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60E VS 75E dish and lnbs

Does somebody have successfully installed Y shape lnbs from a 60E dish on a 75E dish and have got a good signal on both satellites?

I'm asking this question because my 75E dish lnbs are stacked but I need the non stacked lnbs that were on a 60E dish. Only my 75E is installed.

If not, I will buy a quad lnbs or reinstall a 60E dish.

The 2 set of lnbs that I have don’t look to have the exact same angles.

Thank you

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a 75E dish requires a 75E specific lnb, whether it uses a stacked y-shaped unit, or a dual quad. The LNB will have it's intended dish model marked on it.

for comparison, the local Starchoice designate for my area put my new 75E dish up here, and used a 60E dual quad... I was never able to get good eB/No numbers on both sats at the same time as the throat spacing was different. I had to contact Jasbir at Starchoice to have their shipping dept send me the correct lnb because customer service didn't know what I was talking about and tech support was only marginally better. Once I did install the correct dual-quad, my numbers skyrocketed.

I like the 75E dish a lot more, the mount has jack screws to set the inclination, which is much more precise than the clamp screws the 60E uses - waaayyyy easier to peak the dish that way.
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Thank you Bent.

My problem looks more serious. I have authorized a HD receiver with a quad lnb that I've moved to my second home. The second home has a 75 E dish but a set of 60E lnbs. Each lnb has 2 outputs connected to swith number 4020SCOD 4X2. 4 cables in and 2 outs.
It has from left to right:
SAT B 18V822khz
I'm able to get all F2 French and HD perfectly mapped on the right channel but nothing from F1R. The polarity from F2 works.
I've moved the dish left and right and the signal is always 0 on F1R. Nothing. I've installed many dished in the 90's.

Do I have the right set of lnbs to act as the quad lnb?

If so, the swith is probably not working.

Thank you
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No. You need the LNBF assembly, to match your dish. The LNBs are actually fine, it is the wrong feedhorn you have.

The differenrce is the distance apart of the feed ports that look at the dish. Because you have the wrong one, it is not quite seeing F1R, and if you try to aim it to see F1R, you will lose F2
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post #5 of 16 (permalink) Old 2009-09-03, 08:41 PM Thread Starter
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Thank you classicsat.

I understand your point that the lnbf set is for 60E not 75E but how do you explain that I have always 0 signal for F1R when I slightly move the dish?

The receiver indicates provider 4128 satellite A4 signal 0

I sould get at least something?

Anyway, I will try this set of lnbs and switch to a 60E dish in the next days but I think that F1R signal will stay at 0.

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post #6 of 16 (permalink) Old 2009-09-04, 01:11 AM
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actually you probably will see some signal with mismatched dishes and lnbs. it won't be the best it can be because not only is the spacing between the 2 feedhorns incorrect, but the feedhorns are made to see a certain pickup angle. that means that a 75 e dish with a 60 e lnb may actually give you less signal strength because the lnb is only "seeing" an area equal to the 60 e dish.
so if your dish is giving you only one satellite or the other but not both at the same time, you more than likely have the skew wrong or the switch connections wrong if you have an external switch. you should be able to select a channel on f1 such as 354, bypass the switch and have that come in from the f1 lnb direct to the receiver. then select a channel on f2 such as 350 and if you have the dish aimed correctly you should be able to move the cable from the receiver over to the f2 lnb and see aptn. if you don't you might have the f2 lnb aimed on the f1 satellite, or the skew is wrong, or one of the lnbs isn't working.
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THis is the same problem I have at my home, except I can get the F1R sat, and not the F2 sat. I can get the F1R perfectly fine, but the F2 (HD) is showing 0 signal. I had to install everything myself because I live in Nunavut, and the Star Choice ppl told me to point the dish at F1R (SD Satellite). THen I called *C last night for a problem with my receiver and i asked about the F2, and he said I should be pointed at the F2 and not F1R. Is this correct?
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The prime (centre) of the dish should aim at F2(111), but you use F1r (107.3) to initally aim the dish.
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Thank you all for the suggestions.

I've put my non stacked lnbs on a 75E lnb support. I still get 96 for F2 and nothing for F1R. When I move the dish, I'm not able to get something from F1R. The signal is 0.

If I'm face of the dish, the F2 signal enters by the right lnb.

I think that the swith is not able anymore to move from on sat to the other.

I've locked on the HD receiver menu, and I haven't found any menu to send a signal to the switch.

I'm looking now for a quad lnb LM-2738-75SC

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you are right about the switch. Assuming receiver, cable, connectors, LNB and switch is fine, you should get a signal on F1R no matter what, even if only 12. The switch isnt needed because the LNB has one built-in. If you're facing the dish (so you can read the *C painted on) F2 should come in on the right. Remove the switch and go straight to any port and you should be good to go if aimed properly )

Let us know how it goes
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Thumbs up

I've done few more tests and it seems that one lnb doesn't work.

I've bought a Quad 75E lnb and without moving the dish I have 93 and +10.9 on F1R and 93 and +10.9 on F2.

Thanks to all of you.

Excellent forum.

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I am new to your forum but I think you could help
I have a motosat 2 starchoice 60E lnb and I am not getting any signal so I went and bought the 60E shaw direct and install it and still no signal ???
Do I have to
reset the shaw receiver? or the motosat or put back the old LNB?

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This thread reminded me of a question that I have regarding the Shaw twin feedhorn LNBF's installed on the elliptical dish. My understanding is that the boresight (center) receives 107 and the offset receives 111.

If we look at the LNBF standing behind the dish, the 111 feedhorn (waveguide) is located to the right of the 107 (boresight) feedhorn (waveguide).

This does not add up to me. The 111 satellite is West of 107 in the sky. The 111 signal in this configuration (with 107 boresight), would naturally reflect to the left of the 107 feedhorn not the right.

The only way that this configuration would work is if 111 is the boresight and 107 is the offset. I would appreciate it if anyone could make sense of this.

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I believe you aim at F2 (111.1) and F1R (107.3)is picked up by the lnb on the right(when at the rear) Then it makes perfect sense!
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The "centre" feed is 111, the offset (west side of dish) is 107.3. Theoretivally they could come up with a triple look LNBF for 118W. It works that way because the 107.3 reflects horizontally as well as vertically.

For a point of fact, I strapped a Dishnetwork LNBF to the east of my Shaw Direct LNBF, to get NASA TV from one of the Echostar satellites at 119, when it was FTA there. That worked fairly well.
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