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Originally Posted by donovanfromwpg View Post

Has anyone experienced significant problems with watching a show through the PVR?

This has happened twice this week. The first was the Super Bowl. I set it to record and began watching about 90 minutes after it had started, so I was watching while it was still recording. This enabled me to skip some of slow spots during the broadcast. I had significant freezing and stuttering of the picture, almost to the point of it being unwatchable.

The second time happened last night, while I watched a program that had already been recorded, although not as bad as the Super Bowl.

These were both HD programs, and it was on the TV that did not have the PVR set-top box. The TV is hooked up via HDMI.

Any help would be appreciated.

Yes I had the same problem. They came out and changed some connectors, I thought it was fixed but the problem appears to be back again.

The stuttering only happened after skipping forward in a show on a non-pvr

You should call MTS to let them know so they can look into the problem
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