of accuracy the length required. At any rate, if you guess too short, then just add a 30 second skip to the end or if you guess too much, then a 30 second skip back is all that is required.

Here's a tip for those who have the advanced lineup:
I have documented before how taking too long between # + skip will exit the program and take you to the channel number you entered for the skip. Sometimes, when I enter, say 3, for a 3 minute skip , I mistakenly enter 33, what would you do?
Waiting too long will exit to channel 33. Hitting skip would skip you 33 minutes and then you would need to reverse by 33 skip back.
However, if you see that you have entered 33 by mistake, then make it 3333 and enter skip. Since you have made a request that doesn't make sense, the box will toss out your request, giving you the opportunity to enter the correct one.
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jbracing24, if you mistakenly enter a digit(s) for the skip ahead function, you can just press exit to get out of it.
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I too get the same as MeandHer 57.....when I start to watch a recorded program, I get dumped back to live TV.....the second try watching the recorded program works. Most annoying, I never had that problem until the new upgrade.
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Originally Posted by SD 630 Support View Post
We've spent a lot of time investigating Caller ID and looking for possible solutions. Right now, it works for the majority of people but there are some folks where it never seems to display or log.

First, if calls are logged but not displayed on screen:
- Know that the Caller ID information is displayed at the lowest priority. If you have any other menus or displays onscreen (playback bar, Guide, info banner, etc.), the Caller ID information will not appear until you close the current menu/OSD.
- For some folks, it's been determined after troubleshooting that their TV is zooming the image so far off the screen it covers all or most of the caller ID banner.

Second, if calls are neither logged or displayed, but you can successfully report back (OPTIONS 4-3-3):
- We've looked at both hardware and software modifications to change the sensitivity of the modem to the Caller ID data. The challenge here is that any changes will probably cause Caller ID to stop working for people at the opposite end of the threshold.
- We're also investigating the possibility of an external device to boost the phone line voltage in your home (e.g. Ring Booster or similar). Others with similar issues with other devices (specialty telephones, VOIP systems, etc.) have reported success with these devices, but they're fairly pricey.

We'll keep you posted on how things unfold with respect to this issue. An interesting test to try is to unplug all other phones and modems in your house, other than the 630. Then let a call come in and see if Caller ID displays on the 630. If it does, boosting the phone line voltage or removing excess devices on your line may resolve the issue for you.
Does Shaw Direct address the issue of how an ADSL services affects the Call Display? Or even if it can cause corruption in the receiver itself?

I have ADSL and I have a line filter connected for the receiver. Call Display works fine everytime. My last 530 was relatively stable with a line filter fitted.

In years past, I've never seen anything in printed instructions about ADSL and the subject is pretty much rocket science to basic level CSR's and many upper tier technical support people.
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Post Re: Lockups

@ mellaby
@ gzink,

Regarding troubleshooting, it's really up to you. Since 04.06, we're not seeing legitimate lockups or consistent reboots during regular viewing. If you're seeing constant issues (that haven't been addressed here) that are impacting your viewing, let us know because we want to try and resolve them for you.

My standard disclaimer here is going to apply - troubleshooting may involve having to reset or clear certain items. This would be a last resort, but may be required.
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Originally Posted by gzink View Post
I should clarify that not all recordings are persistent. Just one or two a day refuse to be deleted. Then eventually disappear. Just to clarify.
Thanks for the clarification. Unless you're seeing the following, it's not a known issue so we'd be interested in figuring out what's going on.

Originally Posted by SD 630 Support View Post

Deleting recordings created on the live display channel
Recordings created on the channel you are currently watching cannot be deleted until one of the following occurs:
1) You change channels once. The recording can now be deleted.
2) You start playback of the recording, and then stop playback. The recording can now be deleted.
3) You wait for the subsequent LOD session to be created. The recording can now be deleted.
This only affects recordings created on the live display channel.
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I just got my first lockup last night. I was watching a recorded show while recording another show. I was not touching the remote just watching and the video and audio froze, nothing on the remote worked and a soft reboot was required to get going again.

Another corrupted recording ... I hope this is NOT a regular thing!
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Turned on TV......heard the audio.....but no video......I was currently recording a show.....Did the soft boot, and everything was back to normal.
Checked the recording and everything was normal (except the time it took to reboot). Checked my other 630 and everything working normally. Not a problem in my house, must be the receiver as I have been seeing pixelation problems on records also.
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First Reboot

First reboot tonight watching RDSHD(240). I was watcing the game from the pvr list, about 30 minutes behind live feed then BAM, reboot. The re-boot happend at the exact moment I was changing the HDMI Input on my projector to that I can watch the game using my Lumagen Mini that does wonders with the picture enhancement.

Is it possible the reboot was caused by an HDMI handshake going bad?

Another thing. The 630 rebooted really fast. At most 1 minute - more like 45 seconds. So that was nice. But the game was not showing on the pvr list for another minute or 2. Everything else that was in the PVR list was still there. But I remember this exact scenario with the previous firmware last time the 630 rebooted. 2 minutes later - BAM it's there.
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After my audio/video disappeared during watching live TV I had to unplug the unit form the wall to get anything out of it.

Now it is stuck on channel 299, does not respond to any remote commands and it's not displaying the time on the front of the unit as it usually does. Unplugging it once more fixed the problem.

I have to unplug my unit at least every other day because something goes wrong. Do I have to put up with that for another 4 months until the next firmware update comes out (if it comes out at all)?

Also was on the phone with CSR about the 630 issues I'm having - after 10 minutes of being on hold I hung up.
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Originally Posted by SD 630 Support View Post
Thanks for the clarification. Unless you're seeing the following, it's not a known issue so we'd be interested in figuring out what's going on.
When they can't be deleted they are not from LOD and the ones I'm mentioning have been viewed and that is why I am attempting a delete.

So a recap.
I encounter

Drop outs to live broadcast when watching a recording and FF'ing, at times.
Have now noticed it often skips a bit of the start of a recording and have to backup to beginning at times(new with update to me)
Reboots, though not today.(new with update to me)
I believe it also starts at the beginning occasionally when FF'ing and then have to find where we were. Don't think that has been fixed.
Not deleting recordings occasionally, later they delete.(new with update to me)

So the result of the update to me is basically the processes may be faster but the bugs have not gone away and new ones have been added. Useable...but not what one would expect from today's tech.
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Had my first reboot on the new firmware this morning.

The PVR wasn't recording anything at all. I was just trying to find a channel by using the up/down buttons when the screen went blank and it rebooted. Glad that the wife wasn't there to see it!

He who dares Rodders, he who dares
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Yes....you are right.....don't want to have to listen to the wife saying "we paid good money for this thing and look what its doing."
Some strange stuff after the update, and only on one of mine...not both.
So go figure !
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