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If your 630 is working perfect there is no need to post it in this thread.
I think you'll find that ElenaH, Jables and painter all mentioned their continuing minor issues and possible workarounds. I've had very few issues lately and I can relate to and appreciate their comments as feedback.

Reducing the "All Channels" to a favorites guide seems to give some extra stability and I continue to operate the 630 without the LOD on. I reported the advancing guide kick out about a month ago, and I still see a number of "no data" evenings. Obviously there is more to the fixes besides code as there are probably issues being worked on at the source.
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If they get the pixelation issue fixed, I would be happy. All other functions are working as advertised for the most part.
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I have not had one pixelation issue with the 630 since first released. my biggest issue is the delay to delete a recording and setting up new ones.

how long before a new firmware???????
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A new minor problem today, I was watching a fireplace / Christmas music station and could not get to the guide.. Shut the system down with the remote, started backup with the same station and the guide worked as it should
On pixalation.. it shows up periodically on HD channels, more of a nuisance than a problem.. but it should not be happening in any case
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Originally Posted by QCK
BTW for others happy with their 630, this thread is for problems/issues/resolutions, it is not for how much you are pleased with how the receiver is working.
I was one of the original members arguing for opening this thread, and I wanted it to discuss issues and possible solutions and workarounds, so I am very aware of the point of this thread...

Originally Posted by 57
…several people mentioned they'd like to see an "issues" thread. Here it is. Please try to limit discussion to "real" issues and possible resolutions, workarounds, etc.
so you see, the point of this thread is to talk about tips to help with current issues.

I had all sorts of issues early on, I found a possible workaround that has helped me out -- I offered my tale of a working 630 as proof of the workaround's success and as a ray of hope. I also thought it time to offer a point of view in favour to offer some balance to people reading this. I think that's useful for other readers. I stand by my post in this thread.

What good is reading about problems if there are no solutions or workarounds offered as well?

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post #742 of 1262 (permalink) Old 2010-12-29, 06:10 PM
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Positive Commets

ElanaH - I think your positive comments are useful. I was a little surprised at the "reminder" that QCK directed toward you. I know that both of you have been around for some time and have contributed to the forum. IMO it was a valid statement which served to show that in your case a resolution had been found. One thing I have learned about this forum - the mods like really, really long sticky threads and they tend to allow a fairly wide channel of discussion. Keeps me coming back every day so it must be working. Cheers.
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post #743 of 1262 (permalink) Old 2010-12-29, 06:42 PM
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Really I have no problem with solutions, I just hate seeing posts that everything is rosy with this receiver when it couldn't be further from the truth, and in a thread that's purpose is for "Problems", "Issues" & what I would like to see are real "Resolutions". I have 4 of these 630s, 2 were in a $99 trade in and 2 were paid full price and that is after paying $780 & $550 for the two 530s I traded in. So I have lots of money invested with SD now and like the wife says every time the receiver reboots: "how much do you pay a month to them?" which is not chump change BTW. These receivers were out in September and have yet to have any fixes to the sloppy programming, and what has been correctly stated before that these obvious problems should have been found and solved in beta testing before ever being released.

If you love the receiver and want to tell people about it start a new thread to talk about it there.
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The fact that some folks have their 630 working perfectly is somewhat baffling to me.

Mine has issues with missed recordings, locked tuners and it freezes if I use FF and RW too much. My signal strength is 97 on both tuners. I have done resets over and over and the problems come back.

Could it be that the QC on the receivers is really terrible? How can it be that the beta testers did not experience the problems many are having now?

Is it because Motorola sent the beta testers the absolute best product with perhaps better internal components?

I have owned and used virtually every PVR made in the last six years for both cable and satellite.

Some were pretty bad like the Dish Network 921 and the Rogers 8300, but I must say the Shaw Direct 630 as it stands now and considering it was released in 2010 is a complete failure.

I am sorry if I am offending SD employees, especially SD_630_Support.

If SD employees are writing the code for their receivers, the whole department needs to be fired. My gut feeling is Motorola must be releasing the garbage code. I can't believe anyone working at Shaw Direct could do so with a clear conscience, let alone manage to keep their job.
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post #745 of 1262 (permalink) Old 2010-12-29, 09:50 PM
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I'm not lying or in denial, my 630 just works well. I've had some resets, and a couple missed recordings, but nothing to the extent of what has been reported here.
I always find the number of posts with things like "my wife is pissed" "my wife is tired of this" absolutely hilarious. Are there really that many angry wives? (Don't answer that)

Peano raises a good point. I've gone on a mission to make my 630 crash several times by repeated FF/RW, skip ahead/back, enter/exit guide, and it always performs.
QC very well may be the problem. Recall that there were rumors that Shaw and Moto were having difficulties coming to terms with QC targets. Perhaps that was true?
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TJ77, setup a favorite list with about half the channels avialable, leave in that list for 12 hours and go back to the all channel list and scroll though the guide, it is that simple to mess up the receiver. And yes I know the wonderful workaround, don't change lists...very helpful BTW.
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I have a recording that cant be played or erased and its an 1:30Hr HD recording too.

I have taped that movie a few weeks ago and 'protected' it so the reciever would not delete it with its "smart" management of Hardisk space. The receiver crashed and I guess it messed up somewhere so now I have a broken HD recording showing as 1:30hr long and the only options it gives is to "STOP PLAYback" and "SHOW MORE INFORMATION". The first choice it does nothing and the second one it opens the info.

Formating the HD is out of the question due to all the recordings in it so what can I do to remove this recording and release the space?
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Originally Posted by Ochato View Post
Formating the HD is out of the question due to all the recordings in it so what can I do to remove this recording and release the space?
Try a soft reboot and see if it will delete and if that does not work try a hard reboot (killing the power) and then try to erase it. This has happend to me as well and I was able to delete the recordings after a reboot.
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Have had two issues now in the past 4 days after posting not many problems for awhile.(jinxed myself) Spontaneous reboot during Monday night football game and tonight picture freeze,with the sound still rolling along.The clock also froze at 9:42 the time of the freeze.Had to do a soft reboot.
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"No Data" guide again this week
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