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G1 signal is unauthorized in the US, extended Ku is not supposed to be there. BTV and programming isn't the issue, it could be just a blank carrier wave and would still be forbidden. Without a doubt, they have talked to the FCC and have forked over some money to be able to continue with their business plan. "Proving" that they don't profit from the signal being in US would likely save them some money.While the FCC would have a hard time going after Shaw directly, "come and get us" isn't a valid business model for a corporation. Stock advisers would note that Shaw is violating international law, and their stock would be in the toilet.
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Without a doubt, they have talked to the FCC and have forked over some money to be able to continue with their business plan.
This has nothing to with Shaw and the FCC.

The ITU coordinates all satellite authorizations throughout the world. During the G1 planning procedure, Telesat was required to submit all specifications to countries that the signal would fall on.

In the case of the C/Ku transponders, G1 is merely a replacement for the South American beams of F1. Obviously, countries where G1 X and Extended Ku signals reach did not raise any objections or else changes would have been made during construction.

What has changed? Shaw has never been a proactive company. Only in a government protected industry can such a reactive business continually make a handsome profit.

The bottom line is that G1 is a money loser for Shaw. 12 transponders of Canadian locals will not add revenue. It adds a cost of $2m/month over the 15 year lifespan of G1.

So Shaw:
1) Increased basic monthly charges - expect another $3/month in the fall
2) Reduced customer service. Once the goal was "The best telecom customer service in Canada". Now it's "The best satellite customer service in Canada".

Rogers has long complained about Shaw Direct offering HAFH to their cottage owning customers. Now with both Rogers and Bell owning so many of the programming services, they can both pressure Shaw into paying double for HAFH subs subscribing to Bell/Rogers owned services.

As for foreign customers; SkyMexico has for years complained to the NFL about Shaw stacked accounts and residential accounts used in commercial establishments in tourist areas of Mexico.

Shaw plans to reallocate some marketing dollars from Shaw Cable to Shaw Direct this fall. Expect them to offer Free Rental Equipment and Free Install to attempt to increase the customer base.
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Originally Posted by MikeDRiley View Post
What complaints, if I might ask? I've never heard of any complaints, officially or otherwise.
Hi --We upgraded the LNB recently, and after the guy finished setting up the receiver, he passed the phone to me, and I had quite a talk with a gal in Montreal. What it all boiled down to seems to be what I suggested was the problem--CRTC, she said "we're not supposed to say that", I would bet Bell had a hand in it as well.
We've used several set-ups in Arizona & Mexico over the years, starting with Direct TV, they all seem to eventually peter out for good travel use. Star Choice by far the best, but it's been sliding ever since Shaw took over. Don't know if we'll get to south this year due to health, but it will be interesting. This is a really good forum.
I forgot to mention that the gal also said that US would be looking for foreign dishes and could fine owners up to $4000. Anyone else hear of this?

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US would be looking for foreign dishes and could fine owners up to $4000
Unlike Canada, there is no law against receiving foreign signals in the US. The US law discusses providers, not users.

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Yes, receiving Shaw signals in the US is perfectly legal in the US. So no "dish police" wandering the streets! But Shaw "knowingly" signing up customers in other countries for service is against the terms of Shaw's license, which is to provide service in Canada. That's always been the case, nothing there has changed. What has changed is the arrival of G1, which means that customers in the South can no longer get all of the Shaw channels. So Shaw finally removing "semi-official" support for southern customers very much simplifies their support issues, someone in Mexico can't complain about not getting all the channels. And it also satisfies any complaints Shaw might have received from the CRTC, Bell, SkyMexico, NFL etc.
The changes in the HAFH program are I suggest only partly linked to the "southern customer" issue. It's basically a commercial decision. Why allow people to have supported service in two locations without additional charges? I understand that in the US, for example, the sat companies require two separate accounts each changed at 100% if you want service in two locations.
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Second Home away from Home

I understand I can add a USA destination as a second dish / receiver.
Is it also possible to add a third dish, to a camper ?

If so - do I need a third 'dedicated' receiver ?
or can I pack up the one from the US, and bring it back for the summer ?

(I tried searching the forum, but couldn't find the answer)


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Bruce Shaw just stopped HAFH and if you tell them you're using Shaw in the US they won't let you! It would be best if you don't call them and just use your other rcvr.
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Yes - I guess I worded that poorly.
I am not a Shaw Direct customer right now, but am thinking about it.
So let's say I get a dish & receiver for home, and a dish & receiver for the camper.
Can I get a third dish & receiver for some other 'not to be mentioned' place ?
or - alternately, can I get a third dish only. and move the camper's receiver to the third place ?
As I think about it, I guess part of my question is :
Does a receiver know if it is moved from one dish to another ?

Thanks Again
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If same lnb type.....no.
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Great gzink, Thanks !
One more question, and I apologize for the rookie questions, but.
My Home and Camper are real. The 'other' place is a -maybe some day.
So assuming I go to Shaw Direct, is my best situation when I sign up :
"I want SD at home, want a HAFH for my camper" . Period.
And, then, when the day comes that I have location #3, I find a dish (with the same LNB type) and do my own thing ?

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ecurB (Bruce),

NO don't tell them you want HAFH because it doesn't exist anymore.
They now call it Second Location or something like that, and will charge you 75% more for the Camper.

Just set up an account, have Shaw do the Install at your home for X number of receivers. They will install a Model 60E dish and a new Triple xKu LNB at your home.

When you go camping, take a receiver with you, from the house. Shaw has no idea where a receiver is being used, unless you plug in a phone line (which you can't do while camping LOL).

Purchase a used Model 60E satellite dish on Kijiji or Craigslist, purchase a Triple xKu LNB from wherever you can find one, purchase a tripod and pole, and you now have a dish setup for camping.
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So then the extra channels from G1 will just disappear as he drives further south. But he would be wise to get a 1 metre dish for the camper because then he can receive those channels further south?
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Good point, and yes he will not receive channels from the new G1 satellite the further south they travel.

I own an RV myself, and I have no storage space that will accommodate a 1 metre dish.

I doubt he does either.

A Model 60E dish should do him fine, to receive all the regular channels.

He can get a 75E if he wants, but it's bigger and heavier.
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OK - I think I understand.
Two more questions : (at least for now)
1.) Is there a difference between a Triple xKU LNB for a 60cm dish, vs a 75cm dish?
2.) Where would I find a Triple xKU LNB ?
(A quick search on Kijiji, and I can find both sizes of dish, but they all have Quad LNB. - And, if I understand you, the Quad will not help me)

Thanks for all the help - Bruce
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ecurB, and others, both the regular lnb and the xKU are Quad (four outputs).
They both appear similar, the differences are internal, the xKU stands for extended ku band which allows for shaw to operate two satellites at the same orbital location, one at ku band and G1 at extended ku band.

The differences in the 60 and 75 lnb's are in the feedhorn or throat of the lnb, the electronics are the same. If you use the wrong size lnb for the dish your signal strength will be much less that it should be, and a 75E dish with a 60E lnb will not perform as well as a 60E dish with a 60E lnb. Which eliminates any benefit of the larger dish.

I had to call Shaw yesterday, the HAFH is still an option as far as Shaw's phone system is concerned.

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