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Pvr recording time

I cannot figure out how much progamming content the hard drive can hold.

MTS says " The 160 GB hard drive allows you to record up to 120 hours of Digital TV or 25 hours of High-Definition programming."

Well I currently have 28 hours and 3 minutes of HD programs recorded (2 different movies and shows) and 6 hours and 53 minutes of SD programs (6 different movies and shows).

My PVR reports that I still have 28% space remaining.

I have had alot more on the PVR in the past - approx 40 hours of HD recordings and the unit stil said I had 10% left.

The recording directory says the programs are recorded in HD, and when I play them back they are "full screen" on my HD TV. The output to my TV is set to 1080i, and my HD TV is hooked to the VIP1216 via a HDMI cable and the blue HD light is on when the VIP1216 is on.

The picture on my TV appears to be in HD (watching both live TV or a PVR recorded show).

I've asked phone support and just get non-specific canned answers, like "so what is the problem"

Do other people see this too? Or is my unit crazy. Maybe they miss labled the VIP1216 and I have a bigger drive (by mistake). Does anyone know how to se the size of the hard drive??
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