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Shaw President apologizes over racial slur

Shaw Communications President Peter Bissonnette has apologized to Wind Mobile for camel jokes made by him and Shaw CEO Jim Shaw during a conference call with investment analysts last week.

During the call, Bissonnette and Shaw made what Globalive chairman and CEO Anthony Lacavera referred to as a "racial slur" when they referred to Wind Mobile as a camel.

A major investor in Wind Mobile is Egyptian-based Orascom Telecom Holding.

Shortly after the call, Lacavera said “It’s a racial slur joking about Egyptians and demanded an apology.

Despite saying his comments were simply a "light hearted jest" and that he could have easily have said "coyote" instead of "camel", the president was clearly unprepared for the outrage that followed and ultimately apologized for his prejudicial remarks.

"If they took that in any other way than in a light hearted jest, I apologize for that. It wasn't intended to be in any way mean spirited or anything." responded Bissonnette.

No apology was given by Jim Shaw, CEO of Shaw.
Real classy guys.

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