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Also the picture portion of the feed freezes for periods of time.
This is a known issue with the 630 and will be fixed when the new dowload is made available.

Jessica - Shaw Direct Employee
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Feed Switch

I am using an older HD receiver (first generation) not sure of the model number so I would assume the problem is not confined to just the 630. I seem to experience this problem on the Global HD feed to a lesser extent all the time. I don't notice this on any other channel.
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I would try calling Tech Support. Kind of strange that it's only on one channel. Also, try channel 257 (CNN HD), they are on the same transponder.

Jessica - Shaw Direct Employee
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Originally Posted by Donat View Post
I was wondering if anyone else was having this problem. Recently while watching a show (House in this case) when they perform the feed switch from Fox to Global I lose the audio portion of the feed and have to change channels to get the audio back. Also the picture portion of the feed freezes for periods of time. This happens on both network channels. It also happened a week ago during NCIS. I have not called customer support yet.
I've seen that before. I've also lost the picture completly. B/c it's a simple fix of just switching channels and then back i haven't voiced it to SD.
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Drive-In Classics

just pulled "Age of Consent" off my DVR...which aired on Drive-In Classics.
am I the only one who misses that channel?
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I recently left Bell after close to 30 years as a phone, and a long time as internet provider, for a local company that service is better and half the price.

I have been with Shaw/Starchoice for 10 years now, and unless the programing in HD ( in other then sports) I will leave them also.

There is available on the internet, all the movies and tv shows you could possibly want, and better then most providers in Canada dream of supplying.

Bottom line is, lot of people low on cash, stop increase or really do improve service,or tempt people to find cheaper and even free ways of getting better entertainment.

My rant and threat for all its worth!
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Angry Leaving StarChoice/ShawDirect after 14 years

I signed up on this site just to share my recent experience with Shaw Direct. I hope that someone at Shaw reads my post and realizes their mistake. Unfortunately, it's too late for me as they have lost me as a customer.

I currently own a 531 HDPVR and a 630 HDPVR (as well as a couple of old 505s no longer in use.) I have been a StarChoice customer since 1997. I've pay them thousands over the years, never making a late payment. For several years, my bill was over $120 a month, although I've since cut back my programming to the lowest cost package @ $32 a month (plus taxes) ($25+extra [email protected]/month+$1 time shift option=$32/month).

Now, it would appear that with their new(ish) policies, Shaw Direct has decided they didn't need my money anymore.

Yesterday, I called Shaw Direct to switch off my 531 receiver since we hardly ever used it anymore since I got the 630 receiver in December (why pay $5.99 a month for nothing?) All was smooth until I realized that I had lost my time-shifting channels on the 630.

Thinking it was an error, I called Shaw to ask them to re-enable the west coast channels, only to find out that these channels were no longer offered with my current package. I was told that the only way to get those channels back was to move up to the bronze package at $41.99 a month. Since I had made a change to my services, my account had been reset and there was no way for the rep to give me those channels with the lite package. Their computer simply would not allow it. The rep I spoke to earlier in the day to switch off my 531 did not tell me this beforehand!

After some back and forth and speaking to a supervisor, the best Shaw could do for me was to offer me one month of the bronze package for $25, but if I wanted to keep it, my new monthly charge would be $41.99 a month thereafter (over $200 a year more!)

And so after 14 years with StarChoice/ShawDirect, I'll be canceling my account at the end of the month. That's too bad, because I actually liked their service over the years(except for a few bugs a few years ago with the 531) and always thought they did their customers right (i.e. they gave me a $150 credit when I complained that it was unfair for new customers to get such a discount on their new 630 receiver when I was stuck with my aging 531.)

I told the rep that I hoped Shaw treats their employees better than their customers (highly unlikely from my perspective) and that he should be worried about his job if they continue with this type of policies. I also told the supervisor that if they keep this up (i.e. squeeze every penny out of customers they can while alienating them) in this competitive environment (especially coming from Internet offerings), I fully expect Shaw Direct to be out of business in 4-5 years or less. Time will tell.

