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I did a quick Google search and you seem to be getting HDCP errors (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection). It appears your TV is not fully HDCP compatible or you've got a HDMI cable problem (poor quality or too long). If you're trying to use a computer monitor, a lot of these aren't HDCP compatible.

Switching to component cables will definitely solve the problem. Component cables are all HD capable and only carry the video. You will also need an audio cable. MTS normally uses these for the install.

If you want to troubleshoot your HDMI connection, you can try the following:

It's possible that that the problem is caused by an AVR or HDMI switch so if you're using one of these try connecting the MTS box directly to the TV.

Try switching HDMI cables if you have another one.

If that doesn't work, post the exact model and firmware of your TV and maybe someone can help you. Other info that may help such as the number of MTS boxes you have and if you have any other HDTVs.
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