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I have had MTS out twice to look at the PVR freezing on playback issue. It not only happens on the HD but the SD channels as well.

They 1st said that it was the initial install not being done correctly but after some minor changes and a couple of hours later, the freezing was back.

On attempt # 2, they told me that it was the quality of the coax going to each secondary box. I have a house built less than 7 yrs ago. Are they telling me that any house that is older than that in Winnipeg will have the same issues? I posed that question and they said that it is very rare for homes to have this freezing issue. BS

I asked if MTS users at my work had this issue and witin 1 hour of posting the question, I had no less than 11 responses. MTS tied to say that it may be a local issue. Of the 11, I am the only one living in my neighborhood. BS again.

Just by luck, the built in wall unit that houses one of the secondary units had a previous Cat5 cable going to it. They switched the connection to that unit and ever since, I have not had any isues.

I guess brings up another question: Is anybody having playback issues on the secondary receivers that have Cat5's going to them?
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