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Just to get a little action in here...

-2 for $40 on PS3 Greatest Hits this week @ Best Buy (I'm picking up God of War Collection and Killzone 2)
-Bioshock 2 (PS3/Xbox360) for $40 @ Futureshop
-Xbox360 Elite Bundle for $299 (normal price) with 5 extra games (Stranglehold, Mirror's Edge, Jericho, Prince of Persia and Fable 2) @ Futureshop
-$40 for 12 month Xbox Live subscription @ Both

Also, while not a AAA deal, I found several sealed copies of X3: Gold Edition for $10 at my local EB Games in Whitby. It is a great game if you are into space combat sims and that is a great price for it, especially still sealed at EB. I went to the counter with the roughed up box from the shelf thinking that's what I would get priced @ $30 but when the CSR looked it up she said it was only $10 and reached behind the counter where I saw several sealed copies.
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