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Shaw Direct called me on the weekend to ask how my 630 was behaving. I told them that I have sent it back and will keep the 530 for now. The tech was very professional and we went through all of the scenarios and problems that we've had. It seems that they're on the ball with this unit and are putting a lot more resources into fixing the issues.

I sent my 630 back with a pixelated recording on it, so hopefully that will help somewhat. For others that have to return either their 530 (to get the $99 deal) or their 630, and are considering keeping their 530s, it might be helpful to keep corrupted/failed recordings on the 630 and flagging the box when it's returned. Just a thought.

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Unhappy Vidio/Audio Problems

Out of the blue yesturday I also got a how's it going call from SD. They
asked about any problems I had encountered but specificly about pixilation,
frame freeze and audio drop-out. I explained I had experinced these problems
on the second day (about 3 Wks. ago) but nothing since.
Well, low and behold, last night I experienced pixilation, momentary frame
freeze and audio drop-out while watching live and recorded programs. I have
taken no action to correct this problem.
The channels involved were A&EHD and HDNet. I will phone this in to SD
today. So far today no problems (time 11:30 central).
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None of my 600 #'s were showing in my guide, I called tech support and he had me reload the guide. I'll have to wait 20 or so mins to see if it worked. In the meantime, here is the sequence to reload your guide. Options,4,9,7,7,1 right arrow till you get to "Diagnostic F', then push "Info" 2x. Hope this helps someone else.
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Had my first problem with my 630 (after about 2 weeks steady use)

Went to watch tv today and noticed two channels missing (500 and 505)They were not in the guide either as subscribed or unsubscribed.
There may have been more but those were the ones I noticed.
Trying to manually choose the channels was just ignored, channel up or down to them just skipped over them.

Did a soft reset and they came back

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Re: LOD recording (reference post #112 and #75)

For SD 630 Support please:

A further example of the LOD problem:

Last weekend, I started watching a football game. There was proper and accurate data in the Guide. I gave up on the game, and switched to watch a recorded program. When the program was finished, I went back to the same football game. I discovered the same problem as post #112 (except for a different scenario), that is the station banner at the bottom of the screen displayed program title "No Data" and program a time of half-hour, which changed every half hour to the end of the football game. So again, in normal operations, the 630 tuner doesn't know where it is, although there is available Guide data. In addition, the 630 considered the football game subject to Parental Locks (which I don't use), and demanded the Password.

This is very annoying, yes, but also may be an underlying symptom of some of the problems we are seeing with this unit.

I find far too many cases of locked programs and passwords required, and I'm convinced that it goes beyond the explanation that "it's a safe approach to locks while the Guide is being refreshed". Please get it fixed!
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I have a half hour episode of Cheers that I have watched but cannot delete. Any suggestions to remove this?
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Thumbs down Now I'm pissed!

After saying the 630 is working fine for me this morning I get home from work tonight and the 630 lost the hockey game that was recording... It would not let me play it back and when I did a reboot it had disappeared from the PVR list. I missed a good game between Ottawa and Toronto. I hope this doesn't happen again or I might just make the switch to Rogers. I'm really pissed off now.

EDIT: Just looked at my PVR list again and the game is there... pressed play and it only plays for 8 seconds and then goes back to the PVR list.

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I had an issue the last two nights with one of my recording lights remaining on. Last night I had set two shows to record at 8:00 pm and began watching a ballgame at 7:00 pm. Of course, at 8:00 pm it gave me a warning, at which time I decided I didn't want to record both shows since I wanted to keep watching the ball game. I stopped one show from recording and kept the other recording so I could watch the ballgame. However, every time I tried to change the channel to the ballgame (don't ask me how I got switched to a different channel - I did, and it wasn't one that was being recorded) I kept getting the message about two recording going on and I would have to cancel one. Kept going to the list and seeing only one show recording. Finally I gave up and cancelled the "other" recording and was able to change channels.

Tonight I set one show to record for 8:00 again and began watching another ballgame. At 8:00 the show began to record and again I had issues trying to change channels - kept telling me I had two separate recordings happening. I cancelled the one show I knew was recording and was able to channel surf again. This time I decided to look at the unit itself and I noticed that the red light for recording was on for tuner 1, even though nothing was being recorded. I eventually had to do a soft reset to get rid of the light. Everything seems copacetic now, but we'll see what happens next time I try to do dual recordings.

Readers' Digest Version: Setting two recordings and than cancelling one and than the other before recordings completed seems to have locked up one tuner in recording mode. Soft reset required to fix problem.
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Went to watch tv today and noticed two channels missing (500 and 505)They were not in the guide either as subscribed or unsubscribed.
I had the exact same problem today with 500 and 505. In addition, after moving through the guide trying to figure out what was going on the whole box became very slow at responding to any commands. Soft reset cleared it up.
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Originally Posted by SD 630 Support View Post
I'm going to guess that the "HDMI Audio" setting is on "Auto".

If you're connected through an Amplifier via HDMI and having this issue, try "Pass Through" and see if it makes a difference.

If you're connected to a TV via HDMI, change it to "PCM".

If you have Optical ("Digital Audio" in the menu) for sound and HDMI for picture, you might have to turn off HDMI audio on your TV to ensure it's not giving you sound through both the Amplifier and the TV.

If this doesn't fix it, let me know and we'll gather some more information from you!
Yes, "HDMI Audio" is set to "Auto".

Yes, I am connected through a Harmon Kardon Receiver via HDMI for video & Optical for sound for my projector & Surround Sound. The HK does not accept HDMI for audio. I set it to "Pass Through" as you suggested and the speaker 'pop' goes away.....but, so does my 5.1 Surround Sound - not really an acceptable option.

I first lost the 'TV Out' with this receiver which was feeding another room & now I'll be losing the Surround Sound? I really hope there is a solution available outside of forking over more money for a new A/V receiver (would have just kept the 530).
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Problem: Record missed

Situation: Dual record on NBCHD East from 18:00-20:00 and CBSHD East from 18:00-21:00

Error: 2nd Record on CBSE HD (NCIS Los Angeles) did not record, in spite of it being on the upcoming record list and being new in the guide.

Probable Resolution
: The two back to back shows on CBSE HD and the two hour show on NBC E HD confused the box. The third show on CBS recorded without a hitch. In the future, I will be recording NCIS LA on the West Coast Feed.

Did anyone else have this problem? Is anyone else willing to admit they watch Biggest Loser and NCIS? Oh, the drama!
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We installed a 630 yesterday, i am not sure of the details but the tech ended up having the TSR say to him it will need a new download, the customer has just called me saying there is a delay when changing channels before the picture comes on he gets acquiring signal first before the picture will come in. I had to get him to call SD to see what is happening
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630 on a rv

Is there any way to get a 630 to function - limited - with only one coax feed from the dish for now untill I run another wire from the lnb?
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frame skips

First off... thanks to everyone who has posted and shared information in this forum. Very helpful!

I've had my 630 activated since Saturday morning and so far I have not encountered any problems that weren't of my own making.

I did, however, notice that last night while watching the Global HD feed of a certain Gleeky show at 8 pm, there were little video frame skips every minute or two throughout the show. These frame 'jumps' didn't appear in any other program I watched... or the ones I recorded over the weekend.

I noticed that an earlier poster had commented that he experienced the same problem on western feeds. I think we only have the one Global HD feed here in Ontario, so I was wondering if anyone else had the same experience.
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yes! Glee was jumpy- I recorded it from the US feed, and every so often it would miss a frame.

Could be the provider, or is it a 630 issue?

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