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It is now a week since my factory reset. No lockups or resets but we are back to about 45 seconds to remove ONE upcoming recording or adjust priorities. I agree there does not seem to be enough processing or ram to what it is intended to do. I am considering a soft reset.
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Set a timer on the 1 of 2 630's that's been working best and it failed to play back correctly. The recording was PPV HD movie "Killers" recorded Sat 18th 8:30pm channel 964.
There were audio dropouts and video glitches from beginning to end.
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randomly changes channels

i was watching the history channel today and flipping back and forth to discovery channel, during commercials using the last channel button. then i saw mantracker on and changed to OLN. then about 10 sec later it changed back to the history by itself, so i pushed the last channel button and it went back to discovery. i know it can not be interference because i live in the country and no one lives around me for miles. let me know if anyone else is experiencing this.


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Originally Posted by SatTv1994 View Post
Set a timer on the 1 of 2 630's that's been working best and it failed to play back correctly. The recording was PPV HD movie "Killers" recorded Sat 18th 8:30pm channel 964.
There were audio dropouts and video glitches from beginning to end.
Exactly our result watching a PPV recorded Sept 15. The skips got worse toward the end. Customer service didn't know what I was talking about when I said it seemed to skip a few frames regularly and audio drop outs. Seemed like he never heard about anything like that. BArely spoke English and when I first spoke it was like I literally woke him up.
They scheduled a technician to try to "improve the signal".
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last night on TheScore 405 (?? I think) the movie Grease was horrible for pixelation/dropouts. I also had some video issues watching the evening football game on TSN

There was also an issue with good data in the guide, but when you selected the channel, it shows No Data in the banner bar causing Parental Controls to kick in if enabled. It was only on a few channels. I was able to call in to SD and he verified that it was happening there as well, but only on the 630. Other receivers did not exhibit this behavior.
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Angry Attention SD 630 Support

At 16:40 hrs. (Central) Sunday Sept 19th 8888 appeared on the front panel of my 630 box. The box auto rebooted.
1. Recording on channels 283 and 280 both HD
2. Watching 280 (the CFL game while it was recording) approx. 30 min.
behind live feed.
3. The box continued recording on channels 280 and 283 after the reboot
leaving an annoying 4 to 5 min. blank window in both recordings.
4. Settings are as stated in my previous posts # 154 and #171.
And "yes" I turn my box off every night when I go to bed.

Their is no sense in phoning this in as it corrected itself. Tell your
marketing people that I will not purchase any of your PPV channels
until I see some degree of reliability in the 630 box.

P.S. No, I don't want a new box.
P.P.S You can send back my 530 box if you want (I will pay for shipping)


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Originally Posted by Dart 1 View Post
P.S. No, I don't want a new box.
P.P.S You can send back my 530 box if you want (I will pay for shipping)

Too funny!
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Originally Posted by Sharper101 View Post
SD 630 Support,

I am currently still getting the pixilation/bad or missed recordings and last night was the third time it happened. Soft resets seem to correct it for a short period of time. ive also noticed that recorded shows do not record properly and are not viewable after wards.

The time was around 6:00pm est. on abc or nbc HD channel. It was a live program, and NO background recordings. I am connected through hdmi, with all factory video settings.

Any other information you need, please ask away. I would love to clear this up!
Hi Sharper101,

We're dealing with this issue on a customer-by-customer basis and would like to contact you directly to get it resolved.

If you haven't already spoken with Tech Support, send me a PM with your account # and email address and we'll have the right people contact you.

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SD 630 Support,
What's involved in fixing channels that appear as unsubscribed but really aren't?
I have the Ontario Value Package. The Score (403) shows up as unsubscribed but I get it in my package and can tune into it without a problem. Only problem is when I hide unsubscribed channels which is something I do.
Another channel is KNOW. I don't watch it but somebody else brought it up as being unsubscribed when it really isn't.
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Broken recordings

I had a show, Outlaw recorded but when I selected it and pressed watch this recording, nothing happened but exiting that screen.

Tried to watch it a couple more times, no luck.

Selected another show, Rescue Me. Won't play either.

Both shows were from different nights.

I did a soft reset and when everything was back up, both those shows now had a broken recording symbol and still would not play.

If they'd been the same night this would make sense, but they weren't. I think that whatever was wrong corrupted those two programs. I think if I'd tried to watch more shows, more shows would have been broken after reset.

On a good note, the 630 automatically rescheduled another airdate of Outlaw and recorded it the next night (which was nice of it). Screwed me for Rescue Me though since that episode isn't on again.

Other problems still:
  • pausing programs has locked me up twice now. I am now afraid to pause at all in fear of a lockup during my many recordings now.
  • guide numbers go wonky a lot -- ??? or really long numbers or after a few screens of guide numbers it just goes blank
  • had a few shows now with the pixellation problem
  • getting duplicate episodes of Dead Like Me every week even when the info is correct on the guide and lists the same episode title.
  • still having the rewinding fast forward issue

Did anyone else have SD call them to see how the 630 was doing? My mom got a call when I was visiting, so I reported all our combined issues. They said they were taking notes of it all.

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I noticed Shaw Direct has tried to call me yesterday (caller id) but I was at work.

My 630 has been pretty stable for the last week and a half. Use to have a real pixalling problem too. A couple of weekends ago I decided to to a Factory Reset and so far all has been good. Have only had one reboot in the last week and a half while surfing through the HD channels. It has recorded everything I asked it to. Played back fine. Did chase recording a couple of times with no problems. I had read somewhere on this forum of someone turning off some of the enhancements like sound compression and surround sound since these take up extra processor power. So I turned those off. The only thing that I have to do now is turn up the volume more but that is no big deal.

You'd think Shaw Direct would have learned from their experience with the 530 and developed a box that works right without having to turn features off or reset but at this moment my box does seem to be stable.

Shaw Direct DSR 630 HDPVR w/Ontario Life | Aquos 46" 120Hz LCD TV | Watch Me!
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Last night I was just channel surfing and not recording anything on one of my 630s. I went from channel 310 to 311 and the picture changed but as soon as it did it froze to a still image but the audio continued. The box was locked up except for the audio. Had to do a soft reboot.
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IS there any plans for a firmware update to speed up the channel surfing????? My old 530 was quicker than this 630...

(this was directed at our SD help guru..)
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Channel Lock Issue

I have had the 630 for two weeks with, the only issue so far was one spontaneous reboot.

Then Saturday I enabled channel locks and locked out a few channels. The next day the 630 said there was no signal, it went to directly to the PVR menu.

The guide would not work, I could type in a channel number then it would say that the channel was locked, after I typed in the password I could watch the channel but would have to go through the same process to change the channel.

A soft reboot did not help, had to unplug it, now it is working fine. I have turned off channel locks.
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First real recording problems

Appears my unit has now joined the dark side

Noticed my episode collection was not growing as fast as it should. It appeared that some timers were not recording as the next record date appeared stale. Checked the affected events and noticed that the no data dialog came up when requesting air dates. Follow-up checking found that the channel the event was queued for had disappeared from the channel map.
Did a warm reset and channel(s) returned. Forced an update in the timer list by moving some and it now appears it will record (yes?)
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