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Buy a receiver off craigslist and call them to verify that it can be activated on your account, then pay the extra $5, then ask them to send you a dish.
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They won't give you a discount on a second receiver but you can get an SD receiver for $99 and they'll for sure throw in some Pay per View credits.

The Home away from Home program costs $99. They will send you a second dish. The program is no longer openly advertised in the same way that they don't advertise the availability of the Superchannels as a standalone.
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This past weekend I was up at my House in Montana. I had received my extra dish from Shaw last week + second 630 from a buddys store. Anyway I got it installed and called Shaw. The rep asked if it was at a cottage and where exactly the cottage was located. I told her it wasn't a cottage per say but my home in Montana, then I was on hold for 5 min, I was starting to think that this was not such a good idea but then low and behold she came back and said no problem we will have that up & running shortly. The only other question she asked was if I was going to be bringing the receiver back and fourth as I go. I said no the one at home is staying there and the one here is staying here. I said that I need my CFL up here and wasn't about to be dragging my home 630 back and fourth. That was it and it was up and going in no time. So Shaw D knows that both receivers will be at two different homes full time and did it anyway. Mind you no one is here full time after we leave. I guess hafh really does work.
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Satellite at cottage (HWFH) Shaw

Wondering if anyone else has tried recently with the home away from home. I am a bit frustrated with Shaw right now. I switched from Rogers to Shaw last year and a big reason was they told me I can get an additional Satellite at our cottage up north. I explained it was not in my name as it is my wife's family cottage, but we spend most the summer out there. They said that was fine (fooled by their sales pitch).
I have been calling and speaking to different people and still no go. I understand their policy because it is not in my name, but then they told me I can open up a brand new account under my name and have it set up at the cottage with no proof of residency. I asked what the difference was and they couldn't explain. I don't see the difference.....the only thing I see is they will get a monthly payment from me if I open a new acct.
Just wondering if anyone else came across this.

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there's nobody at fault here but the sales agent. he plain and simply fed you bs or was unaware of the exact policy.
if they don't require you to show proof of 2 residents thier encouraging acount sharing....and beleive it or not they don't want that.
and neither do the installers, salesmen, shareholders or anyone else who has a vested interest in the company.
there's absolutely no reasonable reason as to why shaw should set you up with a hafh for someone elses house......you are wasting your time calling.

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I understand about someone else's house, but it is my wife's cottage (Family). My only pi$$ off is the Team Lead told me I can open up a new account under my name for the cottage so I don't understand the difference between opening up a brand new account under my name and HAFH. The only difference I see is Shaw is getting a payment each month.

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If you're only at one location, at any one time, then you should be able to negotiate HAFH. However, if two locations are "active" at the same time, then that's account splitting, which is illegal. The policy is outlined in post 1 of this thread.

There was something in the way you phrased things to make them think you were account splitting. After all, most people would say "our/my home", "our/my cottage". Since you mention "wife's family" cottage, that to me would also indicate account splitting and the fact that others (wife's family) would be using that location, at the same time you are at your home. The HAFH programme is designed for one customer to have two (or perhaps more) locations, but to use one location at a time.

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2 dishes, 2 locations, 1 account

If I was to set up a second dish at my vacation home, and have a permanent receiver there, can I activate it from down there on the new dish? Can this be done online? Does the dish down there have to be the same one as up here?? I have a 75E up here, and a 60E purchased for down there for next time I go down...Lastly, say I am up here, and my brother or sister goes to my vacation home as I often allow them to do, and watches TV down there while I am up here and I am watching TV, I know that "technically" this is "frowned" upon but is there any way for *c to track that? I would only have a total of 3 receivers on my account
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I don't believe you are doing anything wrong if you do what you say you are doing. You can have your receiver activated at your home or your vacation home. It might be easier to just do it at your home (temporarily hook it up to a TV there), then move it after. I'm not sure about the dishes, but I think you are fine.

As long as you own both homes, then a relative watching your TV at your vacation home is no different then the relative watching TV at your regular home. I don't think Shaw Direct would make a big deal of it even if you didn't own both places.
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You don't need the same sort of dish or LNBF, but it goes smoother if they are.

So long as the receiver has power and signal from the provider (and ideally is set to 299), then it will receive the activation signal with nobody there, although they like to verify it is working.

If you are going back and forth, it is not that much of a stretch to take a receiver back and forth with you.

Lastly, it would be a violation of at least the copyrights of the channels, to have one service subscripion actively used at more than one location. Shaw has no way to know about it though.
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exactly what I was looking for Classicsat thanks.
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As noted many times Danny001, you are engaging what the CRTC refers to as Account Stacking and long ago, it was forbidden by the CRTC.

For example see Broadcasting Public Notice CRTC 2006-41

1. In a complaint dated 2 December 2005, Videotron Ltd. (Videotron) alleged that Star Choice Communications Inc. (SCI) had violated section 9 of the Broadcasting Distribution Regulations (the Regulations) by giving itself an undue preference and subjecting Videotron to an undue disadvantage by allowing the sale of several decoders and antennas to a single individual who may then install them in two separate residences while paying for only one subscription. In the view of Videotron, this practice by SCI is anti-competitive and deprives Videotron of subscribers, thereby subjecting Videotron to an undue disadvantage. Videotron further alleged that this practice deprives programming undertakings, particularly specialty programming services and pay television services, of revenue that they would otherwise collect if SCI complied with the Regulations.

2.In its response to Videotron's complaint dated 20 December 2005, SCI acknowledged that it was allowing its subscribers to receive its service at two different residences while paying for only one subscription, provided both residences were owned by the same subscriber. SCI considered that this constitutes a reasonable and rational use of its technology, which allows it to serve its customers at both their main place of residence and their second residence. SCI was of the view that the manner in which it has chosen to serve some of its customers complies with the Regulations and with the policy objectives set out in the Broadcasting Act.

Several years later VIdeotron filed a similar complaint against Bell ExpressVu and the CRTC essentially dismissed the complaint after Bell agreed to drop its cottage program.

It seems now that the CRTC and Shaw Direct is doing little, if nothing, to stop the practice therefore Digital Home will no longer prohibit Account splitting discussion in the Shaw Direct forum.

We will still not allow such discussion in Cable forums and Bell forums since these companies strictly enforce the rules against account splitting.

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It seems now that the CRTC and Shaw Direct is doing little, if nothing, to stop the practice
What an intelligent decision!!!

IMHO there is a vast difference between Danny001's situation where he has a cottage and the possibilty he described, and a father of 8 who allows his account to be split among all his children. In the latter situation, I can see that there is a significant loss of revenue for the provider, as well as other issues.

Perhaps that is Shaw's reasoning for offering Home Away From Home; at least they can keep the split account corraled to two locations: home and cottage, and allows their subscribers a little freedom to utilize their service at a second location.
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does the receiver have to connected to my dish at my account address in Nunavut, or can it be activated on my account while being connected to the dish at my summer home? The issue is that I bought the receiver and dish on Kijiji from New Nova Scotia, and it would cost me more to ship it to Nunavut then what I paid for it lol...what I was planning on doing is having my brother install the dish next weekend while they are at the cottage, and then I will call from Nunavut and have shaw activate the receiver...is this borderline splitting??
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IMHO there is a vast difference between Danny001's situation where he has a cottage and the possibilty he described, and a father of 8 who allows his account to be split among all his children
Really? What's the difference. If Danny had eight homes, would it be different?

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