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1. Not sure if this becomes part of a database or if it's "volatile".

2. When we discussed "information" from the STB with Rogers (like viewing habits), they stated that the information stays within Rogers (excepting Government or legal court order)

3. It's kind of good that they can see this since it may help with diagnosis or troublesome trends - firmware issues with certain make/model TVs, etc. - For example the issue that VT and BTV recently had with IR interference from certain LCDs.

4. I don't think anyone would hesitate to tell their service provider what TV they had if the provider asked, so this saves a step...

5. I would assume it also gives AVR information if one is connected between STB and TV?

In summary, I guess I don't have a problem with it since I would see more positives than negatives.

For the truly paranoid - connect using component video.

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