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Originally Posted by Moose57 View Post
So what happens to those that stay primarily because of the Ontario Value Package when the rest of the country gets tired of subsidizing you and all their is is Ontario customers.
Well, then they raise their rates or start cutting the package.

I doubt the actual number of OVP subscribers is all that high. First, it started off solely as a door-to-door sales promotion in selected markets. Second, it was never formally advertised by SD and the vast majority of front line sales agents in Calgary knew nothing about it.

Keep in mind other providers pull the same stunts. There are myriad of posts in the Bell TV forum by long-time subscribers who are tired of getting shut out of deals only available to new subs.
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I doubt that the OVP sales are very high. Shaw ruined the Star Choice name in the London area years ago with all those Kirby Vacuum, Direct Energy type less than honest door to door people.

Most people in Ontario have cable or Bell bundles. Shaw Direct offers them little or no benefit. You can't play in southern Ontario cities unless you have a bundle to offer. I'm amazed that Shaw continues to waste their effort with this type of marketing. A much smarter move would be to either buy out a company such as TechSavvy or give the promo to them so they could sell complete bundles.
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"Most people" who live in an area with a choice! What if you are rural? It is Bell or SD for me, the only choice is therefore SD!

Now if Cable or another provider comes down my road, it will be another story!

Shaw Direct DVR830 / DVR 605/ 605, Sony Xbr65" 950E", Sony XBR4 850d, Oppo 980H, Yamaha 7.1 Surround, PS4! WDLive
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I'm a happy customer!

I am a happy Shaw Direct customer, pleased with their service, happy with the Ontario Value Pak, grateful about the additional HD choices where and when they are offered (ie SPEED-HD) and I KNOW that I don’t have any problems with equipment.
I knew from these pages, right back at the start of the life cycle of the 530, that there were serious issues with the unit. I decided back then never to purchase one until the chatter about it subsided. That has never happened. I still record using a 505 to XP Windows Media Center and a 401 to a high quality S-VHS VCR. I can archive to DVD-R’s when I want to.
I own four 505's and two 401's. If Shaw migrates to a more efficient signal format, they have already proven to me that for a nominal fee I will receive an upgrade unit. (I own a 401 “sidecar” HDD-200 for which I received a substantial credit for a 505).
It baffles me that many are taken in by the promises of extra bells and whistles from the alternatives. Count me in with those who won’t be leaving Shaw Direct anytime soon and oh, none of the above top 10 really apply.
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I'm Happy

Staying with SD because they offer what I want at a price that Bell can't even come close to. My only choices where I live are Bell, Shaw cable and SD. Have Bell for my cellphone and their CSR's suck big time.

I also have 3 530's (which I got for free) and never have had to call tech support for a hardware problem. I never have had the need to record 2 programs at once, so the much delayed firmware upgrade does not have my panties in a knot.

The vast majority of SD subs have never heard about the upgrade, so they are happy with what they have.

I do wish that Shaw would let me bundle SD with my Shaw Home phone and Shaw Internet.
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I have been a SD customer for about 10 years and for the most part have been happy with the service. I had both SD and bell for about 6 months in 2005, and was planning to switch to bell because of the better HD I had read they offer. I didn't think their HD offerings were a lot better than SD, and their customer service was horrible, so I stayed with SD. My dealings with bell were so bad I will never purchase ANYTHING bell again. SD is not perfect, and I get very frustrated sometimes when their promised firmware or channel upgrades do not happen on schedule, but it is still better than bell. I have 4 530's (2 added this last boxing day, too cheap to pass up) and for the most part they are ok. I had 2 of them replaced at different times, but SD was good about replacing them n/c. They do lock up a couple of times a year, but are simple to reboot. They are not perfect, but overall arent as bad as some people say. They should be better than they are for what the list price is on them, but there is no other option for me. If SD went out of business, I would go grey before I went back to bell.

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For me, it's 2 , 3 (almost), 8, 9...don't think you'll find too many #1s in these're right, though.

I've been with SD/StarChoice for almost 10 years as well; the last few have been the most frustrating, mostly due to the frequency and amounts of price increases...I've been lucky to only have my 530 die/replaced once.

I'm actively exploring my options right now, but the OVP would keep me around until I'm asked to pay again to get the new HD hardware...
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only reason I went to SD was because SaskTel Max wasn't available in the new residence yet

it will be later this year, so I'll happily [let go of] my SD then and go back to a decent service again

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How about NO rain fade (bell and BELLUS cant claim that) as far as cable here the dishes at the SHAW office get snow on them and the channels remain out until morning or Monday if its a weekend, at least with any dish on your house you can go wipe it off.
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I never touched the 530 because a friend of mine at Starchoice said the thing was garbage, "pre-beta" and they were ashamed to have worked on it.

I stick with Shaw because the greatest passion I have in my life is my all consuming hatred of Bell in all their forms. I also appreciate that when I call Shaw Direct I will be talking to a native english speaker who doesn't live in a shack and has no concept of the service they are supporting.

No other reason,

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How about NO rain fade
Only C Banders can claim that. Actual statement is that there is less rainfade on Ku band (SD) vs DBS Band (Bell)

I stay for 2 reasons - better HD PQ and less simsubs vs Bell.
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What about using a Tivo? I have a friend with a 505 and a Tivo ($99) who loves Shaw. He gets to record while he watches a recording, but aside from that it works well. And another 505 would solve that problem. Their guide is very impressive.
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I don't believe you can record from an SD receiver to Tivo in HD. The other problem with Tivo for some people is the additional monthly payment. I pay enough to SD now.
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Yes my friend is happy with SD but he just got an HD TV so he may get unhappy pretty fast.
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Correct TiVo plus Shaw Direct does not DVR in HD.

Because of my investment in Shaw Direct and TiVo hardware/services, I think it is tolerable, but could be better.
Mind you, my TiVo has Product Lifetime, so I don't have that payment. I very much like the way my TiVo and legacy receiver work together, I never have to touch the thing. I don't think I even done anything in the reciver menus this year, yet.
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