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Just wondering if having 45 new series recording shows set up would cause pixelation on some HD channels? I had no trouble before i had these shows set up. I did a soft reboot and removed all the series recordings and so far no more pixelation. Anyone else have this type of situation? THANKS!!
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Originally Posted by Sharper101 View Post

Could you please keep me posted when you get the new receiver and how it works out for you?
I have had the same problem as you. A few times now, specifically while watching the HD channels. Soft reboots seem to fix the problem for a little while than it acts up again. Signal strength is good at 92/88 on the lines. Now I am wondering if I should get a replacement.
Got the new receiver and a return box for the dead 630 today. I can't replicate the glitch with the new receiver and it run much cooler than the first one.

I suspect a bad chip or resistor in some receivers. I advice anyone with a receiver that have pixel hiccup and glitch to return their receiver for an replacement.
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Just received and activated the 630 yesterday and have already missed a recording. Came home to see the "rec" light still on well after it should have finished and nothing in the PVR list. Had to manually stop the recording which then caused a reboot. Not very happy, less than 24 hours of ownership and at least 5 reboots. Good thing I kept the 530 which recorded the show perfectly.
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bug report
i get at least a reboot a day by changing channels
but yesterday the receiver changed channel by itself
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post #110 of 1256 (permalink) Old 2010-09-14, 06:30 PM
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Manual Timers

Manual timers definitely do not work. I tried again to set up two weekday manual timers. They worked perfectly on Monday, but both didn't record today and neither appear in the upcoming recordings. Hopefully the next firmware update can address.
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post #111 of 1256 (permalink) Old 2010-09-14, 06:46 PM
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I was watching football this w/e and paused the game then continued but when the 630 gets to the point when the show was suppose to end it quits recording even if the game is still on. If you pause something it should pause and continue into the next program not quit recording. They need to fix this quickly because it's ridiculous.
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Re: LOD recording (reference post #75)

For SD 630 Support please:

I read your explanation in post 75. I encountered a problem last night with the 630's understanding of "current Program" and "previous program".

I was watching Monday Night Football on TSN HD. The Guide showed the program as lasting from 7:00 pm to 10:15 pm (correctly). At haftime (about 8:30), I put the 630 on Pause and went the store, back in less than a half-hour expecting to watch the game from the LOD buffer. The results (unlike the 530) were dismal, but basically parts of the program were not there, and it eventually just jumped to the live program. I noticed though that the channel banner at the bottom of the screen (push the Enter button to see it) displayed TSNHD, program No Data, and time 9:00 to 9:30, 9:30 to 10:00, and 10:00 to 10:30 at various times. In oother words, the 630 had no idea what program it was showing or its scheduled time - although the Guide data was clearly correct for the whole time interval! So it appears that the 630 was operationally disconnected for the Guide data. So, based on your explanation for LOD, it was flushing the buffer every half hour in a 3 hour plus program.

How did it happen (I guess): Between 8:00 and 8:30, Ottawa was hit with a serious thunderstorm and downpour, and the signal was lost frequently ("Re-Acquiring Satellite Signal"), but the power never went out, and the 630 did not reboot. When I put it in Pause, and left for the store, the signal was back and strong, but the 630 was obviously wounded. The LOD function did not work correctly. By the way, the channel banner with program information cleared itself up at 10:15 when a new program (the second game) started - and the banner matched the Guide again.

Please add this to the problems list. It's a common thing to chase long programs from the LOD buffer - and I never had a problem with the 530 implementation.

Still like the 630! The HD picture looks better with pure HDMI links. Etc., etc.

Last edited by MSM; 2010-09-14 at 06:59 PM. Reason: spelling
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Works as designed I guess! I have things set to record and want to assess a PPV so I schedule recording(which would give me the 5 minute preview). Because of that I get the last half hour of the evening news. No warning...nothing! Useless piece of junk! I would be stronger right now but I would lose my post privileges.

Manual timers don't work.
Doesn't warn about conflict, just doesn't record.
More glitches in picture and sound(fractional skips) probably related to 2.5 inch 5200rpm disk not keeping up as someone alluded to.
Comes out of a watched program on another program that you might delete accidentally if you don't pay attention instead of keeping it's place.
Shows channels not subscribed to as "subscribed"
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did not record

My 630 did not record a show between 9 and 10 pm on channel 244.

rec1 was on, the guide was showing a recording button (white) and the pvr list did not show any recording happening.

I reminder that i have turn back LOD 'ON' a couple days ago.

Could LOD be the cause of the miss recording ???
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Originally Posted by rob1 View Post
I noticed on Friday when I ordered Blind Date HD at 8:30pm EST that the PPV channels now offer a FREE PREVIEW of about 5 mins or so. The FREE PREVIEW ICON was located in the top right of the screen.
You are in EDT right now, not EST.
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post #116 of 1256 (permalink) Old 2010-09-15, 08:13 AM
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i have turn back LOD 'ON' a couple days ago.
How do you turn it OFF and is it safe to do so?
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Rebooted only once post firmware update. After the reboot, I installed a fan blowing air directly on the side where the minuscule HD is.

I noticed the box was hot and since a fan stabilized my first 530 enough to make it very reliable, I figured: same brand, same problems, same solution? It's worth a try. Let's see if this helps...
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Had the "record light on, no show recorded" problem last night. It would have been around 8 pm est/6 mst. The box rebooted all by itself when I went to check the record list. I noticed that after it was back up, the guide data was updated. I'm wondering if the problem arises when the guide updates or if it was a crazy coincidence.

This almost feels like those of us who have the 630 are actually beta testers. Man, I feel sorry for those that paid full price.
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I don't have a phone line hooked up to the 630. Never required it in 10+ years of 4xx and 5xx receivers as I don't bother with pay per view. I noted this morning that the receiver had gone into screen saver mode. When I clicked on the channel up button, I got a message that the receiver was unable to call home. Had to hit cancel on this message about 15 times. I wonder if this is causing some of the scambling people have noted and I wonder if this is going to be an ongoing problem because I'm not putting a phone line into the back of the receiver.
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OK, here's a new one:

Parental Locks: I set mine to TV: 18+, Movies: Adult. Mostly because I don't want to see H**NY W*T NURSES or other such titles in the guide. My son is learning to read and I don't need those kinds of questions.

After 12 hours - EVERYTHING in the guide is parentally locked, even cartoons. I set the TV locks to NO LOCKS and everything is still Parentally Locked. The only way to get rid of it is to disable parental controls altogether. This is repeatable behavior and the same thing has happened twice since I got it.

Going to call SD to see what they tell me.
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