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post #811 of 1262 (permalink) Old 2011-01-15, 12:13 PM
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audio volume on the 630

Has anyone experienced this problem with the hdpvr630? while watching a pre recorded show on my pvr the audio goes up and down I normally have the volume set in the 8 to 10 range but sometimes when i'm watching a recorded tv show I have to crank it up to 30 on the volume control scale then i have to turn it down shortly. This only happens once in a while. Tommytwo
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post #812 of 1262 (permalink) Old 2011-01-15, 02:49 PM
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I have noticed that as well. I notice it mainly when using headphones connected to the TV. I usually don't bother adjusting it so I am not sure how much I would have to move the volume control to bring the volume back to the normal setting. I am unsure if it a TV or PVR issue.
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post #813 of 1262 (permalink) Old 2011-01-15, 06:19 PM
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Guide issues again:

Last night some of the HD channels were missing in the guide when I tried to set a recording. After a couple of scrolling attempts with the guide, the unit self-rebooted and repopulated the guide after about 10 minutes.

Today, my favorites list was missing most of the HD channels. I had to re-enter them with the remote from the "all channels" list.

A couple of days ago, I entered my first "record all NEW episodes" for Ice Pilots on History HD. Wonder if the guide issues are related.
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post #814 of 1262 (permalink) Old 2011-01-15, 08:14 PM
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my guide is only going out 8 days,anybody else?
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post #815 of 1262 (permalink) Old 2011-01-15, 09:56 PM
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I noticed the number of guide days were less earlier today too. I wonder if it's a glitch or if it's an attempt to take some stress off the machine and alleviate some of the issues reported.
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post #816 of 1262 (permalink) Old 2011-01-15, 11:07 PM
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Originally Posted by painter View Post
my guide is only going out 8 days,anybody else?
My guide is only 8 days as well
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post #817 of 1262 (permalink) Old 2011-01-16, 05:47 AM
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Well I just had a fun few hours watching recordings and such. Just when you think things will settle in and are looking up. During about 5 hours of playback the 630 quit playback at least 3 times so I had to restart/resume, skipped back about 2 minutes rather than 15 seconds(setting) a few times, restarted at the beginning of recordings twice when skip ahead was pressed.
Along with that CTV news, CBC HD news, and I forget what else was glitching(pixellation and voice dropouts and other video garbage). I'm getting less impressed with Shaw Direct broadcasts as well as the equipment.

First recorder I've had where you should watch the minutes played when skipping ahead so you know where to skip to from the start position when it inevitably chooses to restart or quit.
I'll try a laptop cooler now, which I thought was unnecessary with the new hardware!!

Unfortunately I don't have much choice here, but they won't get any more upgrade dollars from me(off-topic but had to state it).
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post #818 of 1262 (permalink) Old 2011-01-16, 09:13 AM
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snow build up freezing recordings??

I was watching some recordings and they kept freezing periodically for a few seconds then continuing for a minute or so then freezing again. finally I rebooted. The problem continued and no clock on the front display and a randomly blinking red light and recordings still freezing periodically for a few seconds like before. I then went to watch a show live and I had no signal. since we had a big snowfall I thought id check the dish so I went out with a broom and cleaned the dish that was badly caked with snow. by the time I got back inside the clock was back I went back to watching the recording and no more freezing.

I guess that the little CPU was so busy trying to aquire a signal that it was taking resources from the playback of recordings.

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post #819 of 1262 (permalink) Old 2011-01-16, 01:51 PM
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"SEL" error message on 630

My 630 quit in the middle of changing a scheduled recording. Only 3 hrs of recordings in the can, no CC on, LOD on. No green light on the PVR, and I couldn't turn it on with the remote or power button. The letters "SEL" were on display. Had to unplug and waited for 2 minutes, then everything came back. Is this a new glitch or does anyone know what SEL means?

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post #820 of 1262 (permalink) Old 2011-01-17, 09:18 AM
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I was going to post the same question about the guide. I noticed a couple of days ago it was not loading anything past the 24th. I'm glad to know it's not just my unit.
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post #821 of 1262 (permalink) Old 2011-01-17, 11:05 AM
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I'm missing Comedy East from my guide (for about 5 days now). Comedy West is there. Wouldn't mind so much but I do like to watch The Daily Show/Colbert Report at a reasonable hour. I've tried doing a soft reset but nothing. Have also had some instances where I tune to a channel I subscribe to only to get a message that I am not subscribed to it. Any suggestions?
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post #822 of 1262 (permalink) Old 2011-01-17, 02:40 PM
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I checked my guide again at lunchtime. It is up to date now.
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post #823 of 1262 (permalink) Old 2011-01-17, 02:49 PM
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Two spontaneous soft reboots yesterday. One while I wasn't recording anything and the other while recording two programs and watching one of the recordings. I ended up missing 3-4 minutes of the Simpsons during the reboot.

I can't beleive these units were tested before release and that it has taken so long for an update to fix it. They should bundle and release the fixes they have ready instead of waiting for everything to be fixed and tested.
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post #824 of 1262 (permalink) Old 2011-01-17, 09:44 PM
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Both of my PPV movies I set up to record over the weekend failed, yet are still in the upcoming recordings... even though the time has passed. Called, complained, got $50 PPV credit . Just a heads up for anyone else that experiences this, I've had to do it twice now as last month I had a couple movies I recorded fail right near the end, for those I was only given 2 free PPV movies.
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post #825 of 1262 (permalink) Old 2011-01-18, 05:42 AM
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wrong info

I currently have 2 630's in operation and have seen most of the problems everyone is reporting here. Last week a new problem occurred. I set up 3 different shows, Chase (NBC west), Couger Town (ABC west) and Private Practice (ABC east). All 3 set up according to guide info, went to watch them and all 3 were completely different shows. Has anyone else noticed this.
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