I can't wait to see how much I get from selling my Shaw Direct receivers on Kijiji. Hopefully enough to pay for a couple more Apple TV 2s.
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It's no different than being a Toronto Maple Leaf ticket holder: they will keep putting a crappy product on the ice as long as people continue to pay more-per-ticket than any other team in the league.
Cancellation and publication of your reasons are the only way a company like Shaw will pay attention.
It's likely the bean counters have a "churn-factor" figured into their calculations when they make a billing change, aka if they lose you and a few others, they pre-calculated you leaving.
It's a shame, really.
But it's how they do business these days.
If NETFLIX offered 5.1 surround in their streams, I would be disconnecting alot of services
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Channel 511 MSNBC "white" levels

can someone take a look at this channel and let me know if you see the same thing I do, namely video (white) levels that seem pretty clamped well above 100.

I believe it's messing up sync on my external SageTV DVR

It seems just as high through either a DSR505 or DSR630
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Good Bye Shaw

Well after years of service from shaw i finnaly pulled the plug and switched to digital cable. Besides the fact im saving over $40 per month and shaw could not come close to meeting that price. And i still will have my PVR their were several other factors in my switch.
Paying extended warranty misteriasly showed up on my bill for several months for a receiver i no longer use. They could see i no longer had that receiver active.
The white pixalation problem that i was told their was no fix for.
The heavy pixalation i was seeing on my HD channels even though i had a great signal.
The lag in volume on HD channels that at one point i had fixed.
and it seamed every time their was a issue i had to down grade settings on the unit to fix the problem...
Plus the PVR im getting from the cable company has way more options and is built way better...
I think they should have tested the new PVR alot more before its release. Never had these problems with my old receiver
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Well after years of service from shaw i finnaly pulled the plug and switched to digital cable.
I don't understand. Shaw is digital cable. Can I assume you are moving to Telus?

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post #207 of 674 (permalink) Old 2011-05-12, 11:58 AM
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Shaw does not service our area for cable. Went with the local cable company... Heck no on telus. They quoted me $1000 to hook my house back up after a flood years ago that ripped teh wires out of teh side of teh house...
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I've been having problems ever since I signed up with Shaw Direct in February. Pixelation and sound problems primarily. A service tech replaced all the cables, the LNB has been replaced twice, still not correcting anything. My last email to Calgary has gone unanswered since April 23rd. A service rep who called me a few weeks ago finally admitted that there are indeed problems with the 630 PVR. He gave no indication as to when those problems would be corrected, not was I offered any sort of solution. So, do I assume that the problems I'm experiencing are tied into the 630? Signal levels, etc, are as good as they can be so that's not the problem.
Also, I subscribe to Setanta (at $17/month plus taxes) but this channel is not available in HD. Can you believe that - more than $19 a month and no HD!? Bell, Rogers, etc, all offer Setanta in HD as standard, but not Shaw. I was led to believe that it's because Shaw has run out of satellite capacity and that a new satellite will not be launched for at least another year. I suggested that in the meantime they reduce the cost of Setanta by half until they can provide it in HD - no response on this one.
Realistically, if things don't improve with Shaw, I'll be an ex-customer as soon as I've completed the terms of my contract, or sooner if they don't do something to improve their service.
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the new satellite has already been launched and the new triple lnb is being tested in some areas, this will be a simple swap and the dish does not need to be readjusted.
the 630 has it's problems but i've never seen pixalation, i actually lost all sound this am and ended unpluging my t.v. for sec then it was fixed.

"The quality of your question will directly effect the quality of your answer"
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Originally Posted by Installer View Post
the new satellite has already been launched
Wow, do you have any real proof of that? It is scheduled for the third quarter of 2012. If what you say is true they built the satellite in half the time of what it normally takes, and the and the launch was really well hidden by the rest of the world...

Please show us the source of that information.

It still says it is under construction here:
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complaint , rant , shaw direct

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