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outinthornhill writes:
.., I'm deeply into Apple but I also support open systems and the idea behind Android. I'll be shopping for two smart phones in the last quarter of this year and will be comparing the 4th generation iPhone to the N1 and whatever else emerges for Android in the next 6 months. ....
I had a brief chance to play with a friend's N1 yesterday, and I have to concur with the OP (although I had no chance to take it out into the sunlight here in St. John's ... not this week anyway ...<g>...). He also showed me the following blog, Why Cellular companies should be very scared of Nexus One, which makes a very good argument for me to simply replace my Xperia (WinMo) with the N1 ASAP, as well as to investigate the Google Voice service for when it comes to Canada.

I may still wait for Apple to announce its iPhone HD, just to see if Apple will be countering the N1 on both fronts, but if not I have to believe the N1 (ie, its freedom from CSPs and Google services offered) may be the iPhone killer. I certainly hope Apple will at least offer the iPhone without CSP commitment, else I'm definitely turning towards the N1 (... possibly the Samsung Galaxy S, depending also on its availability).

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