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2010?That means a 2011 release date the way these guys operate.I am sick of their broken promises.
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I have had it for 3 years now with 0 problems thats with 1 HD box(505) & 2 Standard boxes(207) the video is fine the sound is great I come in here and read about all these problems and wonder how I got lucky.
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Just my two cents...

Star Choice and now Shaw Direct subscribers have been waiting years for expanded guide features and other improvements to make their tv experience better.

So far what we have gotten in return is vaporware and a few new channels that most find lacking in appeal. (Still images in HD with music - wow, and AMCHD - stretched 4:3 movies with lots of commercials, etc)

Unfortunately I can only complain to myself because Shaw doesn't care. My only other option is Shaw cable. Why leave one when it just means more money spent for different hardware and nothing better in terms of service.

At this point I am saddened by my choices for viewing television and am actually considering saving my money each and every month and buying/renting movies and/or tv series that I actually want to watch. \End Rant\
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<start rant> SD is so useless!

Signed up throught the online programming change on August 26. Received a response from SD that my request had been processed later that day.

Get home from the cottage to watch the game I had setup to record on the "fantastic" DVR. Go to the recording and have 1.5 hours of "a subscription is required to view this program"

Dail their "customer service" to get things fixed. Our wait time currently exceeds 60 minutes. Great!!! the game will be over by then! I can't even be bothered to wait that long, so I'll call later tonight.

My assumption is that they screwed up everyone's NFL sunday ticket and that's why they're so busy.

All I know is that when I managed a call centre (over 300 FTE) for a large bank, I would be getting raked over the coals if the wait times ever got to 20 minutes let alone 60!
<end rant>
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My contact at S-D indicated the 600 series timeline is now showing public release for mid 2010 - that's still a long wait.
Since they won't be needed until 2011 if at all, what's the rush?

Telesat can't even order the new extended Ku band satellite for 111.1 until the real Shaw vs Rogers fight is over at Industry Canada - will extended Ku band be used for DTH or mobile in Canada?
Latest info I have:$FILE/dgtp-003-08-telesat-replycomments.pdf

If Rogers and friends win, it means a 2 dish solution for SD HD starting in 2011.

I'm not washed up yet
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in my case, the urgency isn't in the formatting requirements, but rather the HDMI repeater problems - I'd like to get rid of some cables.
(oh, and also the 500 series looks like the team from Playschool or Fisher Price established the appearance criteria, I'd rather a component that actually resembles a component...)
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Why must I fight Shaw for pre season hockey?

Last year I noticed that Centre Ice subscribers with Bell tv got the Leafs pre season games & when I emailed Shaw Direct they fought me saying Bell tv has never done a pre season game ever finally I emailed the Bell guide & they admitted they were wrong & they started airing them this year shaw is doing it again saying the pre season is not covered by centre ice.Maybe I should just switch to Bell or Eastlink so I can get my hockey.
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Who wants leaf games? not to mention pre season leaf games.
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post #39 of 674 (permalink) Old 2009-09-15, 07:48 AM
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Originally Posted by CanuckBlue View Post
Who wants leaf games? not to mention pre season leaf games.
There a Leafer around every corner my friend & we are taking over.
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post #40 of 674 (permalink) Old 2009-09-18, 08:59 PM
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I made a threat told them I was going to call eastlink and pre season games are now on my centre ice, being a pain in the backside still gets you what you want lol.
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Shaw disconnected unrented bsmt suite

I posted this elsewhere on wrong thread so figured I'd post it here too:

