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Glad you got success. Enjoy the CFL Playoffs in HD this Sunday on TSN.Some day Hockey will be back.

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So I read the first page of this thread. My problem is that I have 2 630s, each with 2 runs each straight from the dish. I don't get certain channels, and looked on here and I thought my problem was the same as this , because I have the problems that frenchophile describes in post 2. Now I'm thinking that this whole no multiswitch thing might be my problem instead or in addition too. Ideas?
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post #243 of 368 (permalink) Old 2012-11-28, 01:28 AM
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Cool Please advise if both boes have the same missing channels.

First of all a multiswitch will not solve your problems.

Like the previous Thread, the issue is with your existing hardware or cabling. To find out it's just a bit of detective work. If both 630s fail to recieve the same channels then it's likely a faulty LNB. If all your cabling /connectors are good then it must be the LNB although Shaw will probably require you to do a reset first on both 630s to confirm => after checking Signal Strength and ECBNO values on a few channels from both Sats.

Please advise if both boes have the same missing channels.

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5 x 8 multiswitch versus 4 x 8

I am need to install a switch into my SD configuration (replacing a 505 with a 630) and need to choose between a 4 x 8 or 5 x 8 switch.

My setup will be:

xKu LNB (4 feeds into house)
2 x 630
1 x 505
Due to my Shaw telephone setup, I have a free Shaw basic cable feed (analog) for local news and weather. (which I currently don't use)

My question....the 5 x 8 switch has the 5th input for cable, but how is this hooked up downstream from the switch in able for me to watch the cable channels ? Does it simply act as a splitter for the cable signals which I can then pull from the 3 empty outputs of the 5 x 8? or is it somehow magically stacked on top of the satellite signal's outputs ? (i know, a stretch)

Thanks in advance.
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It is diplexed. Basically the RF signal from the cable is combined with the RF from the satellite. You use a diplexer at the other end to separate the cable band RF from the satellite band RF and DC voltage.

However, for cable phone/modem, I would give it a direct run for reliability.
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post #246 of 368 (permalink) Old 2012-11-29, 12:01 AM
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Have a look at your LNB. If it's an old one, maybe the white plastic cover has cracked & come off letting rain into the LNB.

I've seen several like this, which result in some channels working and others not working.
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MultiSwitch required for existing install old customer

We have now been with Shaw Direct 4 years. Our installation was an elliptical dish installed with (4) Lines in to the Demarcation point (Electrical Panel) We installed (4) receivers but knowing about PVRís we had the installer run (2) Lines to each Screen in the house. 5 screens 10 runs or 5 pairs. A multi switch was not installed at the time of the original install.

Last year we installed a 630PVR this spring I purchased (2) more along with (2) 600 receivers. So thatís 8 runs or (3) Pairs & (2) singles.
As my daughters are coming home from U I just recently contacted Shaw direct about supplying us with a Multi switch. If Shaw does decide to give me a switch, is it just sent in the mail to me for me to install or do they send out an installer to complete the work.

Also if we do end up installing PVRís on the last two screens that would take 10 runs or 5 pairs what happens then as the multi switch only supplyís 4 pairs

Anything else I should know or be aware of or be watching for. Most of what we view is in HD on Shaw HD channels, of which the quality is amazing.
Friends who have Bell and watch movies with us comment on Shawís HD quality saying they find it better than their own Bell HD channels.
Thanks Moe
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post #248 of 368 (permalink) Old 2013-04-17, 12:39 AM
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Glad to see you planned ahead. I'll leave it to others to commment on Shaw providing multiswitches.

All you need for up to 8 Pairs is 2 multiswitches, and 4 two way, one port power passing high frequency splitters. See Below.

Just make sure the "legs" are the same going into each multiswitch from each high frequency splitter (the 13V, 18V, 13V with 22KHz, and 18 with 22KHz). All Multiswitches are labled so it's pretty simple. You don't need to use Eagle Aspen as there are lots of qualified suppliers around.

I hope this is helpful.(I only have a picture of 5X8 multiswitch but the 4X8 is the same configuration for what you want to do. The 5th port is just to add an antenna to the system if you want one.)


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post #249 of 368 (permalink) Old 2013-04-17, 09:52 AM
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You can get 16 output switches.
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post #250 of 368 (permalink) Old 2013-04-27, 04:21 PM
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Thanks havenít got this multi-switch settled as yet.

We are upgrading all media services within our home, daughters arriving home from U and wanting their own services so we have had been speaking with Bell along with START and TekSavvy who have also released new 50/10 high speed internet packages.
You always hear you have to move to a new provider if you want no cost further or up graded installations within your home. Why is this always the case? You can get anything you want when moving to a new provider but after being with a provider for many years try and get anything for free and itís almost impossible. Strange, poor business practices as many move on.
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I have a single line from my satellite dish to my garage (man cave) can I install some kind multiswitch to connect a second box? Do all multiswithes require more than one connection from the dish?
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All Shaw Direct system Multiswitches require 4 coax connections from the LNB to the switch, even for two basic receivers. Therefore it would be much easier to just run one new cable from the LNB to the additional receiver location (assuming that neither receivers are PVR's which need two runs each).No easy way out!

-- Retired TELUS Employee so I Don't Speak for TELUS --
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Lost HD channels after multiswitch install

I just bought a Eagle Aspen S-2140-CE 3x4 multi-switch and when I used it I lose my HD channels but all other channels work. I am using this for ShawDirect dual LNB dish and receivers. I know Shaw offers your 4x8 and 5x8 multiswitches ( but I was hoping that the 3x4 would work. Iím using 2 lines from my LNB to the 3x4 Multiswitch.

Hoping someone can help me out.


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If Shaw offers 4x8 and 5x8 multi-switches then that is what is required. Dishes with 2 LNBs typically require a 4x switch (DishPro being the major exception.)
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You have to think of it this way - the LNB can look at two satellite locations, and each transponder can have one of two polarities - the way a multi-switch works in this case is that it takes all four outputs from the LNB and "locks" each one at one of the four possible tone/voltage combinations needed to tune a channel. Using only two of the outputs won't work.
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