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Exclamation More problems

I have three more quirks that lead to problems IMHO:

1. The PVR crashed again last night while recording a single program, Art Mann on HDNET. The one thing I noticed was there was quite a bit of pixilation before and after the crash in the recording. The crash reset the Hide Unsubscribed channels and they were showing again in the morning.

2. In the upcoming recordings, I have an entry called Manual Recording 0. When I select it, the detail shows Manual Recording 10429 and the Channel is 0 with a detail of -. When I press enter, it shows the menu with Do not record this episode and when I press it, the item is deleted from the list. When I exit and go back, there it is back again.

3. Survivor is scheduled to record 3 times in one night on Wed 22, First: 5:00PM CBSEHD, Second: 5:00PM GBL HD and Third: 8:00PM CBSWHD.

Note: The DVR crashing and having to soft resets to correct problems has huge implications for the scheduler given how the PVR persists what shows have been previously recorded!

Update: After giving the power button 10 secs of middle finger love, the scheduler was working properly but the Manual Recording 0 is still there.

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One thing I noticed....watching a show in the buffer is not a good idea. If I pause a show and go do something else and come back and watch it, it is often gone. The 530 would allow 90 minutes in the buffer....well the 630 will hold a show in the buffer until the next show starts...then it seems to erase it. I have come back and tried to rewind the PVR only to have it just go to the start of the current show?! Haven't tried to pause it to see what happens at the start of the next show.

I have also had some timers not work. Hopefully they will get some firmware updates soon!
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Recording from DVR/PVR to external Toshiba DVD Recording

Hi, generally very happy, had a few issues and forum members were able to assist.

I used to record shows on DVD from the HD using the "S" video out from the Shaw 530 receiver. Since there is no longer "S" video on the 630 I tried to record a movie from 630 HD to Toshiba using composite RCA cables. No luck, I recorded a blank.

Any ideas from other forum members. Thanks in advance!!
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Theres something odd about HDNet. There have been several reports of the channel crashing 530's, and now the 630. My 505 even crashed once on HDNet, and I don't think it ever crashed before that.
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zebb2000, make sure the DVD recorder is "tuning" the correct input. Since you're not using S-video any more, you'll need to change from input 1 to input 2 or something like that. Here's the FAQ. Also make sure you're on an input and not an output on the recorder.

You can check the connection by connecting directly to your TV. Also, when the DVR is on, the DVD recorder is on and the TV's tuned to the input associated with the DVD recorder, then you should be able to see/hear the DVR programme.

This is probably not a 630 issue, so let's not muddy this thread. If you're still having issues, suggest a new thread on the topic because it's probably something to do with connections, DVD recorder, etc. Give makes/models of all equipment and connections if you start a new thread.

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Originally Posted by TJ77 View Post
Theres something odd about HDNet. There have been several reports of the channel crashing 530's, and now the 630. My 505 even crashed once on HDNet, and I don't think it ever crashed before that.
So it appears that the problem with recording from HDNet making the 530's crash has carried over to the 630's? This problem was discussed quite a bit a few months ago and I thought SD was trying to sort it out. It effected my 530 so consitantly that I gave up trying to record from it. HDNet used to record fine because I had several concert recordings from 2009 saved on my 530. I just finished setting up timers for some upcoming concerts. I guess it will be a good test to see if the HDNet crash bug is still present on my 630.
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First a thanks to SD 630 support for all the explanations and attention given this matter.

Regarding the receiver Lockup issue -this happened to me at 15:17 Thursday as one tuner was recording NUMB3Rs on 615 and the other was set to live TV on an SD channel (probably 505, but I don't remember for sure). I was in the guide exploring "NEW" tags about a week in advance. Upon clicking the EXIT the full tv picture came back, frozen, with no OSD data displayed. Audio continued. Pressing any key had no effect - no menu, no guide, no channel change, no power off, nothing. Unplugged power and replugged to reset (lost 4 minutes of NUMB3Rs). On the plus side, I really liked how the receiver dealt with the recording with a power loss. It maintained the recording in a single file - and the red spot in the progress bar indicates the missing data. I really don't think that there is a magic combination that can make the receiver lock up reliably -- it seemed to be a fluke.