We bought our house a year ago. It has a basement suite. We had our daughter move into the basement and we had Shaw split the cable so she would have her own bill to pay. In June she moved out so we turned the basement suite into a media room. Purchased $8,500 worth of media equipment and had a shaw cable tech come in and hook up 4 outlets in the house as we get 4 free outlets with our service. 2 outlets in the basement suite and 2 upstairs. I explained to the tech at the time that the girls were moving out (our daughter and her roommate) within 2 weeks and that we were not renting the suite. They were welcome to come by from time to time to check and make sure were weren't renting. He said fine. On Thurs morning my husband was watching the big TV downstairs and all of a sudden the cable went out. I had seen a Shaw van in the area. I called Shaw the next day as we could not get it working again and they said from time to time they "audit" and then disconnect cable in suites. They do this as many people with suites are getting free cable for their renters. I explained to her what I had explained to the tech and she kept saying "you have to understand that there are many people with suites and renters not paying for their cable". Nothing I said would convince her we were not stealing the cable. She said she could have another tech come out next week but she could not guarantee another would not come along and disconnect the cable. Our Shaw connection is on the outside of the house. Is it possible to move it inside? I am quite angry that their techs have the right to come on our property and disconnect our cable without even asking us first. We were home at the time. Another option I have is to reconnect our star choice but we live in a very nice area and I don't want the dish hanging off the side of the house. I also don't know if our house is "wired" to have a dish. Plus we've purchased Shaw 3 cable boxes, 2 HD boxes (1 records) and these were expensive.

I hope someone has some good suggestions. On Monday morning I am going to call the suites department at Shaw. I did talk to a second CSR at Shaw on Friday and she apologized a lot and told me to call the suites department. The first lady was not helpful at all. Basically accused me of stealing cable. I had asked the first CSR to have a supervisor call me. She said she would and I am still waiting for that call.

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If you bought cable boxes, then nobody likely came to your house to disconnect any cables. Those boxes are programmed to work at the cable office. Try plugging one of the boxes into the line where you currently have service. If it still doesn't work, then it's not the cable - your box has been deactivated.

Personally I would switch companies if they are doing this. The cable companies make so much profit as it is. I can't believe they would make an issue out of something that they only suspect. What happened to the customer is always right?

It's time to switch. The dish isn't that big. Some people install them on their sheds in the back yard.
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Shaw disconnect in unrented bsmt suite

No, they came to the house, made sure all 4 connections were working including the ones in the bsmt. They came to the house when they connected it in June/09. We had the cable box activated shortly thereafter and were enjoying our big screen TV for a month in the bsmt suite until they disconnected this past Thursday. We purchased the media room stuff in Aug/09. I called Shaw when they disconnected and they were not receiving a signal to or from the cable box in the bsmt. As I said, that cable box WAS working since early Aug. I connected the cable directly to the TV and there was snow. I tried the other outlet connected in the bsmt and still snow. The upstairs outlet is working.

Note: the first CSR I spoke with told me we had to get rid of our stove and fridge down there so it was not a "suite". How freaking expensive AND ugly would that be? That is the "man room" in the house and my husband does not want to run upstairs for a cold beer!!!!

Does anyone have another suggestion other than switch companies as we've sunk so darned much money into this already. I've sent a complaint in to the CRTC as well. If our only choice is to switch companies, does anyone know if a sattelite can use the existing Shaw wiring? Our house is new and I don't want to be punching a bunch of holes in our walls for a new cable system. Telus TV is not available in our area yet.

We are switching phone service back to Telus over this. I've made that very clear to Shaw. We've been great customers to them and our bill was over $225 / mo for almost a year. It'll be down to just cable now as we've also disconnected our high speed internet with them. Boy they're frustrating.

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Well it's not legal, but you could run another cable from your jack that is working. If you can't hook it up yourself call an electrician. If you'd rather not do that, call your alderman and tell him what's going on. See what advice he can give you. Perhaps he could call Shaw on your behalf. Write a letter to the CEO at Shaw.

For them to be so adamant about this, it makes me wonder if this room in your house has a separate street number. If it has its own address then good luck. You would need the city to remove the address from record.
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Well, it was a pretty good 3 1/2 years with Shaw Direct, but today I had Telus Satellite Installed and I must say I am glad I did for the HD PVR 9241. I now have a great PVR with the features that all of you are STILL waiting for. I don't see any difference with the HD picture either. So, if some of you were thinking of switching, don't worry and jump of the fence.

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complaint , rant , shaw direct

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