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First most email programs, use a different extention then MSN, they use eml, so Thunderbird etc. will not work without a add-on to decipher the " eml " extention to the format used by Tbird.
The second thing I would like to point out is that us poor folks that live out in the "sticks" and have no access to highspeed are really hurting. Just to open each email we have to sit and wait for our browser to contact the live mail site. I already spend far too much time on the internet, updating my security programs etc.
I usually ( Tbird user) download my email and then open my browser and while I am waiting for pages to open, read my email.
Also when "replying" to an email in live mail, there is no way to see all the questions that were brought up in that email. When I use a thunderbird the copy of the email I am replying to is included so I can check to see any points I may have missed.
Also all my address have to be moved.
I would certainly like to know whose bright idea this was at MTS. Did they simply forget or maybe don't care about dial-up customers.
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