The remotes repeating - I do have 5 remotes in the house 2 set to the 630, 2 set to a 530 and one to a 505 (Every STB is available as a channel at every TV in my house, so we have "downstairs" and "upstairs" remotes with IR repeaters), both PVR's also have UHF antenna's installed. I am relatively certain that the repeating problem has occurred when I am home alone, or when no one is touching another remote at the same time. It is intermittent and difficult to reproduce - makes it all the more of a surprise when it happens - really bad when it happens on "skip ahead".

Another thing - regarding resetting PVR priorities. I understand the searching though the database to re-figure all the recordings and that this could be time consuming, but couldn't this be a background task? How does the PVR handle this when you DON'T change priorities and new guide data becomes available (as will happen every day or few days)? It doesn't lock you out at a random time and display "please wait".

Probably more, but I'll save it for a later post.
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Played back some PVR'd shows last night. From Golf HD I would have pixelation or macroblocking at times. Hitting FF or RW in succession would sometimes freeze the recording. Pressing play would start it again.

It appears to me that the hard drive in the 630 cannot "keep up" to the data it is trying to record or play. Whether it is the interface or the cache or the buffer, something is not fast enough to keep up. Overtaxing the unit with multiple timers (some overlapped on purpose) also confuses the 630.

Perhaps I have a defective hard drive but I doubt it.

As for timers, if I set three at the same time, there are no warnings of a conflict. And I have not figured out how to find the list of timers and scheduled events or how to prioritize timers.
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Set up a dual recording of Letterman and Leno last night on the western network HD feeds(I had done this 3 times prior this week with no problems).Also had another show to start recording at 3am.Got up this morning 7:30 am and the record light is still on the front of the receiver like it is still recording.Find out it only recorded Letterman and supposedly it was still recording Leno as when I went into options it asked me if I wanted to stop this recording. Letterma also had a terrible lip sync problem (could of been a network feed problem though don't know).

Also the 3am recording completely disappeared no showing of it at all.Was just trying multiple recordings overnight to see how the 630 would react didn't really pay attention to what channel I had put the 3am to record.Had to do a soft rest to get the rec light to go out. I hope this is not a sign of things to come. First recording issues though.
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Some Stability -> Change from "All Channels" to "Favorites"

I have been having most of the issues others have documented around slowness, resets and recording issues. This was when guide display was set as "All Channels/Hide Unsubbed".

Common problem with "All Channels" is channel numbers >3333 appearing and corrupting the guide....this leads to resets etc.

I set up my own favorites and ever since that, the box has been a lot more stable and the random resets have significantly dropped.

I am using a mix of "manual" and "automated" recording timers and they have been firing properly. I'm still not confident about the "automated" timers as they are dependent on the guide, which may or may not be out of date.

Question: Has anyone figured out how to adjust "manual" timers for frequency of recordings as it was possible to do in the DVR530. I would rather have that than depending on "automated" timers.
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MENU BAR is accessed by "Options - 8" or press "Menu" button

MenuBar -> PVR -> Upcoming Events
MenuBar -> PVR -> Options

This is where you will find priorities and other items to edit in timer events.
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Watching the Rangers/Yankees game last night and the picture froze in the top of the 13th, but the audio was fine. Did a soft reset and I just caught Nellie's walk off homer (yay!).

Had a reboot this morning at around 9:40 AM changing from NFL network to Big Ten HD.

I'm close to blaming firmware for these errors.
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Originally Posted by smsat View Post
Because of the lack of "new" indicator in the guide, I set manual timers to record Market Call on Weekdays at 1 and Market Call tonight weekdays at 7. They recorded perfectly on Thursday but neither timer now appears. It did not record today at 1 and is not scheduled to record tonight at 7. I decided to go back and change to record all episodes but each repeat is set to record this weekend. Selecting "Do Not Record This Episode" takes 25 seconds to execute, but sill leaves the episode in the upcoming episode list. This should not be this difficult. Why can't I find the episode in the guide and tell it to record this show on weekdays? --- not well thought out at all.


Yet another soft reset has sped up this process but the lack of abilty to record certain shows at a certain time needs to be addressed.
Manual record does the same for us. One recording and that's it!

One should also be able to indicate "pause" recording until xx date. Or start on xx date.
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From support:
When you're changing recording settings, the PVR needs to replan to update the changes. This involves going through each Recording Event and looking at 14 days of data times 300+ video channels. Each change made potentially affects another recording event, which affects another, which may then affect the first event (and so on). It takes a little while to run through all this and update the schedule.........

Processors are cheap nowadays but I guess not cheap enough.
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Sorry this fix does not work after all

MODS , Please remove this

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